Audeze Deckard - class A amp, USB DAC

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by lamode, Jan 6, 2015.
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  1. lamode
    Seems that Audeze is widening their product range, and like many of their competitors, they now offer an amp of their own:
    Class A headphone amp and USB DAC.

    * DAC processes 16/32 bits and up to 384kHz (limited to 192kHz on Windows devices due to operating system limitations). It does not do DSD.

    * Can be used as a line level preamp.

    * Industrial design by BMW DesignWorks USA (same as the new EL-8 headphone)

    * Output power: 795mW at 33ohms, 465mW at 300ohms, 235mW at 600ohms

    * Retail price: $699

    * Ships: 3/2015
    Looking forward to auditioning it!
  2. citraian
    Niiice, can't wait to hear more about it
    why would they offer such high end headphones with a DAC that is nowhere near high end?
    If they are going for the cheaper / portable market like with the EL8 - then shouldnt they be making more of a portable AMP?
    it doesnt seem to fit with me...they make some of the best headphones on the planet, and are priced accordingly...then they make this DAC which doesnt seem to line up with many of the other DAC's available?
  4. lamode
    Have you heard it yet? It's a bit soon to complain about the performance!
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    i didnt complain about the performance.  It's clear they are NOT positioning this in the high end of DACs.  It doesnt look all that fantastic, doesnt do DSD, doesnt seem to have a balanced output, no LCD screen or anything like this.  It just doesnt look like a high end product which they usually are synonymous with.
  6. lamode
    Well I see your point of view (and I will probably never buy this myself) but I would never expect an LCD screen on a DAC/amp. Even balanced configuration is wasted on headphones, imo. As for DSD, your audio player can likely convert this to 24/88 PCM, and no-one on earth can hear any difference in a blind test :wink: I'd take even a beautiful sounding 16/44 DAC over a DAC with all the bells and whistles any day!
    My point is that the SOUND may be high-end, which is all that matters to me. It's too soon to tell.
    On the subject of styling, it seems to be a common issue. The Chord Hugo is certainly loved for its sound, for example, but the looks??... aargh!
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    I thought the Hugo looks fantastic!
    I guess im comparing it to my HA-1 which really is a fantastic bang for buck amp.  Not the best in the world im sure but really great as an all in one system with lots of bells and whistles.
  8. daniel_hokkaido
    Audeze Deckard hmm? (chin stroke) We can call the subsquent Chinese copy 'The Replicant' so. I wonder was the amp called this cause the Audeze house sound makes the Blade Runner OST sound extra sweet ? 
  9. XVampireX
    The first thing that crossed my mind with the name Audeze Deckard.. was "Stay a while and listen" :wink:

    HA-1 looks so much better than the Hugo....

    Edit: misquoted it but still getting likes, quote is fixed now.
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  10. Mediahound
    Is this powerful enough to drive Audeze headphones optimally?
  11. GrindingThud
    Not according to the specs for their headphones on thier website. They claim optimum is 1-4 watts, so in this case, their own propaganda sells them sort. Marketing fail.

  12. lamode
    No-one can answer that for you without knowing how loud you like your music.
  13. XVampireX
    It's not only about the power. check out ALO PanAm, doesn't give out that much power, however I've had a listen to it in the last local meet up and it did an amazing job with the LCD-3.
    Though more power to the driver will give out better bass pulse but the thing with audio is, there's certainly a point of diminishing returns, and even though we know that, we still know, there's still some return for the extra buck, even though it's much lower.
    Regarding the Audeze Deckard Amp, I'm certain that they will design it in the same way that they think their Audeze headphones should sound.
  14. Mediahound

    I'm certainly interested in hearing impressions of it. The price seems not bad, and it has a preamp out too!
  15. HeyWaj10
    You guys who write off gear before ever listening to it need to go. Your comments have absolutely ZERO merit. But good, don't listen to it, don't buy it, and move along to your beloved buzzword-compliant equipment. Allow those actually interested to enjoy this product in the near future.
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