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AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by bizkid, Sep 11, 2012.
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  1. bizkid
    AKG releases the limited 65th Anniversary Edition of the K702:
    Link to AKGs product Website:
    So it seems we get a limited edition of the K702 with a leather headband, built to tighter specs/driver matching and made in Austria. The price for the Anniversary Edition is 549€ in Europe, avaible now. I'm curious where the street price will end up, 549€ is too much for me personally. I'd expect to pay that much for a K801.
  2. Acix
    Looks super cool with the all black and the blue ring, I'll buy another one...but not in this price range.
  3. K_19
    Its great that they don't have those stupid bumps on the headband anymore [​IMG] If I didn't already have the HD800 I'd probably get the anniversary edition at a higher price than the normal K702 just for that factor...
    It's also interesting that they've also brought back the old K400/500 series labels on the cups.
  4. HiFiGuy528
    That's lot of money at $599 euros.
  5. Blackmore
    Are they differ from K702 or you just pay extra EUR200 for a leather headband and comfy ear pads?
    They look cool, but somebody have to try them and tell us about the sound[​IMG]
  6. lpan
    Wow, looks sick, the stealth-ish color scheme. Interesting how they did away with the bumpy headband for this version. I'm guessing the street price should drop by quite a bit though.
  7. Acix
    Looks like the drivers specs are the same as the K702.
  8. juantendo8
    And here we go again AKG. At the very least you thought to release a (presumably) comfortable headband this time. It probably is the best improvement you have made since the original K701 release.
    I can't wait for the thread saying that these have way more bottom end and warmth than the K/Q7 series and are like completely different headphones. [​IMG]
  9. Acix
    I was wondering why AKG decide to release the K-702 model as the limited 65th anniversary edition, and not the K701, or the Q version.
  10. vid
    I was looking for the K 314 Anniversary Edition, personally. I even emailed them about it, but they had no idea what I was talking about.
  11. IEMCrazy
    The regular ones already have a leather headband.  This one just omits the bumps.
    The ear pads are intriguing though!
    Am I the only person who never found the old headband to be uncomfortable? I imagine a pad redesign is worth something though!
    Makes sense: K701 means hardwired, which sucks for limited edition, Q701 has the cable on the wrong side to make it iPhone friendly.  If it has a detachable cable that's on the proper side, it has to be a K702! [​IMG]
  12. talisman42
    I assume the Anniversary series parts are still interchangeable with the other k701/Q701... but where to get the replacement earpads - and how much?
  13. talisman42
    Yes - good rationale for K702 marketing. It's probably way cheaper, too - no major new designs and the K702 has plenty of exposure already.
  14. lpan

    Wait, what? Why are some of you guys talking about new earpads? Pretty sure they're the same. Hmmm... you're probably confused by the "newly designed genuine leather headband and soft velour ear pads" statement in the literature. I think "newly designed" is only referring to the leather headbands.
    I didn't find the old headband to be uncomfortable, never really bothered me, only made my scalp a bit sensitive once or twice, after several hours. I can imagine it might be a nuisance for bald guys though.
    What? The Q701's detachable cable is on the left side just like the 702s. 
    They're probably using the k702 because it has a detachable cable for user convenience, and since it's not for the Quincy Jones line they don't want the Q button thing. Or maybe they just don't want to pay ol' quincy [​IMG]
  15. Acix
    lpan, you're right the new design is only referring to the leather headbands... and the soft pads attached after new leather headbands just sold me out. Also Quincy royalties can be a strong point here.
    Just edit my original post, I don't want to disinform and confuse potential buyers. [​IMG]
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