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Rate the monitoring headphones for home studio

  1. Harsh Pathak
    Which monitoring headphones should you buy for recording & mixing for under Rs 3000 (brand agnostic, quality oriented)?

    I have set up a home studio at my place. My budget is Rs 3000. I prefer quality over brand name. Here are some of my findings in this price range in India:
    1. ISK HF2010
    2. ISK HP2011
    3. Samson SR850
    4. Edifier H840
    5. Edifier H850
    6. Superlux 668B
    7. Superlux 681 Evo
    8. Audio Technica ATH M20X
    9. Sennheiser HD 202II
    10. Behringer HPS3000
    Any other suggestion is welcome.

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