1. W

    Affordable (<200€) open-back studio headphones

    Dear Head-Fiers, after having had to leave behind my piano when moving, I will be getting a MIDI controller for Christmas and therefore I'm in need for a great pair of headphones. I plan to use this opportunity to experiment with other kinds of sounds in a DAW as well. Specifically, this means...
  2. C

    Anyone one own a JVC HA-MX100Z / 10B? studio monitors

    I've seen very few reviews on both of these studio monitors, let alone ones in English and I was wondering if anyone has heard from the HA-MX100Z as it's apparently marketed as the HA-MX10B successor and if anyone could give descriptions of either one and if possible a comparison between them...
  3. Justin US

    IEM's in an odd situation

    Hello all, I am looking for my first set of in-ear monitors, but they are to be used in a somewhat peculiar situation, so here we go. I work in a physics/materials science laboratory, and there is a constant medium-loud drone from turbo pumps (ultra-high vacuum system). I would like to listen...
  4. hi-fi amateur

    monitor studio headphones

    Does anyone know about this site, it looks fake to me but they have a great deal on the ie80. I want to believe its legit but I'm betting its not. Just want to make sure my suspicions are correct.
  5. KRANE


    So I was stupid listened to some peoples advice on this forum few years ago and bought these (Shure SE215) IN EAR CANAL EARPHONES or IEM or whatever, for music listening.   Lots of time has passed since I purchased those horrible earphones, I took up music professionally and get to work with...
  6. I

    Best Bookshelf Stereo System for ~$200?

    Hey! New to Head-Fi, and was looking at picking up some speakers for the holidays. Could I get any suggestions? I'd also like to know if these are any good:   Probably willing to spend 230 USD max. Thanks for your help!
  7. boxthorn

    Bought Studio monitors, how to hook them up?

    Hello,   I bought individually powered studio monitors for mostly listening to stuff. I do not feel like spending another hundred dollars for a usb interface.   The two types of inputs accepted by the monitors are xlr and trs. I would like to plug in and switch between my macbook and my cd...
  8. dclaz

    Suitability of starquad balanced cables with powered studio monitors

    Hi all,   I recently bought some Canare L-4E6S starquad cables for use with a pair of active studio monitors, however I've now read that starquad is potentially an inferior design for this application due to the increased capacitance. Is this likely to be a problem over small runs? The cables...
  9. martin vegas

    a77x or focal sm6?

    I am looking for a pair of studio monitors for dance music..any suggestions would be appreciated!
  10. SACD-Man

    STUDIO I Evaluation!!!

    Great news!! I will have the new Studio, tomorrow, 2/4/10!!!! I will begin to evaluate the new Studio I and provide my impressions Sooo, stay tuned!!! Craig
  11. Studio Monitor Headphones

    Studio Monitor Headphones

    High-quality, very affordable, closed-back studio headphones - perfect for pro studio or home useComfortable, heavily padded adjustable headband and ear cupsHigh-volume capability with 105 dB/mw sensitivity rating, in-line volume control on cord