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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. Neogeo333
    I'd say to each his/her opinions. But i think there got to be something wrong with the DP1 that Anaxilus listened. Either its has some problems in the source chain or the amp section is damage. The DP1 amp section is pretty good. Able to drive my D7000, DX1000 and Yamaha HP1 superbly. I only.have used the usb input and have not tried any other inputs. I would say the amp section is on par with my Little Dot mk6, only that the mk6 can drive the LCD-2 easily and the DP1 can not. All other phones the DP1 is superb.
    I have had the Eximus DP1 in my possession for just under a week now, and I thought I would share my personal observations. Please bear in mind the unit has had no 'burn in' time (if it needs any).
    Firstly, I used the DAC as a direct replacement for the Cyrus DAC X/Cyrus Power and Halide Design Bridge using my Rudistor RP8 and HD800's with a dedicated music PC fitted with SOTM PCI USB and SATA filter. The sound appeared slightly more focused, but not a huge difference. It really does remind me what a good DAC the Cyrus is.
    However, the biggest change came when I used a friends Macbook Pro with a trial version of Amarra, and Audioquest Diamond USB cable. This really did make a big difference. The Cyrus/Halide could not compete with this. The sound was very analogue and really enhanced the tube stage of the Rudistor. To me, an incredible sound that really reminded me of vinyl. something I could never find weary.
    The next step was to remove the Rudistor RP8 and run from the Eximus Headphone Amp. The sound is incredibly similar. I blind tested this on my wife,and she couldn't tell the difference.
    I have now decided to sell my Rudistor RP8 amplifier (along with the Cyrus and SOTM gear). That is how convinced I am by the Eximus. For me, the rest of the equipment is now redundant. The next step for me is a Macbook Pro solely dedicated to Amarra playback.
    I agree with Neogeo's comment that Anaxilus has a duff Eximus, as it is definitely not the same animal I have.
  3. zenpunk
    Impressive comment as I am interested in this DAC ( and the new NAD) and I also own the LD. How did you compare the Eximus and LD? Was it compared to the balanced HO on the LD or the SE at the back?
  4. antonyfirst
    I was wondering: does anyone know if the amp section in the Eximus is class D?
  5. Neogeo333

    I have a 4pin XLR to 1/4 TRS adapter that I use for with the LDmk6.  In the process of terminating all my phones to 4pin XLR but it gonna take time and $.  I think the reason the amp on the DP1 sounds great is that it by itself a good amp to start but also the signal is kept as short as possible. 
  6. zenpunk
    The DX1000 is easy to reterminate with 4pin XLR as it has for wires going to the jack. I asked because I found the LD to be an average amplifier when used SE, compared to balanced. Details and bass control improve noticeably when balanced. The SE output at the back of my LD MK6+ is also quite noisy [​IMG]
  7. Neogeo333
    Thats what all other owners of the mk6 had said.  The SE output just suck, I have not even used that output since day 1.  The only phone that I have 4pin xlr is the LCD-2 and a HD650 but sold it.  My SA5000 are being recable to 4pin but its taking some time. 
    To say the truth I never imagine the amp on the DP1 would be this good, I just brought it because of the great reviews on the dac side. 
  8. leeperry
    Quite frankly, the LD gear seems grossly overrated. Sloppy QA, poor reliability, their DAC use an atrocious layout too. You can't really compare LD's gear to the DP-1 IMHO.
    The whole thing runs in Class A, doesn't it?
  9. Neogeo333
    Ofcourse i can not compare them construction wise, but sound wise they do a lot of the things right. The mk6 for the money is quite good. Does the DP1 sounds 3 times better? Nope. I'm quite happy with this pairing and it pleases my hears. For me if it bettered my last tube amp then is good to stay until the next upgrade. Mjonir is getting ready to ship soon, maybe i will sell the mk6 or maybe not. This hobby is getting expensive by the moment.
  10. antonyfirst
    Has anyone tried a K340 with it?
  11. leeperry
    Anyone tried the cd3k off the DP-1? I got one coming my way as we speak, I wonder how its stunning 3D SS will sound from the already very live sounding Eximus [​IMG]
    I must say that the DP-1 drives the legendary "Wharfedale ID1" very first ortho ever made amazingly well, and this thing is so notoriously inefficient that it was meant to be driven straight off a speakers amp. The funny thing is that its diaphragm is using NASA grade material that was meant to be used in space shuttles, hah!
    I might be able to borrow one, my friend w/ the "Human Audio" gear swears by it [​IMG]
  12. Anaxilus
    My 1980's PC XT x86 is also in the Space Shuttle.  [​IMG]
  13. leeperry
    Well, this material was used in space capsules, can handle a 700°C temperature change and as much vibrations as you could imagine in a space environment, coolio: http://wiki.faust3d.com/wiki/index.php?title=Image:WharfieP2.jpg
    Not quite as disposable headphones as they make them these days ^^
  14. mcullinan
    So I heard  April Music canned all their US Distributors and dealers are dealing with them direct. I am still waiting on the arrival of my new Eximus. Another issue was the supply of the gorgeous cases which are built in California, shipped to Korea? then shipped back to the US and abroad. Messy work this DAC business.
    The case is definitely worth the wait, although my Eximus appears to have one rubber foot shorter than the rest, as it rocks slightly. Otherwise, no complaints...
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