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ADEL Technology - Discussion Thread - Update: March 27, 2016: Please Read 2nd Post of the Thread

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by eaglewings, Mar 7, 2016.
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  1. Canyon Runner
    It's really just as simply as ones a thumbscrew like for the MAMs. The hex set screw is the same mechanical approach, just you use a little allen wrench to adjust the tension of the hex nut, which is sitting in the grill/faceplate. I actually really like that approach to be honest, it's simple and effective. 
  2. maniac2003
    And the allen wrench can be stored in the case?
  3. Canyon Runner
  4. alpha421
    I'm on the fence with the Level 4 and 5.  As a previous Cardas A8 owner, I found its deep and textured bass response the star of the show followed by its mids and then highs (or slightly lack of).  There's a big price jump with the added BA driver and I'm wondering if the final tuning the A8 driver will bump up the treble from its stock level without having the BA driver.
    Also, does the Adel technology effect sound leakage where someone next to me can hear what I'm listening too?
  5. Sound Eq
    when do u think we can a more detailed impression about the sound signature of each perk. As for now its a bit a too general impression we got
  6. Audio Addict Contributor
    Is there a link to more detail on the various options and the expected impact?  Thanks.
    Your website is triggering warning notices from MaAfee so I won't visit your site.  Sorry.
  7. Canyon Runner
    With the current module that we've been working, it's designed to be like an open back headphone. So yes, if people are sitting close to you, they can hear what you're listening to. Not loudly, but again, just like an open back headphone. We have plans for different backs for different situations. These are designed with being able to listen to your music, without having to hit the pause button in order to have a conversation. They are not IEMs, made for stage or to block out the world.
    It's really 3 different levels, just with mic cable options and such. 
    The 10mm is capable to deliver tons of bass if the user desires, the mids are solid but the treble isn't super present.
    The Cardas is a bit more well rounded, slightly less bottom end on tap but more focus on a smoother mid range and better top end than the 10mm is capable of.
    We haven't really nailed down any set configuration for the hybrid model just yet, so I can't speak on that as of right now. I don't want to give impressions based off just what we're playing with right now, that doesn't seem right to me.
    I'm not really sure what you mean by impact.
    I'll tell our website guy and see what's going on.
  8. Sound Eq

    ​I am so inclined to buy the cardas hybrid ba perk but I guess I will wait until you nail down the tuning as I trust in your judgement of the tuning when you say that you still are working on the tuning. It would be amazing if you can get the tuning of the cardas hybrid to have solid bass and get the mids and highs top notch as well
  9. Canyon Runner
    Bass with the Cardas has really been a main focus for the last few days. What's there is very good sounding, it's even probably capable of more than most people want (again, it's adjustable via the thumbscrews). I'm trying hard to get the same amount of rumble to match the 10mm. Different speakers, naturally different characteristics that you have to adapt to and work with. But it's very close, that much is sure. 
    Because I use flagship IEMs every day, that's the sound level that I'm used to. Making an earbud play in the same ballpark has been a feat all on it's own. These are not a Zeus at a fraction of the price, they just aren't. However, that's never been our goal, it's been performance for the price and it definitely delivers on that in spades.
  10. Audio Addict Contributor
    Any Black Friday specials on modules?
    eldss likes this.
  11. Flukes
    Does anyone here know the technological differences between the APEX and ADEL modules?
    I haven't seen the specifics of the APEX modules, and was wondering if anybody had any insight on it?
  12. Canyon Runner
    We had originally planned to do a sale, but between the Drum campaign and the Empire/ADEL launch, it just never happened. At least to my knowledge anyways.
    Yes. Our ADEL module is a membrane that is more compliant than your bodies ear drum. Thus absorbing the pressures created by the speakers, which would normally beat up your ear, bias your ear drum so it's not hearing in it's natural state (think, somebody putting an extra weight on the scale as you try to weigh yourself, it's not going to be accurate). This lack of pressure on your ear drum keeps your acoustic reflex from triggering prematurely, so your body no longer naturally turns down your bodies volume (by changing the tension on your ear drum to protect itself), preventing you from in-turn turning up your volume and continuing the vicious cycle. That game of turning volume up, body reacts, volume up, etc is what creates audio fatigue and just burns out your hearing in general.

    ADEL also allows for the speakers to work to their full potential since it's no longer fighting that very same pressure trapped in the ear canal. So it's a win on all fronts
    APEX is a damper over a hole, this creates a controlled bleed over a port, so some of the bass stays in. It has not been studied in any formal research, nor does it offer any of the health benefits of ADEL.
    They are very different on the inside and how the work, but they certainly have a similar exterior.
  13. Canyon Runner
    Looks like we've decided to do a Black Friday sale afterall. Told ya there might be a chance of it. Kinda what's tricky about those types of calls being made from our other office.
  14. chaiyuta
    I've ever tried G1, B1 and MAM. S1 still my preference. Really weird on myself that I feel so so on the high praise G1 module.
  15. Audio Addict Contributor
    It did not take the code.
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