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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. nzitr
    Hey leeperry,
    I take it that you like 1.70 then?
    I managed to get them installed with W8.1 and they do seem a lot smoother. I then went all out and have installed 2.16 from the Auralic site (Vega Dac). They were a bit trickier to install but I think they might be even better than 1.70.
    ..anyone wondering re the key to installing modified .ini drivers on Win8/8.1 should research installing unsigned drivers in Win8 
  2. sebna
    Hi nzitr,
    Could you post somewhere your modified package of drivers for 2.16 (like rapidshare or something like, google docs?).
  3. SearchOfSub
    Hello, currently looking for used Eximus DP-1. Willing to buy if price is good. Please PM. Thank you,
  4. SearchOfSub
    Did anyone get a chance to hear the oppo 105's DAC compared to the Eximus DP-1?

    I swear someone said there isnt that much difference minus $1,500..
  5. Ross Contributor
    I've just bought a DP-1 and have been running it in for the last 24 hours. It is still sounding a little lean, etched in the treble and colourless. Does this change with burn in? Does the sound "fill out" and become a little warmer? I am impressed with the level of detail and resolution, but I'm hoping the sound develops a little more body. Any comments on how the sound of the DP-1 changes as it runs in?
  6. Neogeo333
    Leave it on for a week and see if its sounding the same.  24 hours is just mot enough.   If you want immediate improvement get a good power conditioner.   Also new Windows 8 changes the sound dramatically.   Those two gave me better sound than anything I've tried.
  7. Ross Contributor
    Thanks. I'm using Windows 8. I remember that my Chord QuteHD took weeks to go from unlistenable to excellent, so I am prepared to wait it out.
  8. shimm
    Hmmm... Is driver compatible with Win8?
  9. purk Contributor
    The DAC on the DP-1 is much better.  The DAC on the 105 is only very good and not great.  The DP-1 has much sweeter and more musical presentation while the 105 is more clinical and dry.  If you want a better sounding 9018 DAC, I would check out a used W4S DAC 2 and not the Oppo 105.  The 105 isn't transparent enough to my ears next to even the W4S DAC2.  It got fuzzy around complex passages and was not able portray soundstage with the same depth & width when I directly compared to the W4S DAC 2.  IMO, the DP1 is one full step ahead of the W4S DAC so let alone the comparison to the 105.  If someone said that, his system may not be transparent enough for him/her to discern the difference.
  10. macdevign
    How to control the soundstage of Eximus DP-1
    Eximus dac is known to have forward mid, however this can be controlled to give better instrument separation and 3d layer by making the sound leaner.
    To control the soundstage of Eximus DP-1 in term of been forward or laidback,  do use 3 footers ( etc coldray, solid tech feet of silence)
    Take note that tweak is not subtle, it is in fact very audible and significant.
    position one footer directly under the transformer, another directly in the centre, and another one on the right side mid way, and adjust the centre and right footer accordingly.
    The forward mid (aka without the footer tweak) gives a very intimate closed-in presentation, however if one find that the instrument and vocal seem to overlap each other, and sound
    flappy, the footer tweak can help push the vocal backward and instrument sideway to give a better depth and layering by making the sound leaner.
    Give it a try.
  11. baronbeehive
    Hi everybody, great thread. I would really like to get hold of a DP1 myself to see what all the fuss is about so this is my first port of call if anybody wants to be rid of theirs please pm me - can't think why anyone would want to frankly. Can't wait to get hold of one of these fantastic bits of kit !!
  12. Gibalok
    Are there any dac on Pcm 1704 sounds at least the same as DP-1 but w/o head amp and pre amp, just a DAC? better to be a bit cheaper (2K$)
  13. SearchOfSub
    Chord Hugo vs. Eximus DP-1. Anyone do any comparison?
  14. Gibalok
    Well, yesterday I got one used. Its incredible step forward from Matrix X-sabre in terms musicality.Never fatiquing, bass is fast and deep, highs are soft but very informative. 
  15. Gibalok
    Did anybody tried to connect iphone (6) to eximus usb? 
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