1. Dobrescu George

    Crosszone Headphones [CZ-1, CZ-10, and More!]

    Hello there, everyone! I decided to make a thread about Crosszone headphones, since we ain't got any so far. Those are high-end headphones from Japan, with interesting technologies. So far, I know they have two models, the CZ-1 and the CZ-10. Here's some info about each, from the...
  2. they huggin.jpeg

    they huggin.jpeg

    They are both exquisite in each one’s application.
  3. Brise Audio STR7-SE

    Brise Audio STR7-SE

    ◆STR7-Std earphone re-cable STR 7 - Std adopted the new cable STR 7 newly developed with the ideal as a portable cable. It is a standard grade of the cable STR 7 series aiming at balancing handling and sound quality. The basic cable design is the same as the higher grade earphone cable...
  4. Stealth Sonics U9 JDM

    Stealth Sonics U9 JDM

    Stealth Series: Custom and Universal In-Ear Monitor Systems Most people don't know that your ear is a unique acoustic machine, with a frequency response all its own. And like fingerprints, every ear is different. That's why we offer IEMs in both convenient, affordable universal-fit models or...
  5. DocHoliday

    Japanese Brand IEM Thread

    Several requests over on the Chinese/Asian IEM thread for a more specific "Japanese IEM thread", so....voila. Sony and JVC come to mind almost immediately. Perhaps those of you with the classic/old skool Sony & JVC models can start off with feedback on how said classic models compare to the...
  6. chihwahli

    Audio sample test files - Diverse bit rate and sampling freq.

    Perhaps handy for some users. A Japanese woman is speaking and recorded in 8 bit to 32 bit https://www.mitsue.co.jp/english/service/audio_and_video/audio_production/high_resolution_narration.html
  7. thegreatpeng

    AD2000X or HE-500? or any better solutions?

    Hi there. I am struggling between the ad2000x and the He500 as my next pair of cans dedicated to the female vocal (mostly Japanese), some folks and instrumental music. Wish that I can get some advice from you guys towards the best option based on my current setup:) I do understand that personal...
  8. C

    Anyone one own a JVC HA-MX100Z / 10B? studio monitors

    I've seen very few reviews on both of these studio monitors, let alone ones in English and I was wondering if anyone has heard from the HA-MX100Z as it's apparently marketed as the HA-MX10B successor and if anyone could give descriptions of either one and if possible a comparison between them...
  9. makethemusic

    Echobox Audio - Seeking Rep for Japanese Market

    Hello All, We are currently seeking a representative to assist us in dealer/distributor management and company promotion within Japan. In order to qualify for the position, you must possess the following attributes: Fluency in spoken and written English and Japanese with a strong command of...