AKG K601 & K612 Pro Owners... UNITE!!
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Recently upgraded from my Little Dot I+ to a Schiit Magni 2, and man, what an upgrade! It powers these headphones SO much better. It's like night and day. The biggest change is bass: it's actually there. The headphones actually get that warm sound I heard people talk so much about that I never heard. I liked their sound before, to be certain, but it always leaned toward the thin side, but not anymore.
I was considering selling them once I got the T5Ps, but I think they may still have a place in my collection. This amp really breathed new life into them.

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Glad that you enjoy the new setup!
I did the other way around (not quite).  
I had the Schlite Magni 2, and then bought the Little Dot Mk.4 last fall, and had been enjoying it since.  The setup is quite a bit more musical and I enjoyed the transparency and sound stage of my new toys! Love it!
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Say what ?
You got this wrong :wink:
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Is this reversible if I decide I want the foam back? You guys are talking about the foam around the driver/grill on the ear side?
they have, but i removed mine, i like them better without foam rings, more treble energy, more airy

Mine had the rings. And I agree, removing them opened up the sound a lot.
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That's possible, but I think it increases the midrange just as much as the treble so you should be OK. That held true for my 601 and 702. Can't comment on the 612 since mine hasn't arrived yet.

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