Audeze Deckard - class A amp, USB DAC

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lamode, Jan 6, 2015.
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  1. SomeGuyDude
    For anyone curious, this thing does not play nicely with the HD-650. Leaves it sounding too thin.
  2. Here2rock
    How does this amp compare to Oppo HA-1?
  3. Here2rock
    Anyone has views and experience with these two amps/dacs?
  4. Here2rock
    How do you change the AC voltage, thinking of importing from USA to Australia but the voltage down under is 230V. The specification sheet show:

    AC Input AC100V: 90V-110V
    AC110V:100V-120V (Factory Default)
    AC230V: 210V-230V
  5. figgyburn
    I have recently bought the deckard and the audioquest nighthawk carbons.The deckards neutral sound temper the warmer nature of the carbons perfectly.Now it's time to just listen to the music and not the components.
  6. black9white
    I was thinking about that combo a long way back, since there opposite sound nature seems to compliment each other. Can you explain more at how it sounds thanks
  7. figgyburn
    I'm afraid describing the sound in great detail like some people on head fi is way beyond my capability.My previous headphones were the hifiman he 400i amped through an old but faithful creek obh11se and a cozoy aegis Dac.The amp was struggling with the 400i as my hearing is poor these days and I needed to turn up the volume way up on the creek to get to a level I listen to these days.Time for an upgrade.I bought the deckard with a view to buying an audeze phone to compliment it as the 400is were just a bit to clinical through the my first port of call to listen to other phones the stockist did not have audeze only fostex th600/900,kennerton odins and audioquest nighthawk carbons through a questyle ca600i.after trying the fostex's which were ok and,not really being interested in the odins I put on the carbons and was immediately smitten.the questyle and the deckard have I feel similar sound qualities so I felt assured that the deckard at home would sound similar.i tried them with the cozoy dac just using the deckard amp but I felt that was again just a bit to clinical for me so I have been using the onboard dac which despite some criticism from some posters here is I feel perfect for myself.i use a audioquest jitterbug as well.if I could sum up the sound of the deckard/nighthawk carbon sound is "old school 70's analogue sounding".Non fatiguing,long listening,comfortable,sound.To my aged ears obviously.
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  8. Here2rock
    Finally bought the Deckard. I am getting the hiss noise on medium and high gain when there is no music playing, just wondering if it is normal for all units. There is no issues on low gain.
  9. SomeGuyDude
    None for me, I use Medium for my LCD-X.
  10. Tompo88
    What headphones are you using. May be too sensitive for med/high. I get hiss using my th900 but not LCD 2, hd650 or 400i.
  11. Here2rock
    I am using the same combination after reading your feedback that how well this combination worked for you. Are you using the USB cable supplied in the box? I will test whether I am getting the same problem through RCAs to eliminate the root of the problem.

    Having said all that there is plenty of juice to drive LCDX at low gain so I can live with it even if the problem persists.
  12. Here2rock
    I am using the LCDX. I wonder but causes it? I would like to know the technical explanation for the issue.
  13. SomeGuyDude
    I thiiiiink I am? My system has a good bit of shielding because I do audio stuff so I might have less USB noise than others might.
  14. mattering
    How does the DAC of the Deckard compare to other dacs/amp combos at the 400-600 range? Specifically, I was looking into the Grace M900, Schiit Jotunheim, and the Burson SL9018 but the Deckard has me wanting to press the buy button more than any other. My Geek Pulse X crapped out and my DragonFly Red is good but not satisfactory as it does not compare with my Pulse X.
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  15. wantan
    Many reviews regarded the amp section of the Deckard higher than the DAC section.

    I'd be very curious how the Deckard as an amp compares to the balanced matrix m-stage. The price difference between the two allows for a decent seperate DAC.
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