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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. mcullinan
    ok.. Great news, Dac is shipping out today. I am told 3 days ship time, so it is possible to have it in my hands by this weekend!!! Yeah!
    I hope it was worth the wait. 
    I did get to listen to several other Dacs and have not even heard the Eximus. I did own a Stello Signature back about 3 yrs ago which I liked.
    So I did have the NAD M51 in house for a bit and loved that dac. I also had the EE Minimax Dac Plus which I liked, but didn't blow me away.
  2. Neogeo333
    Those two other DAC are very good quality dacs.  I had the pleasure to have play with the EE dac not the plus though.  It was a fun dac with both SS and tube output.  If you want a fairly neutral and very detailed sound characteristic the DP1 is your answer.  Just let it burn in a few days and like Leeperry said, leave it on all the time, I do with mine and no problem what so ever. 
    Good luck and enjoy the DP1.
    I also tried the M51, which I borrowed from a local dealer. Apart from the convenience of not using the Halide Design Bridge, the sound was no better than the Cyrus DAC X. In fact, if anything, it was a little too thin.
    The Eximus seems to get better everytime I listen to it. I have a very large collection of live music downloaded from sites like Dime. Previously, especially with the HD800's some of them could be tiresome to listen to (I did even contemplate getting rid of the HD800's at one stage). However, the Eximus makes below average live recordings a pleasure to listen to even on so called difficult headphones like the HD800.
  4. Anaxilus
    I definitely agree with that.  However, that's not something I want in a DAC especially with the HD800 personally.  Not that there's a right or wrong answer but I certainly can listen to more of my music collection using the Eximus so synergy is nice.  I just prefer synergy w/o sacrificing recording resolution myself.  It was very easy to get sucked in w/ the natural lushness and mid forward vocals but I had to snap out of it and realize I was missing information and precision.  [​IMG]  All depends on what one is looking for.
  5. leeperry
    Well, the big issue w/ chirurgical sounding DAC's is finding worthy material....yes, SACD, HD audio, but most of the CDDA music is rather poorly recorded and/or mastered. So either you use less transparent headphones, or a DAC that lets you hear the music without the defects...but yes, the DP1 is definitely colored(6moons called it "sweet sounding"), but I don't think that it always "plays the same song" as some headamps tend to? anyway, it's all so very subjective [​IMG]
    One thing you can't take away from the DP1 is its killer USB input and its very live sounding character IMHO...but yes, whether you'll like its "sweet sound" is a matter of taste....if there were one single game ender, we'd know it by now [​IMG]
  6. mcullinan
    All the things you guys mention are what Im looking for. Live sounding, detail, resolution... 
    Cant wait! 
    What are the best headphones for the Eximus? I loved the Grado 1000, HD800, Beerdynamic. The Audeze were nice but I read they are not a good match for this head amp.
    I only have HD800's at the moment. They are awesome with both Mac or PC based systems using the Eximus. I don't know about using a CD transport, as I don't have one anymore.
  8. mcullinan
    Me either (No CD Player). Everything is on my raid server through Squeezebox or direct from my Mac.
  9. rudi0504
    Yes I tried my AKG K 340 heavy Bass version with my Eximus Dp 1
    Soource : CD Player CDA 500 as CD Transport 
    DAC : Eximus Dp 1
    Headamp : Eximus Dp 1
    Coax cable : Home Grown 75 ohm
    RCA Cable : Home Grown Silver Lace 
    High : open , detail and very clean
             i can hear cymbals from Keith Jarret Trio very clear and clean
    Mid : sweet and lush 
            The Piano sound very natural and full tone
    Bass : clean and detail , but not so impactfull, because AKG K 340 is power hungry Headphone
    Soundstage : wide and with good depth 
    Separation : is very good from Eximus , i can hear the instrument placement in the correct position
    Conculsion : AKG K 340 heavy Bass Version need big Headamp with big Power reserve.
                       with the Eximus DP 1 sound just fine , Sound Quality is very good , but AKG K 340 need
                       powerfull HeadAmp can sound very good.
                       For good listening condition , i must drive my AKG K 340 with Eximus DP 1 at 15 / 3 o clock.
                       I can still drive to maxx , sound still good no distorsion.
                       Eximus Dp 1 is one the Best DAC Amp Combo in Price to $ 5000 USD
                       If someone said the Amp Section is NOT so good , please check the Source ,  please use CD Player as Transport,
                       do not use DAP or Ipod as Source ,  for drive very difficult Headphone like AKG K 340
                       I drive LCD 2 rev 2 , LCD 3 , HD 800 with my Eximus DP 1 no Problem , for normal to easy to drive Headphone i use my Imac 27" with USB
                       and My Onkyo NDS 1000 as Digital Media Transport with my Ipod Classic 160 Gb  7th Gen.
  10. Anaxilus
    Perfect Wave DAC Mk2 is not an iPod.  If someone said the Eximus HO amp is very good please check other ToTL amps or maybe Fiio E9.
  11. mcullinan
    Well I've listened to many very good headlamps so I will know in a few days!
  12. mcullinan
    What do you guys think of the Beyer T1? Any good?
  13. rudi0504

    If your eximus dp 1 headphone amp sound even worst than Fiio E 9 , I think you have defective Eximus Dp 1 . Please complain to your Eximus Dealer in your Country.

    My Eximus Dp 1 HO section is very good , with my eximus Dp 1 I can drive all my headphone collection , like lcd2 rev 2 , lcd3 ,hd 800 ,T1

    Of course for hard to drive Headphone I must turn the volume above 12 o clock , but the SQ. from the HO is far from Fiio E 9
  14. Anaxilus
    You've heard the E9 right?  You aren't just saying that because it's cheap I presume because I didn't see it in your inventory.
    When I hear someone say X amp can 'drive' their phones w/o any other explanation I don't really find that convincing.  'Drive' just means loud noise and usually not a noise I'd want to listen to.
  15. rudi0504

    I have had Fiio E9 , has been sold to my friend because I am not satisfied with its sound quality.

    Eximus Dp 1 definitely much better .not because of more expensive .

    But it's sound quality really fantastic to my hearing .
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