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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. zeppu08
    My package arrived but no one to collect at my place so its in my post office. No tracking or what ever recieved. will collect tomorrow! From Singapore here..
  2. j4100
    Well... UK backer here and just got the "no red, do you want black or gray" email. I guess there's still a chance of getting it before the end of the year, since I changed to black.
  3. AudioBear
    I hope you're right! I selected red and haven't heard a word up here in North Idaho, USA. I did get a message from Kickstarter today.

    We Already Ship Out Most of the Hidizs AP80!
    [​IMG] For backers only
    Posted by Hidizs (Creator)
    Dear backers,

    We highly appreciate your kind patience supportive. We’re currently working on shipping.

    We separated the shipping into 4 categories.

    1 - Backers with completed surveys;

    2 - Backer surveys with missing phone numbers or zip code and backers, agreed to switch from the red AP80 to another color (around 400 orders) ;

    3 - Backer who haven’t filled in the survey (around 100 orders);

    4 - And red AP80 backers

    We already shipped out the first batch and have emailed the tracking #. Your AP80 is on its way.

    For those who filled out the survey correctly, we actually shipped out your orders Nov. 22 -23rd. It has been processed by the carrier and customs and the tracking label has been created. Due to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, handling process is slower than usual due to the high volume of packages, it took a while for us to receive the tracking numbers from the carriers. However, we are currently receiving them and forwarding the tracking numbers to backers.

    For those who wrote down an incorrect zip code or phone number, we sent you a second survey and email a reminder to double check your shipping info. We’ve already received most of the backers shipping information back and processing on it.

    For those who already confirmed and agreed to change the red AP80 to a black or one, your orders are currently being arranged for shipping. A tracking # will be sent out once we receive it from the shipping company soon.

    For those who are waiting for the red AP80, we are currently producing them and will ship them out as fast as we can.

    There are a few US backers and few backers from other countries who received the red AP80 because we ship out some red units to our Amazon warehouse previously.

    We want to thank everyone so much for your kind support and patience again. We are doing the best we can to process all the remaining orders. We will keep updating all of you every step of the way.


    The Hidizs team

    [​IMG] Like
    Comment on Kickstarter
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  4. grs8
    I don't think so, because the update stated that "your orders are currently being arranged for shipping", so they are not shipped today, I think maybe next week to the carrier and then customs, ...
  5. abitdeef
    I recieved the same letter. So they just shipped some red ones here for Amazon and decided to give them to backers. Ok that’s different than rest assured, the AP80s are already in the US.

  6. Zachik
    Got an e-mail an hour ago, asking me to change color (from red), or wait until mid-December...
    I replied choosing black. Let's see if I get it before mid-December or not :thinking:
  7. silverfishla
    Got my AP80 yesterday. Red with brown leather case. Very Nice all around. Sounds good too. Nice meaty bass but with good detail in the rest. Sounds great in the car. Some players don’t sound that great out of Line Out, but this one has a nice impactful presentation there. Regular Bluetooth works good (haven’t tried APTX yet) with no loss of signal. FM radio function is okay, it works good with stations that have a strong signal. Will pick up stations with a weak signal, but who wants to hear all that static? Navigating the UI is easy, and finding what you need is all there if you play with it for a few minutes. Some functions are hard to use (like MSEB) because the sliders are hard to manipulate accurately and the most bottom slider is obscured by the bottom swipe up menu that keeps popping up if I try to adjust MSEB’s bottom slider (which is unfortunately the Vocal slider).
    Yes, I hear some hiss on DSD tracks that usually aren’t there (hope they can fix that), but not that noticeable when the track is playing. Overall, very nice and I will give them credit for releasing a product that is very close to being fully finished out of the box.
    Also, one great feature is that it has an option to use an In-line control in the settings. So, you can at least pause and skip tracks with a cable that has controls. Very useful and my only player that has this.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
  8. abitdeef
    Glad to here it sounds good in the car, as long as the volume knob doesn’t feel like it’s going to break off I’ll probably keep it.

    Glad people here are getting them.

    Of course it just sounds crazy to give a company credit for producing ‘something close to fully finished.’ I mean they are shipping it out to retail customers too. I understand the sentiment though after so many companies not launching with promised features on their daps. (It’s coming) ha ha

    Then people are like ‘give them a break they’re a small company’ no, how about small companies staying within their production and engineering capabilities instead of bring greedy and putting out half baked products.

    Not directed at you silverfish, it just popped into my mind how accepting we’ve become with basically beta stuff being sold as completed products.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
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  9. AudioBear
    @abitdeef @Zachik where are you located? I still have to opt out of red e-mail so I'm hoping that they will ship mine soon. Kickstarter purchases almost always means a little extra wait. I think Hidizs has done pretty well even if I have to wait another few weeks for a red one.
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  10. acroyear
    Anyone gotten a stainless steel version? Is the volume wheel loose on those too?
  11. abitdeef
    I’m in the Midwest USA. I ordered plain Jane black.
  12. silverfishla
    I'm from L.A. and I can tell you that mine came out of Las Vegas and the shipping ticket was made on Dec. 4. So, it hasn't been in the mail for long at all. I didn't get a shipping notification, it just arrived in a brown box (not Amazon shipping as far as I can tell).
  13. grs8
    Got the mail asking for colour change again today, first one at 3.12.
    Replied the same day and now the same mail again four days later.
    Communication company intern?
  14. Zachik
    I am in California. Opted for black instead of waiting extra 10+ days for red. My gut feeling is it would still take them 2 weeks to have it delivered to me...
    Hope I am wrong :wink:
  15. buddhashenglong
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