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ADEL Technology - Discussion Thread - Update: March 27, 2016: Please Read 2nd Post of the Thread

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by eaglewings, Mar 7, 2016.
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  1. maniac2003
    Works now. Got a "Video removed by user" message when I posted earlier.
  2. Canyon Runner
    yeah I saw the dead link when I read your post. weird. Oh well. taken care of now.
  3. Canyon Runner
  4. eldss
  5. Canyon Runner
    From what I've been told, it's launching the 1st of November...so like 4-5 days?
  6. Matte82
    Any news???
  7. Canyon Runner
    All the info is on the website https://asiustechnologies.com/ 
    As far as the actual launch, we're just hammering out a few last video things. At least, to my knowledge that's the only thing we're waiting on. The Drum launch isn't really my focus, so I don't have as much info as you might imagine right now. There's always so many moving parts to the operation, my primary focus is on the Empire/ADEL launch right now. The website stuff is done out of our DC office, rather than the Boulder one that Stephen and I work out of.
  8. Canyon Runner
    Ok guys, the Indiegogo campaign for the drum just launched. Tell your friends and family who are hard of hearing, or just like a great affordable sounding IEM that will help from making their hearing worse.
    Here's the new shorter link:
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  9. jazzfan
    @Canyon Runner, FYI... I just created a new ADEL Drum product page.
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  10. Sound Eq
    so which perk shall i choose that has great bass, and no harshness at all
    it would help if you can share sound signature differences in a bit more detail to help in making a perk choice
  11. Canyon Runner
    If you're after bottom end, I'd go for the 10mm drum. 

    I'm spending these next few days getting the Cardas speaker drum where I want it. So far it's got AWESOME mids and highs, just trying to squeeze more bass out of the configuration. Ideally, I want the bass of the 10mm to also be apart of the sound signature of the Cardas as well. 

    I know that's not superrrr helpful at this very moment, but I'm just being as honest with you as possible so you can make the best decision. I don't want to say that the Cardas has as much bass, just yet until I get it there.
  12. Sound Eq

    ​well I always like to shoot for the best, I was wondering can you give us bassheads an iem with great bass without any sacrifice in mids or highs with a wide sound stage, maybe add another perk :)
    on a side note does the 10mm drum have more bass than zeus r, also what about mids and highs, is there any harshness, and are mids close to zeus r as they have amazing mids
  13. Canyon Runner
    So basically describe the entire sound of the 10mm haha.
    First off, pretty much everything has more bass than the Zeus R. They're a very bass light IEM. An earbud is not going to one-up the great IEM that the Zeus R in terms of mids, highs, etc. If it's possible, we haven't gotten there yet. 
    As far as bass response goes, it entirely depends on how you set the tension of the membrane on the drum via the thumbscrew. It can have less bass than the R, to mountains more. It's not a set sound signature in that regard. 
    I prefer the mids and highs of the Cardas speaker to the 10mm speaker. But we're still tweaking that one, so I can't speak for it at this very moment in terms of giving you a sound profile other than stating it's adjustable to the user and what they want to set it to, especially in terms of bass.
  14. eldss
    Steve, can you advise about the difference between the hex set vs the thumbscrew for the dial?  
  15. maniac2003
    Post removed.
    Edit: just got a reply from Stephen.
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