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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. mcullinan
    What do you guys think of the up sampling button. I am finding the non up sampling the most musical.
  2. Neogeo333
    Most of collection is flac 16/24 and 24/96 but I still have some old 128kb mp3s lying around.  When using flac I always leave the upsampling off.  Its just adds noise and doesnt sound natural.  On the other hand when playing old mp3 files the upsampling actually sounds better. 
  3. nzitr
    An interesting read that rca caps one. I put them on my DP-1 and S1s at the same time and the effect was so marked I had to remove them to check what I was hearing. I'm currently running in my new interconnects so I might re-experiment when that is done to check if it is all positive.
    I'm probably going to get the upcoming SOtM PCIe USB board and battery supply as I note big differences depending on what USB port etc I am using. I swear computer audio and digital is more tweaky than analog, something my hardcore analog friend finds amusing.
  4. mcullinan
    I noticed that too, that it didn't sound natural when up sampled. Very tight sounding. Might be good for pop or hip hop. Ill have to experiment more. I listen to Sirius through the internet and the up sampling/Eximus does a really great job making  the low bitrate sound fairly good.
    Interesting, from Dan Lavry:
  5. Neogeo333

    If you want to go to extreme, try this.
    Unplug the power from the UPS of the computer, that way the comp. Is been feed by the ups. See if theres a way to disable the annoying beep sound. Listen to music now, can u hear any diffence? If your house or apartment have dirty power you should hear the diffence now. I only wish i had like 2 car batteries instead of the small batteries that come with my ups. Make sure the dp1 is also connected to the ups.
  6. perrew
    Does anyone know if you can change the voltage from 110 to 220v?
    Manual says contact yout April dealer.
  7. leeperry
    I've tried to open mine, I wouldn't advise anyone to do it...it's assembled in such a way that you would more than likely destroy something when cracking it open. There's prolly a trick, but I'm quite DIY savvy myself and I failed figuring it out.
  8. BrainFood
    I found a whack with one of these opened the shell nicely:
    ..and then some super glue to put it all back together [​IMG].
  9. hionhifi
    I've owned an April Music Stello Ai500 which is April Music's statement integrated amplifier. The DAC section was from a D100, mated to a class A, 150 watt amplifier. 
    If the Ai500 is any indication of April Music's quality the Eximus should sound nice indeed. 
  10. rudi0504

    I have heard Stello Ai 500 is very good integrated amplifier

    Ampli section from Eximus Dp 1 as amp almost the same character as your integrated Ai 500

    The DAC section Eximus Dp 1 is two class above DA 100

    I done the comparison between DAC section from eximus Dp 1 vs DAC section from Eximus

    Cd 5 ( top of the line eximus cd player ), with coax cable Nanotec Neuron 99 digital silencer .

    The result is DAC section from eximus Dp 1 won .
  11. perrew
    So how was CD5 vs. DP-1 + Computer Transport?
  12. Merlocpm
    I'm looking at purchasing this dac.  However,I have heard of some weird issues with the usb input specifically when playing 88.2 or 96khz files.  The LED light which should display red when playing those hi-res files instead displays an amber color.  Has anyone experienced this and is this a concern?  Since there is no downsampling feature on this dac, even if the LED light displays an amber color, is the dac still playing at the input native rate of 88.2 or 96khz?  Otherwise I have heard nothing but excellent things about this dac.  I will be using the dac with a mac mini and the usb input.
  13. m2man

    It plays 88.2 just fine. I am able to upsample in software from Fidelia on the mac and it works just fine. Yep, red color on the LED (just tried it). Never seen it screw up ever.
  14. leeperry
    BTW, thanks for the tip! The youtube videos sure sound impressive and bestbuy give the fourth box for free together with free shipping, so I couldn't resist [​IMG]
  15. BournePerfect
    Joined the club! Should be here Tuesday or Weds next week. Will be pairing it with my ZDSE-->AD2000s. I'll also have another HD 800 in two weeks as well. Good Times! [​IMG]
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