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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. acia
    those zs10 sounds horrific compared with isine.

    curious is how about piezoelectric driver one? like kahn pro??
  2. Szarky
    General consensus from what I have been reading going through the older posts is if you don't want to manually tinker with EQ settings, the LX, iSine 10 an do 20 will all sound better working with iOS.

    I guess as an iPhone user it must be great. For Android+PC users it's annoying. Was it really a good idea to ignore such a huge chunk of the market by doing this type if exclusivity deal!? Only other open IEM in this upper level of quality I know about is the Unique Melody ME.1. Too bad it's double the price of the iSine 10 and quadruple the price of the LX.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
  3. Sound Eq
    hi, sent a message to frank88 no reply, so are there any other options to get the ear hooks please
  4. kingdixon

    Thankfully someone posted before 3d model for the hooks,

    So i contacted some company here in my country, and got 6 pairs printed for around 20$

    Thats better than what audeze offered in value but to be honest they are weaker than the audeze one.

    I dont know much about 3d printing but i guess there are different materials that might cost higher and be more durable, anyway i think using them carefully would be good enuf for me.

    It was a very nice idea and thanks to the guy who posted the models.

    I think franks way might be better but this was the shorter and easier way for me.
  5. Sound Eq
    can u please share the 3d printing model
  6. kingdixon
    Thanks buddy, great idea !

    First quote ..
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  7. kakaworu

    Thanks for sharing.
    Some said that the printed earhooks in the exact size like the Audeze one may break easily.
    So I updated some slightly thicker earhooks intending to extend the service life at the same TG post. NOTE: They might be stiffer that hurt your ears more.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2019
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  8. Sound Eq
  9. neo_styles
    Wanted to make sure I read through the whole thread before making a post just so I didn't blatantly repeat something that might have already been mentioned. Didn't realize it would take me a month to get through all 423 pages, but here we are.

    I managed to score a sweet deal early last year on a used pair of iSine10 from Reddit last year, so I think it's safe to say I've had a good amount of time for trial and error with fit, equalization, sources, etc. Used to have an iPhone 7 Plus and gave the Cipher cable a go, but was never really wowed by it. I now currently run it single-ended and plugged into an Opus#1 (balanced VE cable is on the way). Here's what I've learned:

    1. These are very fit-dependent when it comes to sound signature. I've tried the earhooks in multiple positions (forward, centered, pulled back) and have had the most consistently easy fit when the hooks are aligned to the middle position, like so:


    An Audeze rep previously published a quick YT video explaining how he recommended you put these on and I think it makes all the difference in the world. Loop on the earclips first, then just use one hand to rotate the planar body until you can feel the tips resting against your tragus. I find I get the best overall bass presence when I don't attempt to insert these at all; those who've mentioned it before are right...these don't require any insertion to sound right.

    2. Tips matter. While I never tried trimming a pair of Complys, I've tried a multitude of tips, silicone and foam, and what's worked best for me have been the Auvio wide-bores (which can be found here). There's also a Small available. Medium, for some reason, doesn't seem to exist. While they do require some coaxing to get over the iSine's nozzles, they stay in place and sliding them on when inverted can be easier for those who aren't as nimble with their fingers:


    Just slide them back until they hit the indent at the end of the nozzle and flip the tip back over. Voila! That's legitimately all it takes. For reference, here's how much the tip overhangs the nozzle (basically not at all):


    3. I take them with me on commutes and do just fine, even on the bus. But you're crazy, Neo...all the sound comes in. You can still hear more than enough. Again, fitment is key.

    With this setup, I have no issues running the iSine10 out of either my OnePlus 6 or Opus#1 without any EQ. Android users looking for a simple EQ option can either consider UAPP or Neutron if they prefer a PEQ. If I EQ at all, I just run a quick sweep with Neutralizer and manage to produce a curve similar to what @KMann has provided (minus the 4k boost). If you're looking for something to more closely match Harman Target, I suggest you take a glance over here and give these a shot. There's options for both Parametric and Fixed-band EQs along with .txt files that you should be able to drop into Peace GUI without issue. Can't comment from personal experience as I run Linux, but hopefully it's plug-and-play.

    But do they need EQ? If you're trying to match a target curve or approximate Cipher, yes, but I'll comfortably say they stand out on their own merits. If you just can't seem to get the right fit or your ear anatomy isn't playing nice, it can certainly compensate. From a technical standpoint, though, the iSine10 is the most capable portable pair I own when run sans-EQ. Love 'em so much I've chosen to name them Venom (only other pair in my collection to earn a name so far have been my beloved 2Cs...aka Liam). Simply not being a iGuy shouldn't be a dealbreaker here. A year later, they still have my steadfast recommendation and could reasonably be the only pair of in-ears you'll ever need.
  10. The Socialist Nerd
    Just ordered the iSine LX's this morning so I will update on how that adventure goes!
  11. acia
    Congratulations joining us as mini showroom for audeze!

    hope you ordered the bluetooth cable as well.
  12. The Socialist Nerd
    Oops forgot to order that :frowning2:. Doh! I will order that probably later on next month when funds permit me :)
  13. acia
    dude, if not yet shipped, contact support see if could cancel order or allow you to add to your order.

    60 when ordered with isine, 90 if separate. if i am not mistaken.
  14. clerkpalmer
    Could you share your EQ settings for the ES100? Have you been able to replicate a cipher-like sound with the ES100? I have an ES100 but am debating the BT cable. Thanks.
  15. m8o
    Public thanx to Audeze. Out of the blue I got an email that they were shipping me something. Turns out they're sending me an updated Cipher Bluetooth to fix a bug early units had that prevented operation of AAC. Unsolicited. ... now that's service!
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