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Android phones and USB DACs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by nztechfreak, Feb 9, 2012.
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  1. Middy
    Another little bonus.. much better EQ
    On usb audio player pro with a $2 ish in app payment.
    I never pay for apps as I do Google opinion rewards.

    Little surveys that pay a few pence up to 50 60p.
    Just be honest as some repeat and take less than a minute.
    I have had 4 full albums and 5 full music Apps...
    Unless your a tin foil hat person...
    It's money for nothing...
    Audio player pro is the best sounding so far..updates all the time...

    Good luck

  2. oliwek
    at last... too bad I made the jump on a 200GB one month ago, to accompany my LG V10
    as a side note to nort ycagel : LG V10 amp stage is quite decent, but for 50 Ohm+ headphones (or you have to trick the phone with an extension cable to trigger the high power mode,using low impedance headphones). Then it even feeds difficult to drive sedentary cans (AKG K701 for example), or enhances the sound quality of portable ones.
    I haven't heard the G5 with its (optional) B&O branded DAC yet though... 
    edit : I just looked on the ZuperDAC specs, it is rather similar to the ESS Sabre DAC (9018) and headphone amplifier (9601 vs 9602) used in the V10. And both implementations seem to be praised. 
    LG choice is more concerned with energy efficiency, where the ZuperDAC uses "desktop" solutions (for both the DAC and the amplification stage).
    What do you favor ? transportability ? universality ? (one device on different sources) Battery life ? What kind of headphones will you connect to it ?
    Those are questions you have to ask yourself.
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  3. estreeter
    Sensational - Officeworks have the A7-10 and A7-20 for 97 AUD ea (only difference I can see is that the 20 has a rear facing camera which the 10 lacks, but apparently its not a tablet anyone would buy for the camera functionality). Neither of my ZTE phones (Android 4.4 and 5.1) seem to work with the USB OTG cables I have, so the Lenovo will probably be my last stab at this whole Android USB audio caper, and I'm only persisting because I want to compare the end result with the very enjoyable experience I'm having with my somewhat cumbersome transportable rig:
    WIn 8.1 laptop -> powered USB hub -> Dragonfly Black
    Hope to have some feedback (possibly even a full review) of the DFB w/Android tablet in the fullness of time.
  4. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Hope it works out for you, the Lenovo tablet is working well here. [​IMG]
    No glitches, no drop outs. Harvey Norman have the A10-30 for around $215 AUD which is the 10".
  5. bixby

    I also had good consistency with a Lenovo Tab S8 running Android and an OTG dac setup.  In the end though, a Laptop running Foobar beat it up pretty badly for sound quality.
  6. atulclassic
    Can you pls explain your setup for Oneplus one & Fiio Q1
    I am not able to make the combo work
  7. estreeter
    That pretty much seems to echo the sentiment in the current Dragonfly thread - as convenient as it is to be able to attach a dongle-style DAC to your phone, its still not as good as USB from a computer. Such is life, and even netbooks coulldnt compete with 'real' laptops for sound quality IME.
  8. H20Fidelity Contributor
    I feel really if you're wanting a hassle free experience using smartphones/tablet and USB DAC you'll have an easier time when the DAC/Amp supports it's own power supply. The Tralucent DacAmp One runs independently on its internal 9v lithium battery so it doesn't rely on anything from the transport other than the connection/data signal.

    I have used little dac/amp like Cozoy Astrapi, Cozoy Ageis which were designed to run straight from the smartphone power supply, the Aegis drew a lot of smartphone battery.
  9. estreeter
    No argument, Amigo, but its doubly disappointing when you plug in an amp with its own power and still cant get it to work. Powered USB hubs have been my fix of choice - it worked with the Hugo and it's a purchase that has applications well beyond audio, particularly for those of us with laptops carrying a single USB3 port. Major win, albeit at the cost of access to a powerpoint or willingness to shell out for a power brick and cart the thing around (and I admit that's kinda silly).
  10. waynes world

    Why is that? I have a thinkpad x220 laptop (foobar2000) to zuperdac, and my Samsung S5 (uapp) to zuperdac. They both sound fantastic and essentially the same (although I admit to not having gokden ears).
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  11. MikeyFresh

    In my case the qualifying requirement is certainly the UAPP or Onkyo HF Player app.
    Without either of those apps, I fully agree the sound quality via the stock Android players lags seriously behind that of something like Foobar2k or JRiver on Windows... or Audirvana on a Mac.
    But using either UAPP or Onkyo HF Player on a Moto X Pure with either the Oppo HA-2, CEntrance HiFi-M8, or LH Labs GO 100 IEM DACs completely levels that playing field.
    You could split hairs and prefer one or the other, but they aren't radically different to my ears.
  12. waynes world

    Yeah, uapp (or onkyo) is the really the missing android link that sadly many seem to be missing. I can't express how happy I am with the setup - audio nirvana on the go (finally)... and for cheap!
  13. ZeNmAc
    In the past, usb dacs worked flawlessly on my galaxy s5.  I hadn't used it for a while and when I did recently I get clicks/pops every 5 seconds to a minute.  It happens with poweramp and spotify, I've tried multiple dacs and they all do it.  It's really annoying, anyone else experienced this?
    Is this a new 'feature' of marshmallow?  Usb dac integration was flawless on this phone before.
  14. Middy
    Try aeroplane mode... No issues with my S5....
    I clean with medical swabs so I can get into the usb connector just to wipe it clean. Even used Caig deoxit..
    Connector battery memory SIM.. ..
    I have found that with the OTG Cable find a usb3 Otg is a lot more stable especially if your browsing as well. ...
    I have used it with USB audio player pro....IFI IPURIFIER 2 INTONA.
    Via 2 usb A B cables.. No issues..

    A simple blow out and a thin plastic just to rub the connector...

    I have had issues with USB pro...
    But it has issues with S5s....

    I use 360 booster.... kill the background programs..

    Silly tips but might help...

  15. ZeNmAc
    Thanks, I'll try that.  The usb 3 cable is not a bad idea.
    I also just confirmed it no longer works with a USB to I2S/spdif converter I used to use all the time https://www.minidsp.com/products/usb-audio-interface/ministreamer
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