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ADEL Technology - Discussion Thread - Update: March 27, 2016: Please Read 2nd Post of the Thread

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by eaglewings, Mar 7, 2016.
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  1. ForceMajeure
    I don't know where to say this so far, but this seems like the ASIUS thread, so I'll say this here.
    Whether the Adel works or not is not my point, but a big issue I see lately reading threads here and on various forums or even in real life, is that people with Adel equipped iems think they can listen to higher volumes for longer periods "fatigue free"...
    Now we are not talking about lower SPL relative to what they were used to before, but actually higher volumes, not only to compensate for the lack of isolation they feel, but also to get the bass impact they crave and the "fun" out of listening at higher volumes.
    Now, not only do they think so but many do so!
    I am sure I don't need to explain the potential damage they will do to their ears following this kind of behavior.
    So I really think you guys should come out with a warning to any Adel owner that they still need to be careful regarding SPL and use common sense.  Adel tech should NOT be regarded as feature allowing one to raise listening volume beyond what is considered safe listening volumes no matter what. If this continue to spread then I think the Adel tech could cause more problem than it tries to solve. 
  2. maniac2003
    ADEL allows you to enjoy the bass response at lower volumes and prevents the trigger/urge to raise the volume. If users listen to high volumes that's their decision. Asius does not recommend it and hopefully people are smart enough to know what they are doing.
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  3. ForceMajeure
    hopefully :)
  4. XP_98
    Having tinnitus, I very recently bought the Zeus Adel to prevent my hearing, and also because I got the feeling that air pressure makes my tinnitus worse (specially when wearing the Etymotics wrap, which I think brings the most pressure due to deep insertion).
    I'm happy with the Zeus, still in the discovering phase :)
    I plan to sell my "conventional" closed IEMs.

    But I need an alternative for the office.
    So here my question : if I want to benefit from the same "air/acoustic pressure relief" of Adel, at much much lower cost, and by sacrificing sound quality (at the office, it's about background music, not carefully listening), would an "open IEM" bring the same benefit (pressure relief), or can it only be earbuds, with no sealing at all ?
    By "open IEM" I am specially thinking about Final Audio E3000, which is not too expensive, and has very good reviews....

    Thank you in advance for your advices.
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  5. seamon
    Look at Adel Drum IEMs maybe
  6. XP_98
    Too expensive for the planned use, and as far as I know, not available yet...
  7. chaiyuta
    I own an open-back IEM one. I don't feel fatigue listening at all, though I am not tinnitus YMMV. That is Dynamic Motion DM100 I bought from Japan. I am not sure whether its price fits your bill or not.
  8. XP_98
    I bit too expensive, and hard to find here in Europe...
  9. fiascogarcia
    IMO, an open iem would provide the same effect as long as the iem's vent is not strictly designed to provide DD improved flexibility. Some vented iems don't vent to the ear drum, only to the back of a dynamic driver. Take my opinion with a grain of salt, I'm a long way from an expert on this!
  10. XP_98
    Could you tell my which IEMs don't vent to the ear drum (if I understood the right way) ?
    Is the Final Audio E3000 in this category ?
  11. eldss
    How about the Audeze Isine series? They have stuff ranging from $200 - $600 and are open devices. I don't feel air pressure build-up, but not sure if this would apply in your case.
  12. XP_98
    They are certainly fine, but far too expensive, having already bought the Zeus xr Adel...
    I need a second gear for use in the office, only background music, should not cost more than 80 USD/70 euro.
    I think earbuds could do the job, but a little more isolation with an open IEM should be better... but not at the price of air pressure.
  13. fiascogarcia
    Sorry, I don't have any experience with the new FA's. I do know the Audeze line, and also the Obravo line, but they may be more costly than you were interested in. For what it's worth, the E3000's look like a heck of a great price for a really good sound. Probably be worth buying just to try out at that price!
  14. ken6217
    I have the A12's with ADEL module. I love them. However if you have issues with your hearing and think some IEM is going to be able to help you, you're mistaken. It's the VOLUME that is the issue.

    Go put you ear near a chain saw, leaf blower, etc for a period of time and see how your hearing is. No pressure, only loud noise.
  15. XP_98
    Yes of course, but I found out I'm sensitive to air pressure on my ear canals, even at moderate volume...
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