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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. mik000000
    received shipment notice. has not left China yet. maybe be here in time for Christmas, but looking doubtful
  2. IryxBRO
  3. abitdeef
    FAT32- MP3, Flac, WMA, DSD 64/128 working

    Samsung EVO 128

    DSD is noisy but plays fine- already noted in firmware recommendations.
  4. Kaere
    I received it 3days ago, and this a great DAP with a very great sound at this price!
    But, there is breath in the dsd files!!!
    I hope this problem will be fixed with the newt FW!!!
    Please Hidizs!!!!
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  5. abitdeef
    okinear is compiling a bug and improvement list and the DSD hiss is noted with other problems and suggestions for future firmware updates.

    Hopefully Hidizs takes note. I don’t even know if they’re reading this thread anymore.
  6. okinear
    Thanks to you too, should help before to decide how to format the SDcard.
    Will keep the info in the same post then.
  7. okinear
    Thanks for your input, updated the SDcard-format post. Also kept the info about noisy DSD!
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  8. abitdeef
    Hey thank you for keeping track of all this stuff! :) Like I said hopefully Hidizs (Ken) whoever takes note. Obviously the better/smoother experience people have with AP80 will generate more sales for them.

    Yes something definitely is going on with the DSD processing. Not super noticeable with regular cans, but with sensitive iems it’s another story.
  9. IryxBRO
    where is our issue list? i would add it to the first post as well
  10. okinear
    Tried to gather what are/could be firmware issues, from what has been posted here.
    There is a lot more in this thread, including the full posts of those who reviewed, brought issues, commented, suggested, etc... Thanks again to them!

    Issues with the AP80s delivered so far (FW1.0):
    1. When using Hiby Link feature of the HibyMusic Android app, the album art doesn't show up. It works for others.
    2. The system sometimes crashes, then restarts (once a day). Does not happen for all users.
    3. Typos (like: Vorbis is spelled as "VOROIS").
    Others (English language):
    'Music database up...'. What about 'Music database update' (or even 'Database update'), without the '...'?
    'Button operation w...'. When what?
    'Battery percentage...'. If space permits, what about 'Battery percentage display' (or even 'Batt. percentage display')?
    4. No scrolling when the information is too long. Affecting touch-based players under HiBy OS.
    5. LDAC implementation still missing. Waiting for LDAC implementation in the update.
    6. Bluetooth pairing issues (need to repeat the pairing process). No problem for others.
    7. DSD playback, serious issue for several users (noise, hiss, same file is played fine in other players). Not for all users.
    8. Streaming audio to the AP80 from a smartphone: default is SBC, even if the smartphone should support AptX/LDAC. No override even if Developer Options are open.
    Waiting for LDAC and AptX bi-directional implementations in the update.
    9. Pedometer can be very unreliable (one step counted as 5). As discussed since sample release.
    10. Podcasts/audiobooks support still missing. Waiting for podcast/audiobook implementations in the update.
    11. 'Resume' not resuming as expected after AP80 is switched ON (need to start the player (tap icon) and press 'play' to resume playback).
    12. FM issue (bad/no reception). No problem for others, good reception. Seems to depend on the "configuration, location, signal strength, etc..."
    13. Battery seems to be draining unusually fast. Need a better battery optimization in the next firmware. Time will tell.
    14. Songs/Album arts are lost after selecting '...' (vertical) then 'View album'.

    Feel free to add/comment :wink: Should become more precise with more users/comments.

    As explained already and pointed out again by @IryxBRO: HiByOS is not developed by Hidizs.
    Some 'bugs' would also affect other players running this OS, issues should be addresssed to the Hidizs team who should forward them to HibyOS developers.

    The AP80 player is a good player bringing a quality/nice sound as stated in independant reviews (check 1st post/1st page) and comments.

    Other important missing item: AP80 detailed user manual. Looking forward to seeing links on Hidizs' site for manual and firmware updates.

    Suggestions to improve/tweak the firmware, thus the AP80 functionality:
    1. Lock screen: display artist and title of the song instead of the filename. @mono-type
    2. Option to turn off the always on (?) and inaccurate pedometer. @Winterheim
    3. Fixed (level of the) digital output, instead of a variable one, as discussed already here and/or KS.
    4. Being able to change the default alphabetical listing at startup: option to select either All or Files or Albums or Artists at startup.
    Last edited: Jan 3, 2019
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  11. okinear
    Will keep the info/updates in the same post too :wink:
  12. AndySocial
    I'm trying to understand the Hiby method of naming things. From what I can tell, when the AP80 is paused, it is considered in "idle" and the idle timer will shut off the Bluetooth radio after its set time. And then if you have the "sleep" timer set, it will eventually shut down when it hits that time. These are not really explained in the manual, but I am working through trial-and-error to see what they do.

    As an example, if I have idle set to 30 seconds and sleep set to five minutes, and I hit "pause" on my music, it will stay in full transmission mode for 30 seconds, then shut down the Bluetooth. After five minutes, it would turn itself off. Am I fully understanding these two timers?

    Also, what is the function of the on/off toggle for "standby" if it's not "idle?"
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2018
  13. mono-type
    Yeah, same as on the AP80, as I mentioned two pages ago. It's definitely an issue on all devices which uses the touch-based Hiby OS.

    Yeah, the last time @kenloveme made an appearance here was Saturday last week. And oh, I think it's not just Hidizs who should take note, but also the developers of the Hiby OS, as some of the issues the AP80 have (especially the ticker text scrolling display) are also present in other touch-based Hiby OS devices such as Hiby R3.

    Anyway, since we're talking about suggestions for firmware tweaks in here, for the lock screen, instead of filename, I think it's better if it displays the artist and the title of the song instead. Since @okinear seems to be the one who volunteered to compile all issues/recommendations, I think you should take note of this, too. :wink: BTW, did you already have your unit delivered?
    AndySocial likes this.
  14. okinear
    Yes, thanks for caring! Got it a couple of days ago, but no real opportunity to play with it yet. The SDcard is still in its blister pack, and did not figure out how to set date&time so far :blush: Too big fingers or not enough open-minded!

    Indeed, artist/title makes more sense than the filename.
  15. IryxBRO
    Ok. Added to first post
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