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April Music Eximus DP-1

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  1. antonyfirst
    Hey guys, I have just made some comparisons with Eximus DP-1 amplifier section and Burson's. I have used my Audio-gd NFB-9.2 as source for both them.
    As headphone, I have used my gf's Etymotic ER4S. The general feeling is that the Eximus is the better amplifier (we aren't even taking their two DAC sections into account, obviously, as I have bought the DP-1 as an high end source, primarily, while I was interested in the Burson to see how it fares as a headphone amplifier mainly).
    In general I see that:
    - the Burson amp has blurrier bass, and fatter, less neutral. Treble is also less refined.
    - the Eximus has the more transparent sound.
    - the Burson is more powerful, although offering less general quality.
    I will be making comparisons also for the Audio-gd 9.2 and the Eximus dac's. They are both good sources.
  2. BrainFood
    Do you mean it 'sounds' more powerful?  If April are to be believed (see below), then the DP-1 is much more powerful than the Burson, which does around 850 mw into 50 ohms, IIRC.
    One thing to bear in mind if doing a DAC test is that the DP-1 is at an advantage with USB for having a Stello U3 inside. Ideally, you should feed the Burson a quality transport when doing the comparison.
    With SPDIF, the tables may well be turned because the DP-1 uses a not very great Cirus Logic CS8416 receiver. The Burson possibly uses a better one- but I'm not sure about that.
    Oh the joys of digital audio [​IMG]
  3. leeperry

    Didn't try yet, I've ordered some larger extension cords...the current ones are ages old, brand new thicker copper wires could only do good to the SQ [​IMG]
    All the aforementioned DAC's use CS8416...the main reason is that the market leading WM8804 doesn't support AES/EBU and DIR9001 is capped to 96kHz so manufacturers don't have much choice for AES/EBU, either CS8416 in high jitter legacy mode or those AKM receivers: http://www.asahi-kasei.co.jp/akm/en/product/ak4113/ak4113.html
    BTW, I rest my case that some very slight EQ'ing to kill my ear resonances really drastically improves the SQ to my ears, I've settled down to -3dB at 6.4kHz and 10kHz et voilà! SQ is even more natural sounding than before, major bliss! It took me forever to find an EQ that wouldn't mush the sound or add a lot of nasty pre-ringing due to a sloppy linear mode, but it's all good now [​IMG]
    And those unmastered soundmix "revolver sessions" just sound amazing, it's the next best thing after being in that studio cabin in the mid 60's........I'm listening to MJ and The Beatles just because the SQ is astounding, oh gawd what the DP-1 makes me do [​IMG]
  4. leeperry
    Well, I've just found a 12V/1A linear regulated PSU, so I'll be able to get it to output 3.3V to the I2S isolator through this kind of dongle: http://www.ebay.com/itm/120920931438
    Ripple seems very low: http://netdrive.envell.com/pic/ebay/PWR-000003/PWR-000003_Datasheet.pdf
    I already have the XMOS DIY board that's using a truckload of linear voltage regulators and some uber-low jitter low phase clocks, I also have a linear regulated 5V/1A PSU to feed it and the mini-din5 cable to feed the DP-1 is already soldered, so this is all gonna work very soon lehulk.gif
  5. BrainFood
    Wow ! [​IMG]
     Excellent.  Looking forward to hearing how that works out!
  6. Neogeo333
    Max sounds like a scientist making Frankenstein.  [​IMG]
  7. leeperry
    Well, I was kinda bored so I've plugged the four Quietline plugs straight into the DP-1 extension cord...Oh my oh my, I'm not into magical thinking but these power conditioners do exactly that. I can hear why some ppl would be willing to install up to 16 of them all around their house  sirguda.jpg
  8. BrainFood
    I really notice an improvement in sound from around midnight every night.  I guess it's largely down to a reduction in micro vibration, especially from a nearby busy road- but maybe also because electricity quality improves when less people are using it.  Well, whatever it is, the difference is audible in the early hours. [​IMG]
    As effective as the quietlines are, it might be wiser to first upgrade the wiring of the house and sockets (including dedicated hifi supply) before spending $800- $900 on 16 of the things :wink: 
    I noticed a step up in sound when I placed my DP-1 on different feet, and really recommend this.  Is anyone else doing the same, and with what make of feet? 
  9. leeperry
    Yep, isolation feet make quite a big difference on the DP-1 IME...especially because it runs in Class-A and that its underside gets pretty hot, so you do need to have some airflow underneath.
    Well, I'm still firmly decided to understand wth these Quietline thingies actually change....4 of them make the sound slightly too bright and edgy, 1 or 2 don't sound nearly as clear....I think 3 is the magic number actually, I'll run more tests but I believe the fourth one will go onto the computer or the living-room TV. We're merely listening to the mains and the GIGO principle very much applies [​IMG]
  10. WiCKed666

    I have exactly the same issue - there is great improvement in sound quality from around midnight or later. It's plugged directly without any filters but i don't know what should i buy to make it work always like at night. Any suggestions?
  11. BrainFood
    things are starting to get complicated.  You should have stuck with the great changes your heard with just one [​IMG].  
    Maybe really pull the boat out and order 200 of them. Plug in five to each and every socket in the house (using extension cables),  Replace and discard unnecessary items like fridges, ovens and washing machines with (five) quietlines in their sockets too. It's gonna sound amazing man! [​IMG]
    2- 3am is the sweet spot in this house.  Good job I'm a headphone fan :wink: 
    Maybe try the ones LP is using.  They have a 10% and free/ reduced shipping, until today I think..
  12. mcullinan
    I ordered an Eximus DP-1, should have it in 2 weeks, so my dealer tells me!
  13. leeperry
    Well, a single one brings a nice change but I couldn't really put my finger on it...OTOH 5 are WAY too much, at least it allows me to hear what they really change and what's my personal threshold on my own rig.
    I didn't like adding one to the fridge socket, it sounded quite shrill....apparently many ppl settle down to 3 of them actually.
    Anyway, everything colors the sound...too bad I don't think I could listen to the DP-1 w/o any of these anymore hah ^^
    It's 33°C outside, I'm listening to the SACD of "Peter Tosh - Legalize it(1976)" in 24/88.2 PCM goodness on my circa 1978 Yamie ortho, life is good...the way it's meant to be listened to, huh  smoking.gif
    Waiting is half the fun, be strong [​IMG]
  14. BrainFood
  15. leeperry
    Hehe! Another album that really fits the "live" sound of the DP-1 to my ears is http://www.amazon.com/In-Ocean-Stars-Peter-Salett/dp/B001AZI254
    It's mostly the OST of this great movie(a bit like 12 Monkeys, totally unpredictable and you get to live inside a madman's head and see his own vision of reality): http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0398027/
    The movie was fantastic, and the album is just as great...both musically and SQ-wise. It's like having Peter Salett singing right before you, so natural sounding that it's highly refreshing(just like the movie) [​IMG]

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