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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. sebna
    Somebody said that jumps are too big. I just dial the volume I need independently from the jumps of the knob.
  2. SearchOfSub
    I'm gonna use the Oppo 93 as a transport.
  3. BournePerfect
    They were pretty big jumps with the TH900 and AD2000 when I had them. That said, I usually kept the know halfway between clicks on the dial...usually at the 2.5 click (ie 8-8:30).
  4. SearchOfSub
    I went to go demo the Totem Fire's today and I thought the sound was dynamic and very forward. (also very good bass extension) but the vocals were right in front of your face and I found out to me and my ears I was getting a little fatigued. I am somewhat confused that the Eximus DP-1's 3d soundstaging through speakers would put the vocals in front of your face which I found out today wasnt for me...
    Obviously I have never heard anything through the Eximus DP-1 and wondering if any DP-1 owners are using it in 2.0 stereo mode and have this sort of effect when listening to vocals?
  5. SearchOfSub
    I was planning to use the Oppo 93 as transport but the Engineer of McIntosh suggested today to go with Marantz instead. He said it reads discs far better and has far advanced laser's than the Oppo's so I might pick that up instead. Very old school and down to earth guy.. He also said the Emotiva and the Sunfire share the exact same design for amps but sunfire is a better value when I saw him today [​IMG]
  6. sebna
    The jumps are also quite big with very sensitive D7100. I would listen between 07:30 and 09:30 depending on the volume of the recording.
    The Eximus has not the best in the world power section (to say the least). It is buzzing with sensitive HP like D7100 (close to 110db) with anything other then perfect 230v from the grid. If you look at the label it says that DP-1 accepts variation of current up to only 240v. which is below 5% of ideal conditions, which is sub par at this price point, especially that it does not accept anything else then perfect 230v without buzzing. 
    I had 4 eximuses DP-1 and all of them did it. To hear it your environment has to be as close to 0db as possible but mine is very close to it and I can hear constant buzzing between tunes on sensitive cans like D7100.
    Other then that I love my DP-1 :), but it is certainly flawed product, however at the same time I am keeping mine and I am overall very happy user due to its other qualities.
  7. Clemmaster
    This boost in the ~50Hz region is why it is so musical [​IMG]
  8. BrainFood
    Quick heads up.  I'm downsizing my audio system, so my mint DP-1 is available in the Source Component section..[​IMG]
  9. icd5000
    Good day!
    I saw in the sale (second hand) of model with a cover without engraving leaves. This variant was manufactured?
  10. arnaud Contributor
    I somewhat recall reading that some countries don't get engraved top plate (such as Japan).
  11. leeperry
    I also saw it in chrome on their internal forum but that might very well be an unfinished prototype: http://www.aprilmusic.co.kr/kor/freeboard/view.php?part=freeboard&idx=8303
  12. K_19
    From what I can gather from the imperfect Korean that I can read, it seems that the post is mainly about how they're tuning for the new HP100 MKII preamp/headphone amp (the thing you see in the middle of the stack there).  It has 3 unbalanced inputs, one unbalanced and one balanced output.  Interestingly, its also said to have a basic USB 16/44 DAC for some reason... anyways, he says that it'll go into production very soon.
    Nothing said about a new version of DP1 or anything there though.
  13. Goodjr82
    I've got a question about the analog input on the DP-1... I want to hook up my record player but there is only one analog input connect on the back of the amp. My record player has the usual left/right RCA cables so how do I hook that up? Has anyone else hooked a record player to the DP-1?
  14. BrainFood
    You will need to connect the deck to a phono stage (phono preamp) of course.  Then it's simply left output on the preamp to analogue left input on DP1 etc...
  15. Goodjr82
    Thanks for the reply. I realized the other day that I was looking at the inputs on the Eximus all wrong. I thought it only had one input but it of course has two, one left and one right. I've got the phono preamp running into my hifi amp right now. I think I may try some RCA splitter plugs so I can have the phono preamp running to the Eximus as well as my hifi amp. The plugs are cheap so if the sound becomes terrible it has barely cost me anything.
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