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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. Middy
    Vention usb 3 otg from Aliexpress.
    Takes a while to come but cheap an sturdy with a flat cable....

    Good luck mate


  2. rthorntn
    Hello you very helpful bunch,
    I have an LG G5 and the "martin" hybrid valve headphone amplifier with DAC (Kickstarter).
    So I have sound working fine.
    The problem is when I connect the phones USB-C to the DAC's micro-USB my phone starts charging the DAC's internal battery, I lose 1% phone battery charge for every minute the DAC is connected, not useable.
    So, if it's possible, I need a cable that will block my phone from charging the DAC/Amp battery, can anyone please help?

  3. atulclassic
    I am not able to use Fiio Q1 DAC with my Oneplus One & UAPP..
    UAPP always shows error that DAC is not found whereas this website says that OPO and Fiio Q1 are compatible 
    CAn anyone help me in the right direction
  4. DanBa
    Android USB audio
    I have an Android device, a USB DAC and a USB OTG cable which are reportedly compatible, but I have not been able to make it work.
    Is there a trick to make it work?
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I gather this is using a standard OTG cable/adapter for flashdrives?
    What you can do is order this extension cable below.
    Then an OTG cable from this seller and attach it to the end. (or just this otg cable alone if you're stacking)
    That should stop your phone from charging the DAC.
    rthorntn likes this.
  6. starcraft2
    I have ana android phone and I dont love the way it sounds. I wnat to go for a dac/amp for it.

    What are the best options under 200 euros?

    The android is 5 version so it works with dac.
  7. Vartan
  8. willywill
    AudioQuest Dragonfly Red, this you can carry in your shirt pocket and easily get better audio from any phone or computer
  9. estreeter
    Head-Fi to the rescue - after two unsuccesful attempts with cheap Android phones, I finally got something that works straight up :
    Lenovo Tab3 A7-10 -> Onkyo HF Player -> Dragonfly Black -> Beats Solo2
    All up, probably one of the cheapest rigs here but I like what I'm hearing and that's the main thing. A big thank you to those who've kept this thread current - its a lifesaver for those of us who cant afford flagship phones or the iPad.
  10. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Really glad to hear you have it working. I think inexpensive tablets are an excellent alternative to smartphones when the location suits. I purchased my Lenovo tablet originally for movies, during my research I read it had OTG though wasn't my main thinking. After getting my DAC working with it the tablet has gained considerable more use, an excellent addition.  
  11. estreeter
    Thanks again, @H20Fidelity - the only downside is that I now find myself looking at 600--ohm Beyers and cheaper planars (T50RPII 'cheap', not SH LCD-X :d) to see just what the DFB will drive at anything above very low volume on my tablet. Manufacturers clearly read Head-Fi - understandable if they want their product to sell - but I suspect that they've over-estimated the number of people who need to drive HD800s from a portable device (or perhaps I've just under-estimated that group !).
  12. H20Fidelity Contributor

    That sounds like a task for a demo store near you to test.
  13. estreeter
    Sadly, I live in a one-horse town and even the horse is bored. Like many Head-Fiers, I'm now forced to buy everything online - first world problem, I know, but frustrating nonetheless. Still, when I lived in Thailand I couldnt visit Bangkok without spending money on new toys, so it might be a blessing after all.
    H20Fidelity likes this.
  14. Middy
    Hi ladies and gents I need some help.
    I can't remember were the info is...
    My S5 is getting drained fast in my chain.
    I just ordered a powered usb hub and want to power the 5V line via that.
    Is there any pre made adapters about or do I have to try cutting up 2 USB Cables and practice my soldering...

    Cheers for any thoughts or links

    Keep smiling

  15. estreeter
    For me, it was just a case of plugging the cable that came with my USB hub into the OTG adapter's female USB-A output and pluugging the Dragonfly into the other side of the USB hub - works perfectly with my laptop but I'm having issues with my Lenovo tablet (loud clicking instead of music, and from memory that's a handshaking issue). The hub WILL accept a micro USB connector as input, but I wasnt happy with intermittent dropouts and went back to the stock cable. Given how cheap many USB hubs are online (or even in thrift stores), my advice is to give it a shot - you dont have much to lose even if it doesnt work for you. FWIW, I'm ecstatic with the hub from my laptop but that's probably a topic unto itself.
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