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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. FSTOP
    @abitdeef. Wow, i figured you would respond in 3 seconds, not 30 seconds.
    The problem is that you post constantly, so there are plenty more than "a few posts" on which to judge.
    In fact, by observing your writing, I could also presume you are homophobic and who you voted for.
    And yes, you said it, this is an audio forum. Why should the rest of us have to listen to your opinions about every thing but the little electronic music box that we are interested in.
  2. abitdeef
    Wrong and wrong, didn’t vote for trump if that’s what you mean.

    I only gave opinions on Hidizs vaugness and shipping cough ‘problems’. You must have a good amount of time on your hands yourself to analyze my posts. Now please tell me about all the opinions that I’ve offended you with? Since you’re sticking your nose in and making it personal.

    And as far as anybody listening to me- there’s an ignore button they can use- I do :wink: And I suggest you do too.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2018
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  3. Volcomnator999
    Well my tracking is working...i'll just wait until it gets here to update!!
  4. FSTOP
    Abitdeef, Thanks for the suggestion, will do.
    The problem is that you have to read through all the crap just to find the posts that are useful.
    Noone should HAVE to use an ignore button though, right?
  5. abitdeef
    There hasn’t been hardly any useful info because none of us have units yet. You can learn pretty much everything on the first couple of pages.After that it’s nothing too concrete because like I said nobody has recieved their unit or much less recieved any relevant info except they’re coming soon! And they’ve shipped, and well you get the gist.

    And as far as I know I’m not the only one who’s brought this stuff up.

    Even the few people that have them, are waiting for people to get their units with final firmware to give detailed impressions. Except for the OP and porta fi.

    I’ll give an honest comparison against my other daps when I recieve it. The funny thing is I’m not even salty about things. I’m more amused and kind of flabbergasted the way things have been handled.

    What does make me slightly salty is people getting their feathers ruffled over other people’s opinions. Especially if it doesn’t even concern them.

    Anyways you have a nice evening, and about the ignore button, that’s up to you.
  6. Oletros
    well, some people is pissed off when they are lied, others sdmile and cheers.
  7. djricekcn
    I personally have nothing but **** experience with Aliexpress and even Alipay as well. Both are ****ty as services personally, however keep in mind that it's like ebay but favors are usually for the sellers instead of buyers,... some sellers may be good, some may be ****ty, but i personally had bad to horrible ones and after those many experiences, i have never used Aliexpress.

    Luckily, I live in USA and Chargebacks are favorable on card-holder side long as they can claim with validity.
  8. silverfishla
    What? I have ordered 100 orders from Ali and have always got real tracking numbers. A couple got delivered somewhere else, but that was it.
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  9. crezo
    Wait... how am I only NOW learning about this ignore button?! The years that this would have come in handy to clean up my email box for thread notifications :face_palm:
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  10. chaiyuta
    Click on the head-fi account you want to ignore. The new tab will occurs. You will see three words on the right corner cosisting of "Report", "Ignore" and "Follow". If you fall in love to someone here, try "Follow" button. hehe
    crezo and mono-type like this.
  11. mono-type
    Wow, more than 12 hours have passed since I posted here, and it seems things have blew up suddenly. Well, that escalated quickly, as they said.

    This is the last time I will post like this. I dunno why they're making a big deal out of some users voicing out their displeasure on how Hidizs is handling things. Are we on an authoritarian forum? I believe things like constructive criticism is necessary for companies like Hidizs if they want to grow into a better company. From what I see, they seemed to have never learned on their AP200 campaign. In fact, one of the early reviewers of AP80, Bad Guy Good Audio Reviews, encourages people to speak out their concerns (as he mentioned on his Hiby R3 vs AP80 comparison video below, at around 15:00), as something like this has also happened in Hidizs' AP200 campaign (he also stated this on his video).

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  12. acroyear
    That's been my experience. I always choose DHL, then I get a fake tracking number, followed by the real DHL tracking number. Did you use express or regular shipping?
  13. mono-type
    I kinda experienced that too when I bought something from AliExpress. I also used DHL at that time, too. The seller gave me a DHL tracking number, then the following day, they gave me an actual working DHL tracking number. From what I read here, it seems to be common practice in AliExpress.
    acroyear likes this.
  14. acroyear
    Cheers to you as well. Remember to sdmile today. It may help you relax while you wait for your dap.
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  15. acroyear
    I think the fake one is to satisfy the deadline of when they claim they ship out to you and it rarely gets reported. Then, you wait for their local warehouse to ship your item to them, and afterwards they give it to DHL and you get a new tracking number. It's highly dishonest.
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