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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. dnaimad
    Yes, this little DAP has come in for a fair amount of criticism, most of it out of proportion. It's a miniature marvel really with quite stellar performance and functionality, especially for the size and price. I've had a couple of weeks now to get to know it well, qualify my expectations, and come to appreciate it's strengths more. You're right that the MSEB is amongst it's best features. You can really get any decent set of headphones to shine with this; if needed, extend the bass, add sparkle and air, or bring the vocals into focus, and the results can be very musically pleasing. There's a list somewhere on this forum of improvements people would like to see Hibizs implement, and they should absolutely listen to their customers' needs. Personally, I can live with the minor user interface quirks and dysfunctions, as it performs, on the whole, remarkably well, and excels at it's core function of sounding very good indeed. The one major fault, for me anyway, is the totally broken and unforgivably noisy DSD functionality. A lot of effort has gone into the sound quality of this thing so they obviously knew this was broken but cut corners and released it as is anyway. DSD is advertised as one of it's main features and it needs fixing ASAP Hidizs!
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2019
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  2. Tweety 99
    Has someone compared the sound of alumin. and steel version yet and how they differ, if any?
  3. buddhashenglong
    Sad to say I was on this hype train from the jump, and I'm rather disappointed with scanning issues.
  4. Overclocked11
    Have you tried to roll back to the original firmware? 1.0 scans fine for me, where 1.0.1 does not.
  5. buddhashenglong
    I've always had the original firmware, 1.0.
  6. dnaimad
    Mine arrived with firmware 1.0.1 and all music on my 256GB card scanning and correct. Must be an issue with your card if it's not working.
  7. greatwhite58
    Thanks for all your help with getting the cover art to show up. I will try the recommendations. Thanks again.
  8. spbkaizo
    Just as I've not seen it mentioned before, I really like musicbrainz Picard to organise my flac collection.

    Additionally it will populate and embed the album art, so it appears on the ap80s as well.

    If you additionally take the time time to configure it with the last.fm plugin, your albums can be sorted into genres also.

    However, note these genres don't map across to the genres in the ap80s browser. I may investigate how to do this of people are interested.
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  9. greatwhite58
  10. dnaimad
    On mine it creates a huge list of genres according to what's in the tags. I don't see how they can behave differently on the same firmware.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2019
  11. cazone
    I have a 256go SanDisk card and have Scanning problems too. And there are not even that many files on it.

    The AP60 scans the card without problem
  12. Zeo-Gold92
    As much as I enjoy my AP80 and I do, especially with the seeds. I'm considering getting rid of it and getting something that's more of a 'complete' experience. I had intended to try out DSD but since on all reports it is "noisy" I haven't even bothered. This doesn't seem as if it will be rectified yet soon either. Unless I've missed an update or something, which I don't believe to be the case.
  13. dnaimad
    The DSD situation is a joke. It's supposed to be a pristine sounding "Hi-Res" format. On the AP80 it sounds like an 8-bit mp3
  14. spbkaizo
    So, something of interest. I normally format my cards, using FAT32, via EaseUS Partition, as I also use cards in a Zishan DSD which can't cope with exFAT filesysystems.

    Today, I formatted the card in exFat, and dumped 16GiB of FLACs onto it.

    Scanning, took a long long time. I'd be curious if anyone who is having scanning issues has better results via a fat32 formatted card. Perhaps the lower level file operations are easier in FAT32 than they are in exFAT.
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  15. greatwhite58
    Hi all, I followed your advice on getting my cover art to show and it worked like a dream. Thanks once again.
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