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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. sebna
    Yes it is great piece of kit.
  2. maguire
    Has anyone compared this dac Pre- with The AMR 777?
  3. quantx
  4. saer
    Anyone running LCD-X, LCD-2.3 or LCD-3 ? Please share your thoughts with me as I am very seriously considering selling my Mjolinr/Gungnir for this.
  5. Clemmaster
    You will need an external amp for orthos, that's for sure.

    The bass boost was pretty useless for me: loose, not well defined.
  6. azynneo
    it isn't horrendous, but it sounds pretty bland and bad without a proper amp like clen stated, the lyr you have should definitely be fine temporarily.
  7. Goodjr82
    I have LCD3's hooked up to the Eximus and am very happy with it. Don't know why this person thinks you need an extra amp because you don't. I had LCD2's and a Schiit audio Lyr before this so I know what lots of watts sounds like. The Eximus can get just as loud, loud enough to blow your ears if you want. As well I think the filter button for the bass boost is fantastic. Incredible low end and awesome punch. Listening is subjective and people prefer different things. Just wanted to throw in my opinion. LCD3 + Eximus blows LCD2 + Lyr right out of the water.  
  8. m2man
    LCD-3 + Eximus equals ewwwww. Loud doesn't mean it's a good amplifier. Attempting to make up for the bad bass response with its filter is a terrible band-aid.

    That's great it works for you but it's 10 times better with a decent amp. Especially the 3's.
  9. Goodjr82
    I use the filter for electronic music and thats about it. When it's jazz or Pink Floyd, which I am listening to right now, it's no filter. For me there is nothing ewwww about it. Every instrument is real and accurate, drums are tight and crisp, every pluck of the guitar string is audible. Why do you find it such a bad combination? You prefer to use it as the DAC/Preamp hooked to....? 
  10. saer
    Has anyone ever compared this directly against the Schiit Gungnir ?
  11. m2man
    I'm not surprised that you like the Eximus and LCD-3. You'll just kick yourself if you listen to a Mjolnir or nicer. Is a much nicer DAC than you currently think it is.

    Purrin talks about the Eximus and Gunjnir in his 21 DAC thread. I think it's in the Source forum.
  12. yellowblue
    I like the Eximus-headamp really much with my Audeze LDC-X. I am astonished how close it comes to my Master 9. The Master 9 is more refined, has more control and a better soundstage - but not with a big margin. No filter needed here (I always used the filter with my HD800 and that worked really fine).
  13. sebna
    Did anybody experimented with Coax to USB converter to see if there is much in anything to gain vs direct USB connection?
  14. leeperry
  15. sebna
    Lee was this answer for me :) If so I have no clue what you mean haha Please explain.
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