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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. KowalskiFUT
    Normal or wide bore for Rhapsodio Solar?
  2. thamasha69
    Has anyone used these by chance with Sony MH1C? Stock tips medium size work well for me but I'm wondering if something better may exist.
  3. 2Dutch
    I recently got the wide bores for my Jaybirds I use when I commute, got the narrow ones for my Icarus III's. Like the sound (as in: they don't alter anything, comply's muffle the sound a bit), but they are not that suited for using while moving because like you said they move around in your ears because the foam is kinda hard. Would prefer a more squishy foam so maybe I'll DIY a silicone/comply foam hybrid sometime.

    Grabbed 2 foam tips out of my drawer (probably some Crystalline ones), cut 1/4 off and inserted them into wide bore silicone tips that I had. Perfect solution: nice squishy foam that forms to your ear canal, very comfortable even after many hours, and no more dirty foam since I can wipe off the silicone tips once in a while. Think I will sell the mandarine ones or keep them around as spares. Tried them again recenlty but the foam is too stiff and gets uncomfortable after a while. Well at least I tried :wink:
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
  4. bachankas
    Bought Symbio W for my Aune E1 (5.9 mm diameter). These IEMs do not provide the best isoloation, but Symbio improved it. However, the tips are rather stiff, so I feel a little pain in one ear after 30-40 minutes. I need to play with application and tip size maybe.

  5. Dom Isaac
    Hi, Im using the 64 audio U10 which tips are compatible with it?? Thanks in advance!
  6. Oscar-HiFi
    Wide bore are compatible, I have used them on my U6
  7. Dom Isaac
    Thank you! I still couldn't get used to the double flange tips.
    Oscar-HiFi likes this.
  8. Oscar-HiFi
    I have tiny ear canals and have gone back to foam, using Blackbird S30 tips in small size.
  9. Dom Isaac
    How does this fare with the comply ear tips in terms of SQ?
  10. garcsa
  11. Oscar-HiFi
    Blackbird are a bit firmer than comply, and they don't dull the sound as much as comply. They still sound a little warmer than silicone tips, but they fit my ears much better.
  12. jusaequum
    How many days would it take to ship to the US? I'm looking for a new tip for Noble K10U, would this work well? Thanks!
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  13. Bubblejuice
    Is there any plans on releasing XS size of these? I usually use small eartips with other brands, but the small Symbio I got were the same size as medium eartips from other brands (even after compressing foam).
  14. jusaequum
    I just got my Symbio W wide bore today and I think I should leave a little bit review here.
    For some reference, I have try Comply foam, Spiral Dot, and Spin fit beforehand.

    I read here that a few people mention getting one size smaller than normal and that is true for me. Size S perfectly fit my ear and I normally use M for all silicone tips.
    I really like the quality of the silicone. It's very smooth and soft to the touch. The memory foam seems to be great but it's not as soft as Comply. It can shrink a little bit and can change its shape a little but not as much as Comply.

    I bought it planning to use with my Noble K10U. But unfortunately, while it's of great quality, it doesn't fit or sound really well with my Noble K10U.
    However, I don't think that it's Symbio's fault as it works great on my Ostry KC06 and my JVC HA-FX850. It's just hard to find tips that work well with Noble's universal and my ear canal, I guess.
    It's probably the most comfortable tips I have tried. The sound and comfort are better than Comply in my opinion. I like the sound of Spiral Dot a little bit more but the fit is way better for Symbio.
    The treble is not as clear compared to when using original tips for each phone I have tried, but I think it smoothens and thickens the sound a little bit, which can be a good thing for some.

    One thing I really like to add is Customer Service from Garcsa is amazing. My tips show up really late and I still don't get it after an estimated delivery date.
    When I contact him about it he agree to sends me a new one free of charge. Good thing it shows up before he ships it to me. Thump up for amazing customer service!
  15. theveterans
    I like the sound, fit and comfort of the Symbio W tips with the Campfire Andromeda.

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