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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. chirawatf
    I'm in.
    Eximus DP1 makes my LCD3 + Skuld Cable or Cardas Clear Cable sings a beutiful songs a lot better; very smooth, fatigue free, sweet, musical and exceptional 3D-like sound.
  2. azynneo
    enjoy my Eximus DP-1 :D
  3. RedBull
    Has anyone heard Invicta to compare?
  4. BournePerfect
         New owner here. Currently my rig consists of DP1--ZDSE--AD2000. I have another HD 800 en route from Jan. After spending a week with this combo-I can say without a doubt that this is an amazing piece of kit! This is an EXTREMELY revealing dac, but doesn't draw attention to itself. It also has a somewhat soft and relaxed signature, without losing PRAT or details. I've even heard things just with my AD2000s in this rig that I didn't with my former HD 800--SA-1-ZDSE combo.
         I can also say that the built in headamp is very good-at least with the ultra-sensitive, low impedance AT's. In fact it is very very close in performance to the Zana with these cans-and I probably couldn't tell them apart in a blind test. The Zana does give them a bit more body, but just ever so slightly. Guess that may be somewhat expected from the somewhat ss-sounding ZDSE and the somewhat tube-like DP1. I definitely expect the Senn to perform much better on the Zana, especially since I heard it transform them before after almost giving up on the Senns after 4 different ss amps. Time will tell. In the meantime:
  5. stalkerDk
    Q: From 6moon Sennheiser HD800 would be an even more perfect match for the Eximus http://www.6moons.com/audioreviews/aprilmusic8/5.html  
    Thanks for posting your impressions. I borrowed a friends for a few days. One late evening I was listening to Buena Vista Social Club from HDtracks, at very low volume with my dynaudio speakers it was like being transferred to a Taverna listening/feeling the joy coming from not so far away - 
    Then there was this girl in a movie humming a melody in my living room, as if She had jumped out of the screen. kind of magic  
    I found 192k up-sampling to add sharp edges. 96k sounded more pleasing, and improved lower bit-rate files. Kind of weird they made 192k default, so you have to press a button 2 every time you turn it on
  6. BournePerfect
    Since I havv all lossless files I leave the upsampling off at all times. I leave the headphone filter off as well, although I could see how someone would like the small bass boost that it gives. I absolutely cannot wait to hear the HD 800s in my rig now. the Zana took it to a whole other level and I fully expect the DP-1 to do the same.
    One miniscule complaint I have is that the gain may be slightly to high for the AD2000s for some. Couple with the ZDSE it's not a problem for me though.
  7. Neogeo333
    I find the DP-1 excellent with dynamic phones.  Specially with high efficient phones like Denon D7000, Sony SA5K and JVC DX-1000.  But trow any ortho at it and it feels underpowered. 
    The only ortho phone that was acceptable was the LFF Paradox.  Man, the DP-1 is making me smile after all this time.  Great match with SS or tube amp.   
  8. azynneo
    Tried it with my IEMS and some low sensitive HP's and I felt the same, I wouldn't try opening the case if I were you though it seems a bit.. tricky
  9. mtruong34
    I've had my Eximus DP-1 for about a week now.  Currently using the DP-1 as an all-in-one headphone desktop solution for listening to Spotify on the PC via USB.  It's easily better than the other DAC's I use in my main rig, which are the Metrum Octave and Bryston BDA-1.  I agree with most of the praise already mentioned in this thread so I won't repeat them here, but I just want to mention that, for headphone use, I find the best setting is 16/96 in Windows, 192 upsampling on the DP-1 and headphone filter activated.  The sound is extremely organic, 3-D, holographic, or whatever other word used to capture that intangible "it factor" we all know well but hard to describe.  +1 as a satisfied DP-1 user.
  10. BournePerfect
    I know the headphone amp hate in this thread seems to have come from mainly one or two guys but...powering my AD2000 from either the ZDSE or DP1 sounds 99% identical to my ears. So much so that I simply could not justify keeping the ZDSE if these were my only headphones (they're not).I know that the AD2K is very easy to drive, but it also has been known to be a VERY synergistic pairing with the Zana over the years. So as far as low impedance, high sensitivity cans go-the DP1 has proven a stunning pairing. I will post my findings with the HD 800s (STUNNING w/ the Zana) and DP1 if they ever show up from customs.
  11. azynneo
    since I've owned the eximus and not owned the weiss 2, has there anyone that compared the two (dac only)
  12. BrainFood
    That's quite an accolade considering the Zana's pedigree.  Must admit, I find my Ultrasone Sig Pro a little too bright through the headamp of the DP1- but I am probably more sensitive to brightness than most. They are still slightly too bright through a Berning micro Zotl with vintage 6SN7's, albeit fractionally less so than the DP1.  For comparisons sake, the Sig Pro -> Sansa Fuze is fine tonally.  I have a feeling that a tube amp veering marginally to the warm side would be a perfect match, at least for my hearing.
    The yammie orthos -> DP-1 are another matter..no problem there, although I can't imagine any amp making them sound too sparkly, he he.
  13. AnakChan Moderator
    We had a comparison of the Fostex HP-A8, Benchmark DAC1 Pre, and April Music Eximus DP1 today. All used in DAC/Amp mode with the Fostex TH-900 headphones. The DP1 won in resolution, detail, and 3D imaging. I must say though (and probably 'cos I've not heard enough), I'm not certain what all the complaints are about the DP1's amp/headphone out. Three of us tested and were quite content with it.
  14. BournePerfect
    Well there's been exactly one guy in this thread who seemed to have (had [​IMG]) an axe to grind against the built in amp, and pretty much refused suggestions that he may have had a dud. I haven't heard the amp with any other cans besides the AD2K, so I can't comment on how it handles hard to drive headphones yet. But in my system, I can guarantee I wouldn't tell the ZDSE/DP-1 apart in a blind test with the AT's. I also think the pairing was a little bit bright to my ears, and is part of the reason I sold the AT. I'll be shocked if the Eximus can hold it's own against the Zana with the HD800 though, and I will let you guys know my thoughts for sure down the line.
    Does any one know if the DP-1 feeds both the rca and XLR outputs at the same time? It ticks me off the the headphone out shuts off the analog outs since I sometimes need to power 2 headphones at once...
    EDIT: BEAUTIFUL pics anakchan!!
  15. Neogeo333
    It does feed the RCA and XLR at the same time.  Tried with Schiit Mjolnir and LD MK6. 
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