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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. rudi0504

    I do not have Hifiman He 6 , if he 6 more difficult to drive than my vintage Akg K 340 , I think

    It is not enough power from the Eximus Dp 1 .

    With Akg K 340 it self I must turn the volume control at 3 o clock .
  2. Anaxilus
    In your opinion.  Others said it sounds like a Little dot mk6 if that's considered very good so be it.
  3. mcullinan
    Maybe the audeze LCD 2 then. They seem pretty efficient.
  4. rudi0504

    It is far away the sound quality from eximus dp 1 headphone amp section compare to a little dot
    Mk 6 and Fiio E6 , Eximus dp 1 is different class above
    Before owning a Rudistor RP8, I too owned a Little Dot VI. After messing around with various tubes to try and justify buying it, I bought the RP8. This was leagues ahead of the VI. I have now bought the Eximus, initially to augment my set up. However, the sound signature is so similar to the RP8 that I no longer need to use it.
    Anaxilus must have heard a duff Eximus.
  6. rudi0504
    Yes i agreed with your impression, now i am hearing my Eximus Dp 1 with my LCD 2 rev 2 , as source i use my Imod Ipod Video 5,5 Gen
    drive use Digital Media Transport Onlyo NDS 1000 , I turn the volume at 11.30 sound very good 
  7. mcullinan
    Got my Eximus today! Wow! Did some listening with Beyer T1 and Mr Speakers... Very nice, the T1 sound warm and cozy, really a great combo!
    Need to break it in before commenting more... But so far so good.
    The over sampling button really changes the sound too, like Srajan mentioned.
  8. mcullinan
    The Eximus is ridiculously good. Vs Nad the musicians are there in the room with you. Great bass grip and detail. Nad is lighter in bass, paler in presentation but still good. Eximus. From SB touch edo to USB clarity! Clearer than any DAC I've heard so far. Amazing
  9. BrainFood
    Just wondering what feet you are using under the DP1 and whether they make an audible difference?
  10. rudi0504

    I use Durapod foot for my Eximus Dp 1 , these durapod foot have the same function like spike footer , to eliminate Eddie current magnet surround our audio aquitment .
    If you put so kind of spike like my Durapod foot , the Sound Quality from my Eximus has better
    Body In the bass and mid is more lush and sweet , the high is more extended.
    So kind of refinement in audio gear you must try by your self.
  11. zenpunk
    Durapod are very good but 2 inches slices of salami (cured) really opened up the soundstage, treble and the bass was also greatly enhanced. 
  12. leeperry
    Yeah, it's rather funny how seemingly idiotic tweaks such as elevation feet and power conditioners change the SQ of the DP-1 quite drastically....but well, one will always be someone else's audiophool, and what truly matters is your own satisfaction [​IMG]
  13. OzarkTom
    The moongel drum pads are the best I tried. A friend and I tried over a dozen different brands. You can but these at Sweetwater Sound or Ebay for $6.95 with free shipping. They even sounded better than Racing Diamond and Stillpoints.
  14. nzitr
    I have BDR MK3 cones and LM Pillows (2.25") under all my Eximus gear. The cones on their own were a bit hohum and it wasn't until something like the LM Pillows were added before the big improvements were made. I have tried the old BDR Pits and they were different but good also, the BDR LM Discs offered great speed and midrange clarity but were a little light in the bottom end so I swapped them out with the LM Pillows. With my new interconnect offering a lot more bottom end I might try adding a disc or 2 to the DP-1.
    I also tried a lot of other things like roller blocks and various alloy cones and they didn't sound as good as the full BDR setup. Also MK3 cones were a lot better than MK4 ones to my ears.
    The other thing I found that made a big difference was adding RCA and XLR noise covers over my unused connectors. Definately a very cost effective mod. I just got the Vintage Audio Lab ones from Ebay and they seem fine.

  15. leeperry
    The issue is that the rabbit hole goes deeper and deeper w/ those covers [​IMG] : http://hifi-unlimited.blogspot.com/2010/06/cap-wars-rca-caps-shoot-out-cardas-vs.html
    I know some ppl on another audiophile forum who prefer having one brand on the digital/analog inputs and another brand on the outputs(some shortcut the connector, some don't), that's what I call OCD  charles20k.gif
    Anyway, I was told that fuses did matter but that they were really only meant to be the icing on the cake...you could easily invest your money in more revealing improvements, such as a clean linear regulated USB power because we're merely listening to the PSU's.
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