1. C

    Differences in sound signature for DT770 PRO in 80 - 250 ohms

    I wanted to know the differences in sound signatures between the DT770 PRO in the 80 ohm and 250 ohm versions I've already heard that differences between them is that the 80 ohm is more bass heavy while 250 ohm is better at higher ranges; I came here to confirm what the differences are, and also...
  2. C

    Anyone one own a JVC HA-MX100Z / 10B? studio monitors

    I've seen very few reviews on both of these studio monitors, let alone ones in English and I was wondering if anyone has heard from the HA-MX100Z as it's apparently marketed as the HA-MX10B successor and if anyone could give descriptions of either one and if possible a comparison between them...
  3. BuddhaBruce

    The most "fun" pair of headphones? (Closed)

    I'm looking to buy a pair of closed cans to pair with my He-560s. I find my 560s to be pretty neutral with some bosst in the highs and I like that. However, I need something to compliment my 560s when im traveling/ on-the-go. What are some "fun" or dynamic headphones that stray from a neutral...
  4. [No title]

    [No title]

    Latest modification to my set. See the 3 holes inside the white donut? Stock there's a single one. I added 2 more. This extended the low end response. There's now more deep bass, but it didn't raise the overall bass volume. The balance is just right. It also widened and deepened the soundstage - som
  5. Blorp

    Looking for closed-back headphones for (mostly) Baroque music under $200

    Hey guys, first post here.   I'm looking for some over-ear, closed back headphones to use for mostly Baroque and Renaissance music. I think that the best way to describe what I want is 'clarity'. My music tends to have a lot of different instruments playing at once, and I'd like to be able...
  6. Toxic72

    Looking for some closed-back headphones around $150, not really sure where to start.

    I prefer not to have open-backed headphone because I'm normally in the room with two loud people and its hard to hear. I previously bought the Sennheiser HD515s, but I built a new computer and don't have a proper sound card in this one (the motherboard audio ports have a hard time powering the...
  7. ckatili

    Looking for closed-back headphone for listening at my office

    Hi,   I am looking for a headphone for listening at a large cubicle shared with three other people. Minimal leakage is needed so it does not bother the other folks as I tend to listening in mid to high volume.   I currently own: - Audeze LCD-2 - Westone ES5   I purchased...
  8. MalVeauX

    Shure SRH940, a subjective opinion-based analysis subject to scrutiny (Review)

    The Shure SRH940, a Subjective Opinion-Based Analysis Subject to Scrutiny ________________________________________________________________________________ The Shure SRH940: "I can hear the smoke in the bar."     Background (A Preface)   Before even beginning to describe my...
  9. vroum

    Sennheiser HD 228 upgrade - Looking for closed-back, ampless and not-too-long-cord headphones

    Hello,   I've been using a pair of Sennheiser HD 228 for more than four years with my iPhone, to listen to music while commuting.   The 3.55 mm jack had to be redone twice. It still works well - the drivers "opened" after many, many hours of use - but the phleather is falling off my...
  10. Full-size Closed-back Dynamic Headphones

    Full-size Closed-back Dynamic Headphones

    These closed-back circumaural headphones offer deep resonating bass and remarkably natural, spatial acoustic performance. Soft leather ear pads and fit around the ears for an incredibly comfortable, lightweight fit. The self-adjusting wing support automatically adjusts to your head size for...