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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. leeperry
    You didn't like it, that's unfortunate but no one is trying to convince you into anything whatsoever....there's like a zillion DAC's out there, hopefully you'll find one that you'll like...and if I were you, I'd keep looking as this would end up being a far more fruitful use of your time [​IMG]
    The worst of what the dynamic world has to offer FWIR? Try an ortho, become a believer  papepipoupu.gif
  2. mcullinan
    Can someone point me to a review of all the sound signatures of the different headphones.
    Ive heard the Senn HD-800, Grado 1000, Hifiman He6 ,
    Mr Speakers... lol, they are actually pretty good. My friend is an audio dealer (its bad to have friends like this!) link
    Ive also heard the Audeze LCD 2. I like dynamics with detail. From the amps I heard these phones on I felt the Audez and Senn were more open expansive and detailed but not as dynamic as the Grado for example. Im wondering if it way the head amp or just the sound signature.
  3. Anaxilus
    I appreciate your ardent defense and sensitivity but I was responding to his comment that the amp 'drives' his phones.  I was saying that such a statement doesn't really mean anything and it was clear we were talking about the HO amp section and not the DAC.  As you can see I already have a DAC I'm more than satisfied with, I was just offering critical impressions of the Eximus that some might find useful.  I'd also be wary suggesting to other people what would or would not be fruitful use of their time as you see fit.  Apparently I've stumbled onto another disguised appreciation thread where offering impressions that are less than perfect are not tolerated.  Perhaps changing the thread title would be more fruitful use of time.
  4. leeperry
    The ortho sound might take some time to get used to, and it's basically the anti-Grado so try again if you find the patience [​IMG]
    All I'm saying is that repeating in every page that you didn't like the DP-1 is not really useful to anyone.......I hate dynamic headphones, I don't go saying that "orthos > dynamics" in every thread as this would be a waste of everyone's time [​IMG]
    You prefer a $50 amp over the DP-1, we heard you and we're actually happy for you.
  5. Anaxilus
    I think you are being overly sensitive and imagining something that's not there by putting words in my mouth.  To clarify, I said I liked the DP-1 DAC, just not as much as my PWD but it has a nice alternative seductive signature that I could find myself lost in. I only criticized the the amp section for HO, not the DAC.  The DP1 is primarily a DAC first it seems to me.
    I would have been happy to stop talking about it if people didn't make silly accusations of me using an iPod or bad transport because I find the amp section not up to my standards.  Blaming a transport for an amplifiers poor performance is pretty ridiculous in itself and makes zero sense.  That nonsense requires a response.  Especially when I don't even use anything Apple.  
  6. leeperry
    My point is that you've been heard, and this is all so subjective that there is no "right" or "wrong"...if you want "technically right", get a JRC4556 based O2 but subjectively speaking some review sites break it in two, mostly because you can't measure subjective SQ despite the fact that its designer seems to believe that the ASRC Benchmark DAC1 is the pinnacle of audiophilism due to its stunning measurements results: http://www.headfonia.com/nwavguys-objective-2-by-jdslabs-and-epiphany-acoustics/
    I've got more trust in TPA6120 than in JRC4556 myself  jyb34.gif
    And I rest my case that there isn't a single game ender everyone would agree upon...c'est la vie: the DP-1 is not cost effective, it's sweet sounding and it also projects a very impressive live impression when using its USB input. Not everyone will like this combination.
  7. Anaxilus
    Wow I can't believe you went there especially w/ me.  My O2 is in a box at a friends house.  It has a LM4562 in it, I don't even know where I put the JRC4556 nor do I care to find out.  I think you need to take a step back because you aren't talking about anything relevant to anything I've said tbh.  Let's move on shall we.  [​IMG]
  8. mcullinan
    I owned the Lavry DA10. That was a nice DAC.
  9. rudi0504
    Pictures speak better than Thousand Words
    Eximus D1 as Head amp / Pre amp to drive my Stax Srm 727 mk 2 as Power Amp + Stax Sr 007 mk 2 Headphone
    In my Set up Stax Electrostatic Amp Srm 727 mk 2 only as Stator , all the head Amp Function handel my Eximus Dp 1.
    If my Eximus Dp1 is NOT very good Amp ?
    Do you think can drive Stax Sr 007 mk 2 in fabolous Sound ?
    Please advise 
    mock-up likes this.
  10. zenpunk
    I hope that not a tube amp squeeze between those shelves? Also love the paper napkins or tissues between the feets [​IMG]
  11. mcullinan
    It looks like a tube preamp? Integrated? The sides are open so it shouldn't be too bad. I have my preamp and mono tube amps enclosed, though I did drill many many holes in the cardboard back of the entertainment center for the tubed sections. Seems to stay relatively cool to warm. 
  12. mcullinan
    How many watts does the Eximus put out. Do you think they would drive the Hifiman HE6 ok?
  13. Anaxilus
    I did advise but apparently the advice disappeared.  It seems to me we have a language barrier issue so I'm not sure what you areeven asking or if you are asking anything at all.  I advise you to not ask someone how your system sounds by showing a picture.  I advise you to use the HO jack instead since that was the key point we were talking about.  If you want advice about your 'stator' rig w/ the 007 you should shoot/pm a picture to Kevin Gilmore.  Personally I'm not a fan of Preamps w/ Electrostats.
  14. rudi0504

    You are right , In between is my high end tube pre amp T+A P 10.2 .

    This is the website from Germany : http://www.taelektroakustik.de/

    I use my Pre amp , as my primar set up , special in the week end , because for tube pre amp

    I must warming up the tubes first for 5 minute.

    For my second pre amp mostly I use Eximus Dp 1 , because solid state is instant , only turn it

    On , I can directly enjoy my music.

    For the tube circulation , I have increase only the wooden shelvesc about 1 cm with rubber feet.

    Below the top shelves . I am not so worry about the heat because surround my rack is open.
  15. rudi0504

    For my all dynamic and ortho headphones I use from HO out in Eximus Dp 1

    The picture show only , that with Eximus Dp 1 as pre amp / headphone amp , I can have very good Sound Quality with my set up above.

    The point is , that Eximus HO section is very good head Amp.
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