A Young Man's Journey into Headfi and Impressions (Warning: Very Long Post)
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Apr 28, 2010
Sorry for blabbering, in advance. 

My journey into audio started 2 years ago when I was a Senior in high school. My iPod earbuds were dying after 2 years and that was when I decided to look for a replacement. I opted for some cheap Skullcandies as people in high school thought they were good. I didn't particularly enjoy them and that's when I stumbled upon Head-fi. Browsing through the Portable Headphone Forum section I looked for budget audio and stumbled upon JVC Marshmallows. Seeing how they were only about 10 dollars I took the plunge, and that was the start of me walking into oblivion 

I acquired the Marshmallows and that's when I registered for an account on Headfi, I was satisfied with the Marshmallows for about a week when upgradetitis started creeping up on me 
, I began to look at portable headphones and IEMs in the $100 range, and the FOTM at the time was the Hifiman RE0, after reading up on them for a week I bit the bullet and that was when my full blown audio obsession began.
When I first put the RE0s on the largest difference to me was the clarity of the sound, it was clear and I could hear details I could never hear before in a song. Even now the RE0s are still one of the most enjoyable audio experiences I have ever had. I was satisfied for the moment (except for the lack of bass impact on the RE0s) and proceeded on to college. My rigorous use of the RE0s in high school and than the freshman year of college would cause the right bud of the RE0 to short out. I was back on Headfi full time and that was when I learned of the possible Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 Amazon Black Friday sale. I waited (after purchasing the Phiaton MS300s as I was interested in portable on ears although I felt they weren't as clear as the RE0 although they had a bit more bass) and hoped it would be true and eventually bought the TripleFis for $100. They had a bit of recessed mids but had great bass impact and great bass overall compared to the RE0s. At this point I was fully addicted to audio and I started to wonder about full-sized headphones. 
After some more research, I decided to purchase the AKG K702s and although I realized I needed an amplifier for them, I first purchased the headphone and vowed to get an amplifier later. I was a nervous wreck waiting for them to arrive and dying of anticipation. When I finally received them and plugged them into my computer and started to listen, I realized I needed an amplifier as at max computer volume, the volume output was barely acceptable. I wasn't exactly initially impressed with the sound quality of the AKG K702s. I thought of them as a mediocre headphone as I didn't feel any wow factor to them. I ordered my Fiio E9 amplifier in hopes of it providing a boost to the AKG K702. The boost was minimal but now I could listen to music at a reasonable volume. They grew a bit on me but for the most part I was fairly disappointed, the lack in bass and my high expectations led me to a bit of disbelief as a college student spending $330 dollars on a headphone + amplifier was a hefty chunk of money at the time. 
Than I would see mention of the LCD-2s and how they would become the most popular FOTM headphone I had ever seen. I thought they looked beautiful as I truly admired the steampunk look but I never had any real intention of purchasing them as the LCD-2s cost a grand. But the more I read up on them, the more I got addicted and I would just dream of having on in my hands one day. I saw the long preorder waits and the rave reviews and slowly my thoughts about never purchasing another headphone again started to change. My freshman year of college just ended and I had returned back home. I purchased the HRT Music Streamer II and thought they gave a tiny improvement in sound quality. That was when the LCD-2 Rev2s were announced and the leather headband caused my curiosity for the LCD-2s to reach its peak. I began to think of how I could get them (even though they were $1k) and also I started to question my sanity. But the look of the LCD-2s as well as the raving reviews and the fact that the Rev2s were announced really struck me and suddenly I had found a job and that was when I decided to take a job just for a pair of headphones (still questioning my sanity). I worked for 3 weeks and than 2 days before my birthday I put my order into Headroom and purchased the LCD-2 Rev2s. Those were 2 days filled with the most anticipation ever in my life. But these were also among the days when I realized that I really enjoyed the AKG K702s. Perhaps my brain finally burned in the sound or the claims of 300 hours of burn in was true but all I knew was that I enjoyed the AKG K702s immensely while dying of anticipation for the LCD-2s. Just a day before my birthday I received the LCD-2 Rev2. I carefully opened the double boxed package and hesitantly plugged the LCD-2s into my amp. The first thing that struck me was the viceral bass and while that wowed me, everything else didn't really wow me as the bass did. I sort of felt that the LCD-2 Rev2. was just an AKG K702 with better bass and honestly I was feeling a tiny bit disappointed. On my birthday my parents decided that I could get a new amplifier and Haute Schiit was all the rage than so I proceeded to purchase the Schiit Asgard. During the 3 week wait, the LCD-2s slowly grew on me and when the Schiit Asgard arrived, I couldn't wait to see how much an amplifier had an effect on sound. I plugged the LCD-2s in the Schiit Asgard and could tell that the lower end was a bit more powerful on the Schiit Asgard compared to the Fiio E9, but at that point I was too lazy to compare the 2 amplifiers and proceeded to enjoy my LCD-2s. After a few weeks, they grew on me tremendously as I realized that they were the most non-fatiguing headphones I have ever heard as well as viceral bass, great detail, non-fatiguing mids, no harsh treble, no sibilance, good soundstage (not as large as K702s imo), and a very natural sounding headphone. I began to feel good about my purchase and I would stare at them fondly everyday (even now I still stare at them fondly and treat them as my most prized possession, I'm insane 
). For once, I was completely satisfied with my audio setup and the only thing I felt that I needed was a decent portable IEM (Sony MDR-EX1000, but those impressions are for another day).
Audio is now one of my most enjoyable hobbies and I have learned a lot and I appreciate Headfi for as much as all the helpful folks and posts as my wallets despises it.
BUT THAN THE LCD-3s WERE ANNOUNCED! TO BE CONTINUED... (Sadly the LCD-3s are way beyond my price range and at the moment I am perfectly content with the LCD2-Rev2s.) 

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interesting read, lol. i too have spent quite a bit of my money on headphones. sadly i will end up spending more as i now plan to buy LCD-2 and T1's, pro 900s, and some portables. hopefully that will satisfy me for a while. 
i have 4 pairs of headphones now and a WA6SE, and my thirst for upgrading has not been quenched.
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Well said,
A great setup is not fully appreciated in 5 minutes worth of listening, it creeps up on
you a few hours in.. 

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Rest assured, you are not insane. I have a classmate that has spent about the same amount of money you have spent on your lcd-2 just on speaker cables...
Is the Schiit Asgard a big upgrade to the fiio e9?
And do you have a dac? Or a decent soundcard?
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Rest assured, you are not insane. I have a classmate that has spent about the same amount of money you have spent on your lcd-2 just on speaker cables...
Is the Schiit Asgard a big upgrade to the fiio e9?
And do you have a dac? Or a decent soundcard?

I would say the Schiit Asgard is a step up from the Fiio E9, a very noticeable upgrade (especially in the low end) but not a gigantic upgrade to the Fiio E9. I do have a DAC, the Music Streamer II.
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Excellent read! I'm currently saving a little here and there to build a Bottlehead Crack, but I'm in college too, so I understand your plight :p The K702's have always caught my eye, I'm just ALWAYS afraid I won't enjoy them........
But first things first, need some tubes for my 990's! 
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Stay away from head-fi when you have a real job...
That's when upgraditis really kicks in.
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 I don't think I'll ever stop spending :S
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Stay away from head-fi when you have a real job...
That's when upgraditis really kicks in.

thats my problem lol
itll go away in a few months tho once school starts again
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Always keep in mind, one of the best pieces of advice around here: Girls now, and do headphones later. 
Oh and I'm constantly in a stasis of upgrade-itis suppression at 28. That's been happening for the last 6 years since I signed up here. At some point I may have to request myself to be banned. My suppression doesn't work well. 
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Great read! I've gone through many headphones trying to find a sound that I really like and finally came across it when I received a few vintage orthodynamics.  After spending what seems like forever damping/modding them, I'm almost completely content with their sound (YH-1's and Fostex T40v1's).  However, I do plan on getting into stats eventually... If anything, I've heard that they're a league of their own.
Stay away from tubes... Unless you like the look over their sound... IMO of course :p.  I've made a couple of tube amps and while I love the way they look, solid state electronics have replaced tube electronics for a reason.
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I first got a taste of the LCD-2 at my first local head-fi meet (ChiUniFi) last year and was hooked instantly. Simply amazing. At this years meet I'll take another hit off the LCD-2 crack pipe and if it still feels as right as the first time I'm going to place my order and sell off all my other headphones.
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Ok, I HAVE to say it...
thEn for sequEnce, thAn for compArison.
This first, then that.
Rather have this than that.
Please, for the love of whatever you love, learn that rule. :)
Great post, though. :)

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