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Anyone one own a JVC HA-MX100Z / 10B? studio monitors

  1. celibate
    I've seen very few reviews on both of these studio monitors, let alone ones in English and I was wondering if anyone has heard from the HA-MX100Z as it's apparently marketed as the HA-MX10B successor and if anyone could give descriptions of either one and if possible a comparison between them such as the there sound signature/stage, because I want to know if jump in price from the MX10B to the MX100Z is worth it or if there's a unique aspect between the two making it worthwhile to own both pairs other than a clear case of the successor pair besting the predecessor in every way.
  2. celibate
    Heh, this is quite hard getting the information that I need.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
  3. GREQ
    The main problem is that JVC studio gear rarely ever gets a mention outside of Japan, and has a very limited following.
    The most information you'll find around head-fi is in this thread - https://www.head-fi.org/f/threads/new-jvc-victor-studio-headphone-the-ha-mx10-b.560124/page-4
    But it has nothing on the newer version.

    I have looked up some details on the new version, and it seems to be more of a slight upgrade than a 'brand new' thing.
    The two main differences I can see are the acoustic filter has a slight change in hole size, there is a 'bass-pipe' inside to increase the air-flow distance, much like a reflex port in speaker design.
    But seems to use essentially the same design and driver as previously... but that is only a guess.
  4. celibate
    Hey thanks for the reply, yeah I've read that review quite some time ago due to it be being the one and only one here on Head-Fi and having seen most of that threads posters appraising the MX10B in high regard, though I always wondered if the MX100Z had that notch above it that would make it noticeably better making it worth the extra cost over the former, though with your input on the apparent increase on air-flow distance of the MX100Z it seems that it would have a more defined lows, and or deeper bass compared to MX10B (correct me if I'm wrong since I don't know to much on things like "reflex ports")

    If this is the nature of the changes made to sound signature I wonder how it affects the mids and highs, and the overall balance of the sound signature, many owners of the previous MX10B have praised it for having as I've interpreted a seemingly perfect dynamic range, with a synergistic balance of being neutral and musical giving it a holistic sound signature of having not too little or not too much of anything across its spectrum, given the neutral and musical balanced nature of the MX10B I'm concerned with how a increase within the lows might affect everything else in the MX100Z because largely most of my interest is in these monitors is with the MX10B's sound signature of being neutral musical and balanced overall

    This post is largely what gave me interest in making this thread since the "High resolution" part gave the idea that the MX100Z had a more flat sound signature and or more definition making it sterile compared to the MZ10B, making it perfect for studio use though seeing as I would be using it for just listening to music and no professional application would make it not needed for my uses, although now with new input I guess I'll have to dig deeper and search for any possible comparison between the MX10B and the MX100z or review of the latter on Japanese forums and shopping reviews while making any posts in such places to see if anyone will respond with any useful feedback.

    With much of that out of the way seeing as how you're a owner of the MX10B yourself how would you say it's sound signature sensitivity is to a audio sources coloration since I plan on making a portable set using either one of the MX monitors with a Cayin N3 DAP I've seen reviews saying the N3 has a tiny bit of warmth and I was wondering if you ever felt the need to use something with a completely flat or balanced and neutral audio source so as not to adversely affect or conflict with the quality of your pair of the MX10B, and also how are they holding up for you with there integrity and has the sound quality changed any beyond your initial impressions for better or for worse?

    Again thanks for your input on this scarcely discussed topic, I might be able some day to post a more definitive thread in relation to the MX10B vs. MX100Z if I end up getting both pairs.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2017
  5. GREQ
    I'm still on the rocky path to enlightenment with my MX10-B.
    The best sounding earpads so far for me are the stock pads.
    But they're very shallow and very uncomfortable for me, as they apply too much pressure to my ears.
    I've found some other pads which sort of work, but I need to use some EQ in the end.

    Aside from that, I'm still woed by the headband which adds a lot of pressure exactly at the top of my head.
    I don't know why, it's literally my ONLY headphone which does this.

    As a result, I've actually not listened to it properly for quite a while.
    But from my not so distant memories, I always felt like adding more bass, and bringing down the treble a bit.
    I have used these mostly outdoors, so this kind of EQ makes sense for the job.
    But generally I do find these to be on the brighter, colder side of neutral with regard to other headphones and my perception of 'neutral'.
  6. celibate
    Thanks for your impressions! I've never really had any problem with the foam pleather stock pads commonly found on studio monitors as I own a MDR 7506 and it fits my ears very well so the MX(X) pads will most likely do just good enough for me, I can only ever cite my worst stock pad experience for any pair of cans are the ones that come with HA-SZ2000, and I'll have to see what the headband is like once I decide what get as I've seen a few posts suggesting that the 100Z actually has a improved headband

    I'm quite well adjusted to treble and not to particularly sensitive to it so the MX10B being on cooler side of neutral is just a plus for me since I've already owned cans variably ranging in warmth, it's always nice to have something that you can be easily lost in your music while being accurate yet not to sterile allowing your to enjoy every bit of your music

    Once I finally decide what to get out of the two I'll make sure to burn them in as with all my cans especially my JVC models as it's always a pleasant surprise.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2017
  7. Roderick
    Edit: removed and posted to a More suitable thread.
    Last edited: May 29, 2018

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