Audeze Deckard - class A amp, USB DAC

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lamode, Jan 6, 2015.
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  1. Pharmaboy
    I'm curious about that, too, since Matrix apparently OEM'd the Deckard amp for Audeze.

    The only problem would be factoring in the different way balanced amps typically behave vs SE on the same headphone (ie, additional power & greater separation/imaging). One way to do it would be run the M-Stage SE for 1st part of comparison; then balanced for 2nd.

    Even that plan isn't perfect since some balanced amps are optimized for balanced output & the SE output doesn't sound quite as good (not sure if the M-Stage is one of those).
  2. wantan
    Some reviews say the Matrix sounds better balanced than SE. Also the Deckard has many different parts including a differend PSU so it might sound very different (depending on the personal grade of audio nervosa) than the Matrix.

    They both look very good in my opinion, the Deckard is an especially nice looking amp.
  3. mcbaon
    The Deckard amp is excelent. Compared with a benchmark Dac3, and is much better as a amp. As a dac.. not so good. It sound a little worse than a Schiit modi 2. I'm using tha modi 2 instead as a the internal DAC. Will get a bifrost multibit for it. Using the benchmark as a DAC, it sounds fantastic, using a Hifiman editionn X V2.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2017
  4. wantan
    @Bifrost Multibit, many people seem to prefer the Modi Multibit and some expect an Bifrost Multibit update in the (near) future. Might be worth to keep in mind if you're in the market for a new dac.
  5. SomeGuyDude
    I have no idea how people are saying the DAC is bad. This is confusing the **** out of me.
  6. Pharmaboy
    Anytime any DAC is mentioned (here or anywhere), some people love it; some can take it or leave it; and some pull out their Uzi's and start blasting.

    Any DAC (it's human nature, apparently).

    Re the Deckard's DAC, I've many comments about it. Seems to me that, since this unit accepts RCA inputs from other sources (including other DACs), the amp section--the thing most people seem to like the most--can be used independently of the DAC. Which means IMO you basically get a bonus DAC along w/a pretty well regarded headphone amp. Not the worst problem to have...
  7. Tompo88
    I never really understood that either. I have several DACs that I would put it on par with. Only thing that I have that I like significantly more is a Gungnir multibit. But that remains at my desk and typically move my Deckard to other rooms. Perfectly happy with the internal DAC.
  8. mcbaon
    For me, I realized the shortcomings of the internal DAC when I changed my headphone from the Hifiman 400i to the Edition X V2. Before, I was very happy with the internal DAC. Now, the differences between DACs are much more easy to spot.
  9. freitz
    Has anyone used this Dac Amp with the Mr. Speakers Aeon Flow's Closed Back?

    I have the EL-8s look to move to the Aeon Flow's. But was considering selling this Amp/Dac for the Schiit Jot instead of keeping the Deckard. Thoughts?
  10. maheeinfy
    Spec shows Line-out as Class-A. Is the headphone amp section also Class-A ?
  11. gLer
    That’s exactly what I realized when building a system, and so paired the Matrix HPA-3B with an ifi Micro iDSD (original silver as I’m only using it for the DAC). I now have a “supercharged” Deckard with a more powerful balanced amp and a more powerful dac (dual multibit customized Burr Brown 1793 dac chips) with native DSD support and the flexibility to go ‘mobile’ with the iDSD as a portable DAC/amp. The ifi pairs beautifully with the Matrix, and even though it’s not a fully balanced system, it has most of the advantages (including incredible power and control over both my LCD-2F and ZMF Atticus).

    Last edited: Dec 9, 2017
  12. maheeinfy
    Here is the 'Bass i love you' track

    When i played it through Deckard using internal DAC, headphones distort like crazy

    But if i run the same track with my m9xx as DAC, there is no distortion. If anyone can give it a try and report back, i'd appreciate it
  13. gLer
    Ok so I've just tried this track out on my ifi and Matrix 3B combo. Zero distortion - and I was playing it loud using both the LCD-2F and Atticus. Which headphones are you using? Maybe the Deckard has too much power for your phones? Have you tried it on low gain? By the way, cool song, but it actually has more treble and midrange energy than bass, so if anything is distorting it shouldn't be the 'bass' because there really isn't that much bass in the song...
  14. maheeinfy
    I suspect the DAC on Deckard is the problem. When i use an external dac m9xx and Deckard as amp there is no distortion
  15. gLer
    Not sure how a dac can distort the sound. Surely that’s the function of the amp? Maybe someone with more tech know how can enlighten us? In any case, the Deckard is meant to be an absolutely superb amp, providing plenty of power and control for some of the best headphones in the world. Just read Bob Katz’s LCD-4 review on Innerfidelity to see what he thinks of it. I suspect, if it is the Deckard, there’s a technical issue with your unit.
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