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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. djricekcn
    Is A shame too since the product is good at it's price tag. Im still waiting for a reply on my end . They said they are working on it but that was like a week ago including their customer service is revamping but I don't feel it yet
  2. Unolord
    I gave Hidizs a 2nd chance after having a AP60ii's headphone jack die after 3 weeks and getting the runaround from Hidizs. What I received in return was brutal delays and few responses to my have dozen emails.

    While I like the form factor and the SQ on the AP80 it's half baked and needs firmware updates. The touchscreen is not as responsive as it could be and of course there are features missing that were promised to list but a few.

    I'm curious as to how many people here have joined their new IEM campaign. I was tempted for about half a second then realized what company I'd be dealing with....

    I'm waiting on Tin T3's from Massdrop to be shipped. That offer seems to have some confusion with regards to when items were to be shipped and has a bit of rage from the backers. A decent amount of Asian firms just are not good when it comes to communication and customer service. I've had no issues ordering from Asian sellers like GBest, BGood, GBuying etc but when it comes to the seller also being the manufacturer the results have been mixed.
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  3. jayl00
    This is exactly my sentiment. The sound was OK but I don’t want to put up with the quirkinesses because the life too short for that. I found FiiO M6 on sale at B&H for $150 and got one. It appears sounding very close to this and I can live with the interface. This will do for the next 3-5 years and I am sure something better available then. So much for Hidizs!
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  4. Sven2015
    The M-series of FiiO has many issues.. :wink:
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  5. LDouglasLJr
    But at least Fiio seems to respond on their pages here. I'm not giving them a pass for all the mistakes they have made, but they do respond it seems. That's a lot more than we've gotten out of Hidizs. Last comment by anyone from Hidizs on here was back in December. That's just bad PR all the way around it.
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  6. Winterheim
    That's the same dilemma I have when considering selling mine off to cycle around hobby funds.

    Hidizs basically abandoned all their AP80 customers. Maybe after they realized they released a flawed product and they could not keep up with the shipping and product complaints, they just turned their back on the problem completely. What's low is they've focused on selling new products instead, hoping that they'd still get customers who would think highly of them if they manage to release a product that has no issues out of the gate.
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  7. LDouglasLJr
    Go back and look at what they have done to all of their previous DAPs. It really seems like they only care about pushing out new products, support for existing products is pretty much non-existent. Check out their Facebook page, oh it's a joke with this company, a complete joke.
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  8. Zachik
    Totally agree - Chinese DAP companies (FiiO, Shanling, HiBy, Hidizs) all have their issues, mostly due to rushing out to release and use us, the customers, as beta testers.
    To some degree, you get what you pay for, when compared to the likes of Sony...
    BUT, that's where similarities end! FiiO and Shanling are great in responding and supporting customers. Same goes to HiBy with Joe Bloggs being a great community support person!
    Hidizs, among all Chinese DAP companies, is definitely the worst by far in term of community and customer support!
    Lesson learned, at least by me. No more Hidizs for me, thank you very much!
    To clarify, I have DAPs by all 4 companies above. Hidizs has been the most frustrating experience, in term of communication / support / updates.
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  9. Zachik
    Unfortunately, I am 100% in agreement. I am sure at this point I can forget about the explicit promise to add support for podcasts / audiobooks, which was the main reason I bought the AP80.
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  10. Sven2015
    mmmh, the button lock is not really good. My device had a shut down two times while music playing.... device was in my pocket.
  11. dnaimad
    It only locks the playback buttons.
  12. dnaimad
    I can confirm on my newly arrived AP80 that DSD playback is a hissy, buzzy mess. This is supposed to be an ultra hi-res hifi format. Come on Hidizs!

    I'm tempted to send it back to Amazon, but can't think what could replace it in this price range, form factor, sound quality, feature set. Despite the problems, it is cheap, ultra-portable, sounds great generally, and has some nice features. Hopefully there'll be another update to fix the major issues.
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
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  13. Sven2015
    This is okay, but one click on power button, the screen is back incl. normal button function and 3 sec button press without any lock mechanism for a shutdown is for a little device in a pocket strange.... :D

    btw. The database is very, very slow.... but the difference to my M7 and M9, the AP80 is working fine in music playing (no gapless problems, no micro gaps, no skip problems, no app crashes). M9 has many many (unsolved) issues and I read about micro gaps in an old posting from 2012? Issues are not solved, in addition the issues are available on the next player generation... sorry, ya, FiiO is answering here @board, but without any fixing, an anwser ist not very helpful for me. :wink:

    ... we will see all the bugs @M11 :wink:
    Last edited: Feb 28, 2019
  14. dnaimad
    Yes, a locking power button should be added to the list of desired "updates" if that ever comes.
  15. Sven2015
    Can a KS backer make a decision reg. implementation of new things?

    btw. The function "play through albums / folders" is NOT working throuh data base replaying!
    There are a lot open issues. This is one of them. Pls fix.
    In addition, pls implement a data base caching. The data base is very slow if you have many files. There is jno caching for cd cover or files.....
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2019
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