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ADEL Technology - Discussion Thread - Update: March 27, 2016: Please Read 2nd Post of the Thread

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by eaglewings, Mar 7, 2016.
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  1. jinxy245

    Wow, I guess it's not that common, sorry I didn't give more info.
    I stumbled across a couple of posts a few months back (I forget where...I can't find the posts anymore) which suggested exactly that...shooting, or industrial hearing protection worn over the IEMs in particularly noisy environments (i.e. planes & trains). The claim was that it was at least as effective as active noise cancelling, which obviously is a different animal to begin with. ANC always has some influence on the SQ, so at the least I thought it was a fairly good idea to minimize excessive volume when traveling. I wasn't sure if that extra seal would negate the ADEL benefits.  I actually don't travel that often, but I was intrigued by the idea, and since my experience on planes is that bass does diminish due to the background noise, I thought I'd ask. I usually keep the volume at a reasonable level, so unless I'm using bass heavy earphones, my listening experience can suffer.
    Thanks for the response!
  2. eldss
    I believe the post you mentioned was about doing that when sampling IEMS at trade shows where it is very loud. If isolation is your concern, I've been traveling a lot in the past few months and isolation is not a major issue when flying and I still listen around the same volume (pretty low actually). This applies to MAM, B1 and S1.
  3. fiascogarcia
    Plus, with the MAM's at least, you can close them off completely for better isolation.
  4. Sound Eq
    what are those These"swivel" tips  being mentioned
    also is the estimated delivery valid, until now i do not know which perk to choose, i can pick level 6 but i am but worried if it has enough bass being a bass lover, and if i pick perk 1 i am bit concerned about mids and highs as bass is covered 
  5. Canyon Runner
    So a sealed back shooters protection over stuff in your ears? I mean you could, I suppose. This is the first time somebody's mentioned this. Like hearing protection inception. 
    If you were using the drum under big hearing protection, I think you'd be fine since the pressure of that much larger area would be large enough to not interfere. I really don't know though. But something like an adel equipped iem, under hearing protection, people have done this at shows for rough idea of how an IEM sounds. Its not the full thing like listening to them in an actual quiet environment, but it's enough to give them a vague idea of the sound signature. 
    Sorry, I'm still just very confused at all of this.

    They are as they sound by the name, the tips allow for the ear tip to swivel and position into your ear much more comfortably than just a fixed straight in, if desired.
    I think either level that you pick, you'll have enough bass on demand. Even in the early versions, if anybody had a complaint it was "too much bass", so I'd have them just change the tuning on the membrane.
    As far as delivery time, I don't know. That's really not my area. But I don't have any reason to believe that anything is delayed.
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  6. Sound Eq
  7. Matte82
    I'll throw in my thoughts. I am not an expert, by any means, but have considered something like this for when I'm miking up drums. Even with something like my etymotics, that have killer isolation, there's still some bleed. I want to hear only what the mic is "hearing". I just never have pulled the trigger and bought any over ear isolators.

    Anyway I don't think it would interfere with an ADEL module enough to matter. As long as the volume of air inside the over ear unit is more than the volume of the ear canal. Which I can't imagine it not being in most cases. And it really might not even need that much air. The membrane has to be quite tiny in the ADEL modules. So it's not going to displace much air as it moves outward from the ear drum to relieve pressures. The drums might be a slightly different story, as they're already more open and have a much bigger diaphragm. But still think it would work.

    Just my opinion though. If you do try let me know how it goes. I'm probably going to buy some in the next month or two.
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  8. Canyon Runner
    Not at this time, basically anytime we get a pair together to send out for review, they end up getting revised at the last night and that begins another cycle of revisions. 
  9. Sound Eq
    i am curious to buy from this line, I have myself covered with zeus xr adel which i will use for ultimate listening, but usually i travel alot and i would not dare to take my zeus with me and that it might get lost or something, also I would like a bass heavy iem in comparison to the zeus that i have but also that will not slack in mids or highs, so I am really eager to see some reviews to know how each perk sounds.
    so keep us updated as i am sure it will a great iem as my goal is to depart from any iem that does not have adel in it
  10. Canyon Runner
    Just remember that this is an earbud. It's not designed to go toe-to-toe with a flagship IEM like Zeus. They're entirely different beasts. I'm only stressing this for the sake of making sure expectations are in the correct vein.
    Zeus is a super car, designed for on stage use and to be on the cutting edge of what's possible in an IEM. 
    The Drum is much more like a very fast shifter kart. 
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  11. Sound Eq
    i know nothing will come close to my zeus xr adel :)
    variety does not hurt nor would i even compare it to the zeus, which is no fair comparison
  12. Canyon Runner
    It wasn't so much directed at you, it's just an incredibly common question in mine and jack's inboxes. So I figured I'd just take the bull by the horns, so to speak.
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  13. Flukes
    It seems like there are some skeptics on the ADEL tech.
  14. maniac2003
    "old"news, didn't had much impact AFAIK.
  15. Canyon Runner
    Yeah that article got called into question when it went public, no big deal. The lack of talking to Stephen for clarification before publishing the article, made alot of people raise an eyebrow.
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