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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. H20Fidelity Contributor
    If there's one major advantage using the 10" Lenovo tablet (or any tablet). Using it a few hours a day I get well over a week battery life using it as a transport. Pretty sure it holds a 7000mah battery. True champion at running for days without concern.
  2. starcraft2

    I really like the way it looks and the fact that I can use it on my companies pc as well as my own mac.
    Does it amplify also?
  3. willywill
    I haven't try it out for myself but everything said about the Red has been very positive, good power for the size also this doesn't have a bettery that is one less thing to worry about just plug and play
  4. SpiderNhan
    It amplifies plenty. Drives my Q701 perfectly.
  5. estreeter
    FWIW, the Black seems to have more gain than the Red from the feedback in the main DF Red/Black thread - one of the rare instances where I find myself wishing I had harder-to-drive cans. Gain is only one part of the equation when it comes to driving headphones, but its annoying that I cant even take the DFB to 15% of it's capability with the 33-ohm Solo2 without using an external amp.
  6. m-i-c-k-e-y
    My doggie needs help...
    How do you suppress multiple pop-ups of Neutron and Hibymusic trying to connect to your DAC?
    - I have multiple players on my android box (NeutronMP, Hibymusic).
    - My DAC/Amp (Geek Pulse Infinity) is connected to it.
    - I use my android box to view movies.
    - Once in a while a pop-up from Neutron or Hiby appears to allow then to connect to the DAC.
    - I won't allow these apps to have access  or I won't be able to hear audio from the film I am watching from another app.
  7. DanBa
    Android device, USB DAC, USB hard drive & USB hub connected using regular USB OTG adapter & regular USB cables:

    Android device >> USB OTG cable >> USB hub >> 
    >> regular USB cable >> USB DAC
    >> regular USB cable >> USB hard drive
    Android device with micro USB receptacle >> micro USB OTG plug to USB standard-A receptacle adapter + regular USB cable usually provided by the USB hub maker >> USB hub
    The insertion of the micro USB OTG plug (i.e. ID pin 4 grounded) into the micro USB receptacle of a dual-role Android device shall configure the Android device to USB host mode, able to work with a standard USB DAC always operating as USB peripheral.
    Android device with micro USB receptacle >> micro USB OTG plug to USB standard-A receptacle adapter + regular USB standard-A plug to USB standard-B / mini-B / micro-B plug cable >> USB hub with USB standard-B / mini-B / micro-B receptacle >>
    >> regular USB cable usually provided by the USB DAC maker >> USB DAC
    >> regular USB cable usually provided by the USB hard drive maker >> USB hard drive

  8. Middy
    Thank you you are a superstar

    Dave 8^)
    DanBa likes this.
  9. estreeter
    QFT - without this thread and the tireless contribution of folks like @DanBa, many of us would have gone away convinced that USB audio on Android was nothing more than slick marketing from DAC manufacturers. It speaks volumes that many of these same manufacturers include a link to this thread in their online support pages - cant say I blame them given the minefield that phone/tablet manufacturers have left us with. I'm skeptical about many, many things in this crazy hobby but threads like this reaffirm my faith in the community.
    DanBa likes this.
  10. Middy
    Without kind knowledgeable people here it would just be a sale site with a bit more explanation....
    Add to the community if you can.. At least thank those who do...

    Keep smiling

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  11. Buckster
    anyone tried a USB DAC on a Shield K1 with Marshmallow please ?
    have a Samsung Tab S and Note 3 and annoyed that neither work with a USB DAC - other than with specific USB software (no use since all my music listening is with Spotify etc)
  12. m-i-c-k-e-y
    Its (and always) a hit and miss...
    Those two (Samsung Tab S and Note 3) works with mine.
  13. H20Fidelity Contributor

    Yup, like above its hit and miss.

    I've owned 2 Note 3's which both worked natively. 2 Galaxy S4's on the same version of Android, only one worked natively. eBay is a good place for finding used Androids for our purpose even partially working. Often they might not read sim cards, network locked etc but still perfectly fine for us.

    For dedicated home use I'm sticking with tablets for now.
  14. Buckster
    thanks Mickey and H20Fidelity - its annoying its so hit and miss on Android
    both my Note 3 (Qualcom) and Tab S (Exynos) worked perfectly with 4.4 - neither work with Lollipop :frowning2:
    Note 3 does work - with a work-around - faffy work around - but the Note 3 sounds ok as it is - it is the Tab S I don't like the sound of - and that I can't get the E17 to work with at all
  15. m-i-c-k-e-y
    To be specific, on my Note 3 with my Geek Out 1K DAC/Amp it worked with 4.4 but not w/ 5.02 and worked again with 5.1.
    My M2Tech Hiface DAC have always worked. My Geek Pulse Infinity desktop DAC/Amp when it came worked in all of my devices w/c had 5.1 already.
    My Tab S when bought came with Android 5.1 and worked on all my devices
    My Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Ed. have always worked regardless of Android versions.
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