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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. Decreate
    Just placed an order yesterday, looking forward to trying them out with the Tia Fourtes.
  2. Oscar-HiFi
    As promised: Medium are aprox 13mm across, Small aprox 11.5mm

    IMG_20170811_154846.jpg IMG_20170811_154907.jpg
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
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  3. LoneRanger
    Thank you Oscar - from your photo, it looks like the small W tips are almost the same size as the medium N tips (when compared side by side with the medium W tips).


    Cheers. :beerchug:
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  4. Francisk
    Will Symbio N fit my Phonak PFE232 and Etymotic ER4? They both have small nozzles. Do I need a nozzle adapter to fit the Symbio N? Please also share the link where I can purchase these tips. I tried the Ebay link but it's no longer available.
    Last edited: Aug 11, 2017
  5. ezekiel77
    You can contact them through Facebook here https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008564700487 I bought the tips this way.
  6. Francisk
  7. Morimoriya 62
    I love Symbio N ,W.
    Great fit to my ears,the best SQ tips i have heard .
    My Vega Shines more than ever .:wink:
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  8. PhilW
    I had an idea about everyone contributing their information for the greater good. :D

    I created a little Google Sheet for everyone to add to so that we can hopefully get a list of fitment details for individual earphones.

    I would like to invite everyone who has currently purchased Symbio tips and has a good fit to tell everyone on this good list the brand, model and size of tips used (N or W)

    Symbio by MandarinEs Eartip Size Guide - https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PgxX6BbiRIu33Q-gNxLl_CsJ1lmsIbDmaIaXtLRZJu4/edit?usp=sharing

    Anyone think this is a good idea?

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  9. rcoleman1
    Yes...great idea. Will definitely take out some off the guesswork.
  10. NickL33
    After listen to it for a month, is surely sound very good on the k10 but wish the bore is slightly wider and a softer form
  11. Sylmar
    I might be interested in these if they come down a little in pricing.
  12. AlwaysForward

    TLDR: These are hybrid tips with silicone shells and memory foam inside. They are my tip end-game after exhaustive tip rolling.

    I got into high end IEM this year for the first time. I'm a big perfectionist when it comes to sound and went tip rolling with the entire Comply line. Every.single.one. I sunk at least $200 into the journey. Probably close to $300 in tips at this point.

    There are pros/cons I found for each tip design along the way.

    Silicon had tighter lows and more shimmer up top but lacked -desnsity- in their sound.

    Comply medium comfort were just about perfect until I noticed something. When I changed out an old pair for a new pair, the stiff/new foam captured the fidelity of silicone but it only lasted a few days before some of the performance dropped.

    Upon realizing that I loved new/firm foam, I started trying off brand foamies on Amazon. Unfortunately, those were a bit soft to start and didn't offer the right design which would get me close to the Comply Comfort which I loved.

    Luckily, I've found my tip end-game in the Symbio MandarinE. They're only able to be purchased in eBay from what appears to be a small home business in Hungary.

    The design completely shatters the pro/con list and delivers the best of both worlds. It's easily the best sonic performance I've achieved via tip rolling. Isolation, comfort, soundstage, crisp details, density. It's all there.

    These tips are silicone shells with memory foam inside which presses them to just the right seal. They won't lose the rigidity at the contact points, which is what I believe leads to the performance of both silicone and BRAND NEW Comply tips.

    So by designing a rigid exterior shell around what is essentially the Comply Comfort (shorter designs seem to provide larger soundstage) that is everlasting in its rigid shell... I'm very happy. It's only been 48 hours, so long term durability hasn't been tested but I can't see any design problems with cause for concern.

    Honestly, they sound better than any tip I've heard.

    Now, there was a little discomfort at first: the back of the shells were a little sharp against my ear canal when the foam expanses. I used a file to brush along the edge and the problem ceased.

    Highly recommended to all IEM fans.
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  13. ostewart
    All we need now is an XS size :) as the S is still a little too big for me.
  14. karloil
    Try what i did, i removed the foams of my S size. Now i can insert them a bit deeper, and since it's deeper, isolation is 'quite' the same

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  15. Slater
    So you turned Symbios into regular silicone tips?

    Or am I missing something?
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