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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. Sound Eq
    maybe for people who live in USA, but the international shipping is just crazy as they only use Fedex, the total for isine accessory kit ended up being 89 USD , of course I did not complete the order for such a trivial thing which audeze should have added at least 5 pairs of each size. Thanks so much Audeze and for your care that international buyers do not have to pay alot for shipping such a trivial item ??????
  2. ModestMeowth
    Bluetooth Cipher: has anyone experienced low volumes when connected to a MacBook? My system volume is maxed and it's about as loud as the halfway mark of the wired Cipher v2.
  3. The Socialist Nerd
    Looking at the iSine LX series.
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  4. howdy
    Mine get loud with the Cipher BT. Ive used it with Android and Apple IPod. I do however have an issue with it staying in, if there is a movement of almost anything like walking it will fall out on either side. This being the first time using it to. I contacted Audeze and there going to send me another one.
  5. donato
    is that having the pin connector disconnect out of the earpieces? I had the same on one side. i ended up bending the pins ever so slightly so they would create some friction when they were inserted and haven't had a problem since.
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  6. Deckard916
    I have the LX, bought the isine 20 when audeze had it on sale for father's day last year. I you can swing the extra $$ for the 20s then I highly recommend doing so.
  7. acia
    Anyone tried piezoelectric driver based IEM? How does it compares with isine in terms of sound pls?

    What is in my mind is known banned brand in head fi .
  8. Dobrescu George
    But why ask that in the iSine thread ? :)

    As far as pizoelectric drivers go, it really depends on the implementation. Just like ceramic drivers, each company implements it differenlty. I think folks in the chi-fi threads may have good insight
  9. jody2k
    Not sure about piezoelectric drivers but I have tried alot of "high end" "chi fi" iem's in the last year.
    They are mostly good for their price but soundwise not in the league of the isine's 20 or maybe to say it stronger, VERY FAR from the league of the isine's 20's. (should be same with the 10's)

    The only one's that came close in soundquality, soundstage, detail and airyness was the Hifiman ananda, Audeze LCD-3 (obviously) and some electrostatic one's I tried in a hifi shop
    The only downside about the electrostatics were that they were lacking bass

    The downside of the isine's are you need to know how to equalize them properly with some good software and EQ knowledge / feeling
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2019
  10. zerolight
    Really enjoying my isine 10s. Running the inner fidelity eq settings with a slight modification, reducing the 8k by 1db. Very nice. Makes me want a pair of LCD2C.
  11. acia
    Comparison with isine. That is why . Does it even comes close?

    A 1dd + 4ba iem sounds horrific compared with isine. But stands quite well if you don't know better quality existed.
  12. Sound Eq
    tonality wise using eq with the cipher cable you can achieve good enough sound but compared to shure kse1500, the isine nor any iem i own or owned can top shure kse1500, i know kse1500 is almost 6 times the price of isine 20

    but still love isine 20, despite getting the fine details in songs even with eq is a bit of a hassle, and the mid range is a bit of mess, i think a better eq is needed such as a parametric eq

    tonality wise without eq or cipher cable i would rate the isine 20 as one of the most difficult tonality iems to love, that is something personal, i know many love isine 20, but for me it needs tons of eq beyond the simple eq app in ios
    Last edited: Apr 6, 2019
  13. acia
    Tried the kse1500. The DAC part is definitely no thanks.

    Stutter if change from say 96 to 88.2 flac.

    If Shure release a new one with Bluetooth ldac and better dac . Would go for it .

    Not going to 1200 . Don't want to strap a grenade for listening to music .

    So piezoelectric driver, anywhere close to isine please?

    Tried similar offering from fitear, but very underwhelming.
  14. acia
    Sales people claim the fitear are electrostatics . However, in retrospect, seems to be piezoelectric because of the small size .
  15. Vitandus
    I have the iSine 20s, and one of my other IEMs is the FiiO FH5 (hybrid). Doesn’t sound horrific at all.
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