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Audeze iSINE 10 & iSINE 20: Audeze releases two new IEM planar magnetic earphones

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  1. acia
    not sure about isine cable. in previous bluetooth dongle, connect the first device, don't play anything, then connect the second one.
  2. Arthur Li
    Finally have my first Audeze experience with a pair of second-hand isine 10s. Wow...these are super open-sounding. However, the imaging is kind of left-right - the center image is lacking. Bass is bottomless - very satisfying. Lastly, I do not agree with Tyll previously at innerfidelity that these are veiled-sounding. To me they sound pretty clear - possibly due to very low harmonic distortion.
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  3. Arthur Li
    Haha. Right driver just die. Glad that I get the "full" Audeze experience.
  4. KMann
    Please try switching the left and right connectors to make sure the issue is not in the connectors or elsewhere (make sure you align the notch when inserting), also please make sure you try with the analog cable too
  5. Arthur Li
    Thanks for the suggestions. It's not the cable. Will seek assistance from CEX UK since they provide warranty for second-hand goods.

    I actually quite like the sound of my isines...hopefully I won't need to seek warranty again in the future.
  6. dizzyraider
    @KMann, you had mentioned before that one of the main differences between Cipher v1 and v2 is that the v2 has a balanced topology, providing more juice than the v1. What about the Bluetooth Cipher cable? is it more like the v1 or v2 in terms of power output, and what about the sound signature?
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  7. Mircea C.
    Thank you so much! After breaking a lot of original hooks, I have now printed hooks (found a cheap local 3d printing service) using your design and I found them better than the originals. The shorter claw makes them resistant to countless mounting and un-mounting on the earphones (this is where the originals breaks). They are also more comfortable, after a long listening session, I take them out and I see they are bended, following the curvature of the ear (like some people try to do by heating them). This happen however naturally and increases the comfort. The original ones are stiffer, and because they do not bend, they push on the back of the ear and become uncomfortable after a while. The original ones, being stiffer are a bit more secure, but I'm listening in a stationary position so no issues for me. With the printed earhooks I forget I have the earphones on.

    Thank you for sharing the files! I think I will print some more now in different colours :)
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
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  8. kingdixon
    The 3d model page is not working for me, can you reup it ? @kakaworu

    Edited : Nevermind it is working now.

    Thanks !
    Last edited: Feb 26, 2019
  9. Mal Waldron
    I'm using iSINE 10, balanced, without EQ, with a Sony WM1A DAP, and was very happy with its sound. However, yesterday night, remembering some records from my youth, I appreciated a very collapsed bass on the final part of "Pantera - This Love" . I have take a look to some recommended EQ settings and I'll try them when I got home. First time I did equalize I didn't like sound, so I'll need to make other tests.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
  10. Mal Waldron
    After trying the parameters that @kukkurovaca shared here, the bass seems less congested in that passage of the song, but the overall sound is worse, more encapsulated. I tried with the unbalanced custom cable and the results are the same. As I said I was very satisfied with the unequalized sound, but it caught my attention the congestion of sound in this song, minute 4.45

  11. Phascinate
    I would highly recommend trying the official Cipher settings (not sure if your DAP supports that) and trying the new settings for at least a week, listening pretty often. You're likely used to the unequalized sound now. I know for me I listened to the iSine 10s unequalized for a while but then decided to try the official EQ and at first wasn't super crazy about it. But I kept using it for a couple weeks and now I would never go back to unequalized.

    It seems like we as humans tend to adapat to a certain sound signature and then anything other than that sound signature sounds off to us until we get used to the new one. For example, I used to have some really crappy Walmart headphones. When I first got actually good quality headphones I was actually really disappointed. It wasn't as good as I expected. But I waited a couple weeks and then started to enjoy the sound. Bass sounded fuller. I was hearing more detail. Some might call this burn in, but I truly believe the only burn in going on with those headphones was in my own ears.

    I went back to those Walmart headphones and was amazed at how awful they were. Sure they had boomier bass but that's about it. There were so many details missing from songs that I had come to love during my 2-week stint with those new headphones.

    In conclusion, the human hearing is a fickle mistress, and she tends to prefer the familiar, even if something else is pretty objectively better (in those that aren't adapted to another sound signature) so I would really recommend at least 2 weeks on a new EQ before making any conclusions. I'm sure someone else could explain this a little better than me.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
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  12. Mal Waldron
    Thank you for your words. I've tried other EQ parameters and now the sound is very good. Being a headset for which so many people recommend equalization, it is difficult to choose one...
  13. BuckeyeBass
    Has anyone experienced low volume output with the cipher bluetooth cable? I have only used it with my Pixel 2 so I am unsure if the phone is the culprit.
  14. howdy
    I should be getting mine this week and will let you know how it is with my LGV20.
  15. BuckeyeBass
    Ok Thanks
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