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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. spyb0y1
  2. silverfishla
    A lot of the companies just call updates beta.
  3. CactusPete23
    Just updated the firmware, Dont have a good way to test the UHT Bluetooth. All functions I tried seem the same. Radio glitch fixed. Overall sound quality seems the same.
  4. AndySocial
    As someone who works with software developers, Hidizs' "everything is beta" trend is insanity.
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  5. moisespr123
    Using my R3 as a Bluetooth UAT transmitter at 1.2Mbit/s and the AP80 as the UAT receiver. So far it's working good. Stable playback so far :)

    On Tidal Masters tracks, I have to use 900kbps instead of 1.2Mb. 1.2Mb works fine for 44.1Khz tracks.
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2019
  6. Zachik
    May I assume no podcast or audiobook functionality added (as promised to us, crowdfunding folks)?
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  7. KimChee
    Update on AP80 repair, I had lines starting at the bottom of the screen that grew longer over time. I sent it in to Hidizs sometime in July. From the time they received it, it was repaired and shipped in a couple of weeks and I received it today, and looks like they replaced the screen. Interestingly enough, the hit boxes were quite a bit off when touching the screen, but now they seem to be spot on. I received this used so I wasn’t sure what to expect, but good to know if I have a problem again I can send it in to them.


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  8. AndySocial
    If there's one thing that the AP80 crowdfunding campaign has taught me, it's that it would be profoundly naive to believe anything the manufacturer promises will be coming later. If it's not in the shipping product, it's not going to happen, more often than not.

    I really want a simple podcast function, like almost every MP3 player I've owned in the past 18 years has had. Nothing fancy, just recognition that Podcasts are not music, a resume function, and maybe a speed control.
    Zachik likes this.
  9. Zachik
    Totally with you, both on not believing promises in the future (especially by Hidisz) and on how ridiculous it is that modern DAPs cannot provide very basic podcast support that I had 20 years ago on my MP3 player :frowning2:
  10. CactusPete23
    @AndySocial , It's just not "later" enough yet... And you know that "Ken" loves himself !

    At least they have provided many good features with firmware updates on the AP80. The AP60 Pro, sadly had one firmware update attempt that resulted in the screen backlight staying on when in playing music and in sleep mode; Resulting in poor battery life. Ken (and Hidizs) definately does not love the AP60.
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  11. Zachik
    Maybe we need to wait for FW version 3.0 ?! :unamused:
  12. ForceMajeure
    I am with you on this, if it had a bookmark function and variable play speed (up to X2.5 time faster) then we are back in business. then they could just add an fm recording option and done.
    it's not that hard to implement.
  13. DatGameh
    I think I noticed the price of the AP80 dropping by about 10 dollars.
    I have a feeling that a new device will be coming soon!
  14. AndySocial
    Maybe we'll see the manufacturer's representative show up soon, acting like they're not really really bad at post-sales support, or like they never promised things they had no intention to deliver. But this time will be different, baby. I won't hit you again.
    Zachik, CactusPete23 and ballog like this.
  15. RikudouGoku
    Hidizs ap80 vs shanling m0 in terms of sound? I prefer neutral sound with no coloration
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