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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. tuckers
    I got both the regular and the wide versions. Using them on my DITA The Answers, I find I prefer the recommended wide ones in medium. In Complys I always use the large, but these are harder and don't compress down like the Compys so I find the mediums are a better fit. Good bass, possibly better than the Complys, and a bit brighter sound overall. I like it. So far, I find that they shift more in the ears so the sound quality shifts as well, so for active sessions at the gym they tend to go in and out for ideal sound. Not sure if that will reduce as my ears get used to them. But I am happy with them.

    The regular size ones pump up the mid bass a lot compared to the recommended wide ones, and it's too much, it also does something odd to the soundstaging.

    Also, they are the best sound isolating tips I have ever used, they block noise very well.
  2. garcsa
    f r i d a y

    Boss - Hommage à Easybeats :
    "Friday On My Mind" ....

    Last edited: Nov 21, 2017
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  3. Tim Le
    Can someone give a brief comparison between the Symbios (wide bore), Spiral Fit, and Spin Fits? Much appreciated :)
  4. karloil
    hhmmmm, always get 1 size smaller (than your usual) for MandarinEs as the memory foam is a bit chunky and you can't really insert them into the ear canal. Comfort wise, if you get the proper size for the MandarinEs - they are a lot better in long use. Better isolation (with the help of the foams).

    SQ wise - really haven't paid much attention to it as my priority is Comfort 1st, then Isolation. So really can't comment.
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  5. garcsa
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  6. Techguy17
    I just received my Symbio W order for my Sony WF-1000x and quite impressed with sound quality and clarity. Unfortunately, the noise isolation on the subway is disappointing in comparison to other memory foam tips. Not sure if anyone else noticed this since earlier reviews stated good isolation. I’ll try on a flight this weekend and compare.
  7. joncirca57
    Any guess which diameter might fit B&O E8s? thanks!
  8. Moebiushaydn
    I felt the same until I dropped the tips a size down, which resulted in a better seal, and thus better isolation.
  9. XybernetIQ
    I also received the Symbio W ordered for my Zeus XRA. In addition to @garcsa prompt service, the tips are well suited to my habit of wearing IEM's. The fit is good, they are comfortable to wear for a long time without fatigue and the isolation is good. I bought both L and M sizes, but I discovered that M has a better fit than L. I usually wear L from Comply Foam for instance. They are my favourite tips for the moment. HTH
  10. Jearly410
    The wide bore really makes the campfire andromeda a special iem. When I listened the first time with the tips I was in awe.
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  11. Techguy17
    Thanks for the suggestion. I guesss I’ll have to wait for extra small size to be manufactured and then.
  12. ivo001
    @garcsa I see on the listing that they ship in a set of 3.
    Is it also possible to order a mix of Symbio N and Symbo W?
    - Medium N
    - Medium W
    - Small N
  13. garcsa
    Sure, PM sent.
  14. aaf evo
    Ordered mine on be 12th for my Fourté. Can’t wait to receive them!
  15. foshow
    Hey guys, any idea if the "Symbio N" is compatible with the Shure SE846? Thanks in advance for the replies.
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