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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. Middy
    Nice +1 with USB audio player pro.
    I had some issues my S5 but this is known by USB A PRO..
    No issues so far..

    Good luck
  2. Jazic
    I don't know if this has been posted yet or not. I've used the search function with no luck but hopefully someone will know off the top of their head.
    I have the Nexus 6 and a Mojo coming soon.

    My question is which app (BubbleUPnP or UAPP) is best for overall quality with Tidal for use with Viper4Android? Mainly I'm looking for the best quality while still taking advantage of some of the features of V4A and which would be the best sound...
    I have a love affair with Viper4Android and want to keep it in the mix if possible. 
    Aside from V4A, which player is best for the purest form of the audio file?
  3. gnarlsagan
    Back to report that USB audio out is still not working on Android N Dev Preview 4 on the Nexus 9.
  4. DanBa
    UAPP is the best because it doesn't interface with the Android audio subsystem, which does some resampling for the time being.
    I don't know Viper4Android. 
    UAPP doesn't use Viper4Android, because it is directly interfacing with the USB driver at the Linux kernel level.
  5. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Just an Update on my android box Himedia Q10 Pro as a music server.
    - Never been this happy on this setup. Not just being able to play and hear good music, but also having to see 4K movies is a BIG plus.
    - A bummer that I could not be able to use UAPP and Onkyo HF becuase of interface problems. I could not access their settings to configure my DAC/Amp. So far its Neutron MP and Hibymusic.
    -  Adding LPS is a definite plus both audio and video. (http://www.audiophonics.fr/en/hi-fi-power-supply/linear-power-supply-double-2x-12v-2a-p-10252.html)
    - Light Harmonic Revive works!  (http://www.lightharmonic.com/revive/)
    - Installed a WD Red 8tb WD80EFZX and it works! Quite HDD... Now I have ALL my Music and Video files locally.
    My current setup...
  6. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I listen to music in bed most of the time late at night.
    I mentioned a while back I had my Lenovo 10" Tablet working with USB DACs. I purchased a gooseneck which allows the tablet to hover above/beside my bed originally for Netflix and had the appropriate cables handy to connect my DACs from where the Tablet is stationed. 
    Let's me control my Chord Mojo and Tralucent DAC from the bedside, works extremely well.
  7. nort ycagel
    Sorry guys, what do you think would sound better, an htc 10 (heard it competes with lg v10) or any phone with a dragon fly black?
  8. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Thanks for the idea Bro! I think i'll have a swinging VESA stand beside my bed also...[​IMG] 
    @nort ycagel
    Depends on your needs. If you want a AIO, LG G5, plus the ones you mentioned all are nice.
    If SQ is what you're after and if you're current phone supports otg/external DAC/Amp, IMO you're better off saving you're  money for a new phone and buy a better DAC/Amp. 
  9. nort ycagel

    Thanks for your reply, you're the only one that has answered me so far.
    I plan on getting a new phone since I don't have one at the moment. Would have gotten the 6s if, paired with my dragonfly, it sounded better than an HTC 10. Guess I have no excuses.
  10. waynes world
    Fixed that for you. And the answer is, any phone with a dragon fly black or zuperdac :)
  11. nort ycagel
    @waynes world
    Are you sure? I know dac isn't everything but if HTC 10 is on pair with LG V10 (which uses a sabre 9018) shoudlnt it be a way better than a Dragonfly black (sabre 9010)?
  12. MikeyFresh

    Don't forget the analog output stage... i.e. the headphone amp itself.
    In many (most?) cases that is the weakest part of the phone's sound reproduction.
    Often the DAC chipset itself isn't bad, but the implementation in the circuit from a power supply standpoint, and especially the analog output stage, are huge design compromises due to the limited available real estate and parts budget for a phone.
    Not to mention the increased power supply requirements of a proper DAC/head amp design, it just doesn't fit inside a phone.
    So you simply cannot base this type of comparison on the DAC chipset in use, and the ESS 9018 is actually an example of a somewhat difficult to properly implement DAC design. So just tossing around that name or model of part doesn't really say much about how it will sound.
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  13. waynes world
    Tbh, I'm not familiar with the HTC10, so I can't really say. Therefore I will defer to what MikeyFresh said :)
    But if you are considering the DFB, you should also consider the ZuperDAC (which is $75). I have the zuperdac and it's really nice. My guess is that it compares quite favorably to the DFB, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find any comparisons yet. 
  14. nort ycagel
    Indeed, I knew the DAC wasn't everything (still, I'm a newbie, the explanation was pretty usefull therefore thx MikeyFresh).
    It's just that I keep reading everywhere about the quality sound of the HTC 10. Some users in the forum even say that it is almost as good as a Mojo Chord, there lies my hesitation beetwen getting one (htc 10) or just using the dragonfly black that I already own on some other device (I have to buy a phone anyway).
    I can't imagine what would sound better so I'm just going around the forum asking people more competent than me [​IMG] 
  15. DanBa
    SanDisk 256 GB microSDXC cards:
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