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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. AndySocial
    I've never understood the Hiby obsession with showing us the full file path of our music. I assume there must be someone for whom that is interesting and useful, but I've never met them. :)
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  2. Winterheim
    I also feel that we should be able to turn off the pedometer. I feel that that also burns battery life since it's always on. It's inaccurate anyways.
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  3. mono-type
    I thought that the artist-title format is like the de facto standard, so it's strange that the developers of Hiby OS settled with the filename display at the bottom of the lock screen. For me, it looks kinda old-fashioned and evocative of those cheap as dirt generic Chinese MP3 players.

    I guess you're right. It's quite likely that the pedometer is one of the culprits for the accelerated battery drain. That, and they also need to calibrate the built-in pedometer. My cheap SKMEI pedometer watch is much more accurate than the AP80's built-in one.

    If that wasn't obvious enough, go to System settings > Time setting.
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2018
  4. okinear
    Yes, checked that! But where-ever I touched nothing happened.
    Finally got it, have to scroll the numbers. Small numbers, big fingers!
  5. mono-type
    Yeah, it's a bit difficult to set the time and date if you have large fingers. Mine are quite large, too, so I can relate with your predicament.
  6. okinear
    Realized that I have something like a touch screen stylus pen. Works fine with the small things on screen. Probably not have to change the settings that often.

    Regarding the typos issues, is it only me or some settings cannot be fully/correctly read?
    'Music database update...'. Are '...' needed?
    'Button operation when...'. When what?
    'Battery percentage dis...'. Likely 'Battery percentage display', what about fully writing 'display' instead of 'dis...'?
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  7. okinear
    Is the pedometer using the battery when not in use?
    I mean: I moved the player (and it has been moved during the shipment) without opening the step function, then selected the step function: the counter is still 0. Was some battery used?
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2018
  8. IryxBRO
    Should be true. I think that it only starts counting after power recycle AND launching it once. I didn't notice it counting if not launched.....
  9. silverfishla
    I like seeing the filepath a lot. Also all the properties of a specific file. I have all my “permanent” files in a MUSIC file and I’ll throw albums on the card to listen to fully when I want to. Seeing the filepath is very helpful when you are adding songs to playlists because I know if I’m putting a permanent file on there and not just a duplicate from an album I have loaded (because that file path would disappear once I unloaded that album). Sometimes a song will pop up and I have no idea where it is in my file structure (like something that is in an unknown folder or Various Artist folder, and I can easily see where it’s at.
  10. crezo
    Finally here in the UK!


    I've got to say I'm mega impressed. Build quality is superb and I love the new jog wheel.

    I've got fairly fat fingers so was expecting issues with the UI but all works fine and I've had no issues with what some people were saying about the top of the screen being less responsive.

    Only one thing I discovered to warn people about ... don't swipe left when adjusting the volume... as it triggered the touch control for the volume and I damn near deafened myself!

    Very happy backer here.

    I was planning on getting rid of my ap200 when this arrived, but having only just signed up to spotify (I was surprised by the audio quality of it to be honest as well as it having all of my random music genres on there) I'll definitely be keeping both.
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  11. AndySocial
    I love seeing all the details of the file on demand, but in the "now playing" screen, the full file path is just torture to wait through in order to see the actual file name. Of course, if you play music via the tag database instead of the file browser, you don't see the full path unless you select Properties. But, it only shows the song title, not the artist, unless you swipe away to get to the more detailed "now playing" that hides behind the clock "now playing" screen.
  12. djricekcn
    Friend and I trying to figure out how to install the drivers for Windows 10.
    1) Put USB MODE into DAC
    2) Open Installer
    3) It starts to install, but fails at the end.

    Any Ideas?
  13. ExpatinJapan
    Font can be changed. (See bottom).
    I had a similar problem at one stage until i found it the setting.

    DAC600EB-9F5C-44EC-9E97-1740343CFAEB.jpeg 1511EE89-F15D-4EC9-9BEC-5DFB2039AEE1.jpeg

    With external dacs as some people were asking before....

    CDD5424A-C3C4-4998-8968-8FE29801C2DB.jpeg 71BB6912-632D-475C-9BD2-61C8B580B061.jpeg
  14. goody
    what is that small second dac..
  15. ExpatinJapan
    Audirect BEAM

    Theres a few reviews floating around
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