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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. billypepper
    I’m so tired of earhooks snapping...can’t somebody make a metal earhook covered in soft rubber...by the way can you guys tell me again the name of the user selling earhooks or something...why Audeze can’t sell us a packet with 50 of them is beyond me..
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  2. keithmarsh
    Totally agree!

    It’s the earhook breaking problem that’s the reason I don’t use my iSine 20 anymore :frowning2:

    It’s also the reason why I didn’t by the LCDi4. I went for the Campfire Solaris instead... no more breaking parts!!! :p
  3. Hanesu
    I 100% agree with this statement. The iSines sound wonderful but I don’t understand either why Audeze never addressed these issues. I mean, the iSines are a quite expensive product by a company with a premium image - but everything screams „saving costs!“ on them. Compared to other products in this price range they offer less quality materials and in-detail-solutions. I know Audeze have stated the earhooks have been added afterwards, but come on - in newer batches they could simply make the foam molds of the case a little bigger to address this (sorry: imo quite embarrassing) issue. I still can’t believe the case is unusable with the earhooks, especially because they are kind of mandatory to get a good fit. Also, imo the cable in both versions looks and feels pretty low quality for a several hundred Euro earphone, especially after using it for a couple of months. Well, but maybe that is just me. Again - I still love the open sound.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  4. masterstroke
    You're correct about poor quality. On the 3.5mm cable the joint breaks where the plug is attached and makes it unusable. This has been reported here by myself & others.
  5. acia
    Use custom cable for 3.5mm or balanced
  6. youngarthur
    Frank88 on here sell the Earhooks for the iSine, and the M300.I have used mine since Frank first made them, and never had one break. Highly recommended.
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  7. masterstroke
    If you hadn't told me I might never have known.
  8. Tooros
    Thanks for the reply. Whatever one thinks about MQA, if I had a dragonfly red I’d see a different output (colour) I assume, if it was connected to standard Apple Music as opposed to Tidal Master. I know the apple dongle is limited but I thought it a valid question regarding the cipher DAC. I agree with you entirely that Jay-Z and Beyoncé are potentially pulling a fast one with the whole ‘MQA on iOS’ tag line. Hence the research.
  9. Carabei
    Regarding earhooks, if you have possibility of 3D printing, it solves the issue entirely, I printed those from thingiverse with extended length and put the shrinking tube on them, it is much more confortable than stock ones.

    And rather than buying the BT cipher cable I bought EarStudio ES100, with usage of short balanced cable, it is really well sounding combination.
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  10. Devodonaldson
    I wouldn't say they are pulling a fast one. IOS is doing the same thing as every Android based DAP. The Tidal app does u fold the audio to 24/88 or 24/96 but the OS in Android, and the DAC iOS resample the audio to 16/48. There are noticeable differences in total quality in the 16/44 vs 24/88 verxiov of songs, even though they are resampled. It's just better when you have an external DAC on iOS that can handle the higher resolution file as is
  11. Monstieur
    It's an irrefutable fact that differences in higher bit-depth / sample rate for the purpose of end-user audio playback are due to defective hardware / software. Even the 44.1 kHz sample rate was chosen over 40 kHz to provide headroom over the audible limit of 20 kHz (x2) for aliasing during mastering.
    If your devices sound different, it means at least <N-1> of them are defective.
    Last edited: Apr 2, 2019
  12. dannyking
    Hi everyone,
    I have some questions regarding the cipher bluetooth module and hope you can assist me before purchase. I am planning to pair this with my campfire audio atlas but need to be sure of the following:

    1.) Can it be paired/is it compatible with the atlas? ( the atlas uses the mmcx connectors)

    2.) How is the sound quality compared to plugging (my atlas) it in directly to a headphone jack of an Iphone SE or a Macbook pro?

    3.) Following the last question. I have an iphone SE and a macbook pro 2014 as my source so I don't have the benefit of the bluetooth 5.0 or APTX HD. With that in mind, how is the bluetooth quality going to fair compared to a direct connection?

    4.) How loud does it get with the bluetooth module? I have the flares pro which to me has the best bluetooth module I've heard till date (in terms of clarity and sound quality) but the problem is, it doesn't get loud enough.

    5.) How is the durability? Can it be used to work out without issues?

    Thank you so much in advance as I know I asked a lot of questions.
  13. Monstieur
    1. No. It doesn't use MMCX, and the DSP is tuned for the iSine exclusively and will degrade any other headphone.
    2 & 3. No audible difference.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  14. acia
    poweramp in android can output 24/96 even via ldac.
  15. Uncle00Jesse
    Can someone please give a rundown on best tips? I know about the ear hook fiasco, praying mine don’t snap. I feel like a need a larger tip than the large stock tip, are there any good alternatives that are readily available? Thanks!
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