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ADEL Technology - Discussion Thread - Update: March 27, 2016: Please Read 2nd Post of the Thread

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by eaglewings, Mar 7, 2016.
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  1. LazerBear
    Hey guys, just found out about this thread and it is all quite interesting.. but the spreecast link seems to be down (page not found), is there any other place where I can watch it and catch up?
  2. Canyon Runner
    I think I heard that SpreeCast went out of business a bit ago. I'll see if there's a mirror somewhere, or if we have it backed up.
  3. maniac2003
    Canyon Runner is the Adel type on the Drum the same as the MAM's were for the A-series?
    Is there already some info about when we hear more info aka the press release?
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  4. Canyon Runner
    The drum uses a MUCH MUCH larger membrane than the MAMs/fixed ADEL modules. You adjust them via a thumbscrew just like the MAMs though. Press release should be coming soon, I don't have a confirmed date as of right now. We are finalizing the prototypes this week and have been talking to mold/machine shops for parts for the production run.
  5. maniac2003
    Ok, thanks for the quick reply.
  6. Ruben123
    This might be interesting, haven't read it fully yet though https://cymbacavum.com/2016/08/15/critical-analysis-1964adel-science-or-science-fiction/
  7. Canyon Runner
    That article got picked apart on the 64 thread, since the author didn't sign his name and hadn't talked to us before posting it. Paul knew who the author was via his head-fi account, tagged him and started asking him questions directly. You can see all of that on the 64 thread. It's an opinion piece, he talked to Stephen over a year ago and there was nothing since then, no attempts at clarification or follow up questions. So eh.
  8. shotgunshane Contributor
    The article clearly shows miceblue wrote it. And I think the other thread gave him opportunity to explain the intentions of the article, which is nothing nefarious or underhanded: http://www.head-fi.org/t/739712/1964-ears-adel-iems/6105#post_12802152
  9. Canyon Runner
    I think when it first went up the editors note wasn't there saying wrote it. I just skimmed it again and in the traditional spots of authorship (top/bottom) there's no name. It's only in the editors note, making it hard to find.
  10. miceblue
    The editor's note has been in the same spot in the article since since my earlier drafts. This was from the text file I sent Stephen last year:

    But yes, I do agree that it should have a more explicit author citation.
  11. Sound Eq
  12. Canyon Runner
    No, they are currently not. We developed them and gave people a sneak peak of them at CanJam SoCal back in March. There were plans to launch them pretty soon after, but there was push back from our licensee. So it never really took off.
  13. Canyon Runner

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  14. maniac2003
    Video removed?
  15. Canyon Runner
    Weird. I reposted and it seemed to work.
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