studio monitoring
  1. S

    Help me choose one among a sea of AKG headphones

    Purpose: Primarily will be used to monitor myself while recording lectures. So, probably open back is not the best idea, since it leaks sound. Also, will be used to listen to classicals, jazz and acoustics. A decent soundstage is appreciated. Options: AKG K240 Studio MK II - $107 AKG K361 -...
  2. JCRG

    Closed back, neutral, large soundstage

    Heya, I want to try something more dense than my current SRH1540, something with better isolation, sub bass extension and low distortion. My current DAC is the Opus#11 (awesome dac for the size). Budget is around 500-ish USD, could go a little higher if it's really worth it. Thanks in advance! :)
  3. kp297

    Unfiltered and straight from the source with Apogee (Kishore Patel, Bharat Patel)

    Preface Hi folks, it’s good to be back! Last time you saw us was when we toured the Audeze factory, and sat down with Sankar Thiagasamudram to discuss the development of high performance planar magnetic headphones. If you haven’t already seen it, please check it out ( We...
  4. C

    Anyone one own a JVC HA-MX100Z / 10B? studio monitors

    I've seen very few reviews on both of these studio monitors, let alone ones in English and I was wondering if anyone has heard from the HA-MX100Z as it's apparently marketed as the HA-MX10B successor and if anyone could give descriptions of either one and if possible a comparison between them...
  5. H

    Rate the monitoring headphones for home studio

    Which monitoring headphones should you buy for recording & mixing for under Rs 3000 (brand agnostic, quality oriented)? I have set up a home studio at my place. My budget is Rs 3000. I prefer quality over brand name. Here are some of my findings in this price range in India: ISK HF2010 ISK...