1. Ratto

    [HELP] Need help choosing the correct Headphone Full-size for me.

    Good morning Head-fiers,   Next month, I'm going to NY and I'll buy my first hi-fi cups, but I'm having trouble choosing the best pair for my taste.   One of the main reasons is that I don't have the headphones on hand to test, so I will have to base on some feedback from you head-fiers =P...
  2. atoff

    AKG Q701 with Anniversary pads and Philips Fidelio X1 - matching comfort.

    Okay, so I just picked up a whole lot of headphones to test.  I purchased the AKG Q701, Fidelio X1, Sennhesier HD650, and finally the Hifiman HE-400 (which I'll receive on Monday).   I've tested all 3 that I currently have on me now, and to me, I much prefer the Q701's huge open sound...
  3. jhao19

    A recommendation for amp for the AKG K702 65th anniversary editions

    I bought the AKG K702 65th anniversary editions recently, and I already own a Xonar DX to act as my DAC/source.   As such, I am looking for a good amp, preferably not too expensive.   Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
  4. vsha

    Hi all, first post, Need recommendations for an amp for AKG K702 65th Anniversary ed.

    Hi everyone!  I'm one of those people who thought the Sennheiser HD280 was the pinnacle of headphone sound quality before reading the stuff on this site so bear with me if I say anything asinine.   The setup I'm looking to purchase is a Xonar Essence STX soundcard, the AKG K702 65th Annie, and...
  5. spikes

    AKG K702 65 Anniversary Edition vs AKG K712

    Hey I was wondering if someone could tell me if the AKG K712 is a recoloured version of the AKG K702 Annie? I was really interested in the Annie because of Mad Lust Envy's Headphone guide, but the Annie is extremely expensive in germany (569,00 € on amazon o.O). I will be mostly useing it for...
  6. Surerex

    Do I have to buy a AMP for K702 65th?

    Hello All, I am a newbie to here cause I knew head-fi is the most famous(yes, no one of) Headphones site in the world.   I used iTunes  to ripping the CD save to aiff file. it's as large as wav, but have all the info and easy to add the cover. then, I use logic pro to play the music, the...
  7. bizkid

    AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition

    AKG releases the limited 65th Anniversary Edition of the K702:         Link to AKGs product Website:   http://www.akg.com/site/products/powerslave,id,1340,pid,1340,nodeid,2,_country,EN,_language,EN.html   So it seems we get a limited edition of the K702 with a leather...
  8. PiNa.cz

    The AKG K712 Pro Support and Impressions Thread

      More info here. They look promissing: No bumps on the soft leather headband and low-end performance improved by 3dB. 
  9. Idespa

    Considering making the switch from K702 to HD600. What do you think?

    Hey,   I'm currently the owner of a pair of AKG K702s but am really considering making the switch to HD600s. Should I? Why or why not? Also, what should I expect (similarities and differences) if I do make the switch? Thanks for any help with this dilemma.  
  10. MoonAudio

    *NEW* AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition Headphones...Limited Edition!

      *New* AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition Limited Edition hand-crafted in Vienna, Austria with highest attention to detail.   Only $499.00 Plus Free Shipping in the U.S.     Limited Edition hand-crafted in Vienna, Austria with highest attention to detail.   New sound tuning for...
  11. Merfolk

    K702 65th Anniversary Edition

    Sorry if this is old news.  It looks like they finally fixed the bumps in the headband.    http://www.akg.com/site/products/powerslave,id,1340,pid,1340,nodeid,2,_country,ENUS,_language,EN,country,ENUS.html
  12. chococya96

    Any good amp to use with FiiO E10 DAC for desktop? (AKG-K702 Anni edition)

    My K701 broke down with no warranties to replace it and I'm about to order a brand new AKG-K702 65th anniversary edition. Previously, I've been using E10 DAC with my K701 for desktop and it was able to drive it pretty well.   I've searched for suitable amps for the annie and I just can't...
  13. oopeteroo

    Sennheiser HD650 vs AKG K702 65th or Hifiman He500 ?

    I know its up to myself to find what i like.... but i still cant decide what to keep =( its so hard, and i only want 1 headphone.   So i have HD650 and K702 65th. I love both sound, i think its similar except Annies got more space and a better all arounder, better bass ? I really like...
  14. Wildstar

    Differences in AKG 7xx family

    It is useful to make a list of the actual variants of these headphones and their differences. From what I could gather, we have:   K701 early: plain pads, 7 bump headband; K702: same as above, but biwired with detachable cable, 3D pads and 8 bump headband; Q701: same as above, with...
  15. wnmnkh

    Guys, K702 is coming. Be prepare.

    No, I am not kidding, and I am getting this from very reliable source (a owner of one of sponsors here) Yes. Currently AKG stopped making K701 now, only some stocks are left now in the world. The next flagship of AKG, K702, will come out approx 2 months later. But, it is still unknown...
  16. spinali

    AKG K702 - imminent release!

    All the waiting and worrying is (just about) over. The fabled K702 is going to be debuted at the Infocomm 08 show this weekend. If you're going to Las Vegas, why not stop by, take a few pics, and share them here? They're supposed to be a different color (red), have a removable cable...
  17. thepope

    AKG K702 Anniversary Edition with Asus Xonar Essence STX, enough?

    Hello everyone, i have searched for an answer to this but haven't found a good one so i'll give it a try here. I have bought the K702 65th Anniversary Edition from AKG and i am planning on buying the Asus Xonar Essence STX. I am going to be gaming, mixing music, and listen to music with them so...
  18. FritzS

    AKG K702 "Fields of Gold"

    Hi, "my" AKG K702 is in the house I named it "Fields of Gold" - so I listen Eva Cassidy "Live at Blues Alley" CD My serious sessions begun only after 1 ...2 (!!!) hours of burning in (before I listen some of my Mahler CD's and PF "The Final Cut"). I know about recommend burning in time...
  19. Mani ATH 87

    AKG K702 65th Anniv VS Hifiman HE400

    Greetings all, Birthday is coming up soon and I've been considering my yearly headphone purchase.  I've narrowed it down to these two sets, and would like some opinions on which set people prefer.  Both of these headphones have gotten solid reviews from what I have read, many people...
  20. AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition

    AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition

    You want headphones that are comfortable? Check! How about ones that sound awesome too, with a linear response you can actually HEAR your mixes? Another big check! Long story short, the AKG K702 65th Anniversary Edition headphones are the kind of pro performers you've been trying to track down...