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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. BrainFood
    Anyone else had problems installing April's Theyscon 1.22 driver in Windows 8.1?   I get a message that the OS is not supported but never had a problem using it in Windows 8.  Still no reply from April after four days.
    EDIT:  I meant to say 1.61, not 1.22
  2. leeperry
    How about 1.61? http://www.aprilmusic.com/eng/bbs/bbsView.php?id=27&code=bbs_product_m
  3. BrainFood
    Thanks [​IMG].
    My mistake-  I meant 1.61 and firmware 0330.  Been using that since Jan, in W8, with no problems. 
    Also tried the Luckit wave 1.63 drivers (with modified inf files) that I had lying around but got an 'installation failed' message with that.  Mind you, those Luckits never worked in regular W8 either.
  4. leeperry
    You can always try the 1.70 at http://www.m2tech.biz/hiface2.html [​IMG]
  5. BrainFood
    Even better, Mr Perry..[​IMG] 
    EDIT: Was finally able to install 1.61 in windows 8.1 by re-downloading it from April.  So the 1.61 I had saved on my hard drive (from earlier this year) must have got corrupted in some way.
  6. shimm
    Do you still use USB with Kingrex MK2 PSU or moved to i2c? There are opinions that XMOS only needs 5V@USB to find the source or something and doesn't really needs USB power for playback. So we can start the full setup, interrupt the USB power (turn that Kingrex off) and start playback with USB data only. I'm asking cause you seem the only one who can interrupt USB power easily.
  7. leeperry
    Yep, still rocking the Kingrex MK2+DP1 combo here with an equally great pleasure as on the first day [​IMG]
    The XMOS datasheet shows a fully USB powered design and some DAC manufacturers have decided to power it on the DAC side but I have never tried whether you could interrupt the USB power on the fly once the initial USB handshake has taken place, my usual trick is to try a USB cable with its 5V pin broken. You try and tell us as I'm not too willing to try wild stunts with my perfectly working rig but there as such obvious SQ changes when rolling USB PSU's with the DP1 that I wouldn't set my hopes too high if I were you [​IMG] 
  8. Goodjr82
    Hey Leeperry,
    I've got a couple questions for you about the DP1 and the Kingrex MK2. I just bought a DP1 and it is in the mail as I type. It is only today though but I am learning about using a PSU with USB input to the DAC. I just read your whole review thread on the Kingrex..... I am not an EE but I think I picked up most of the important stuff. Here is my setup: music is coming from a MacBook pro and I will need about a 15 foot USB cable. I have LCD3 headphones and the Eximus was bought after much research. In your opinion it needs the PSU to clean up the noise? I don't imagine anyone has come up with a Y cable I can buy? I got lost as to the need of breaking off a pin of the USB cable. Can you dumb it down for me?
  9. quantx
    Had the HD800/Phonitor couple for a few weeks. Sold both. At first, engaging, exact, detailed, dynamic. At second view : agressive, not so subtle differenciation. Transients were like cliffs and the whole experience was a bit of a roller coaster.
    I sold Phonitor to a sound engineer who was astonished I could bear such harsh and dried neutrality for so long. Sound engineer need flatness to judge outputs, they don't need it to make music, just values on a monitor.
  10. Szadzik
    Thinking about picking one of these. How does it work with Beyer T1s? I like detailed sound, not too much warmth and my T1s are not bright.
  11. Goodjr82
    I am very pleased with mine. I have LCD3's hooked up to it using the usb from my laptop. Extremely detailed and real sound. Something I really enjoy is selecting the various levels of upsampling, bypass (what comes in goes out), 92khz or 192khz. Tracks sound different at each level. Cool to just experiment. Plus the filter button is a great bass boost, if you like that kind of thing. I have one for sale actually. Here's the link to my ad. 
  12. quantx
    Anyone compared Eximus and Mcintosh DP100 ?
    Some say DP100 is way better, more musical and less hifi/digital.
    I have an opportunity for a DP100 with a small price difference.
    Is it worth it ?
  13. Goodjr82
    I have not heard that units yet. Let me know if you have any other questions about the Eximus.
  14. Steven-JK-W
    this unit is pretty good in this price, and im enjoying my cans with it!
  15. Goodjr82
    I have been using mine for just over a week and couldn't be happier. The best button in the history of buttons is the "Filter" button. It gives a serious boost in the low end. Electronic, hip-hop, metal... these three genres benefit in a huge way from the extra bass. I have LCD3's and my ears are smiling. Simply turn off the filter when you want to jump back to jazz, classical, vocal etc. The Eximus DP-1 is proving to be extremely versatile already. 
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