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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. Julienstanford
    We've all thought about having the durability of silicone with the sound isolation of foam tips. Throughout the years I'm sure we've all come across that dilemma. I can't count the times I worried if the sides would split on my foam tips leaving me earphoneless while I was out. Yes, that cringing feeling, wondering if you should take an extra pair of tips is finally a thing of the past. Because now MandarinEs Foam has done exactly what needed to be done. This is why I asked MandarinEs Foam to send me samples for my honest review. image7.jpg

    The outer silicone is soft to the touch, it's very thin allowing for a comfortable fit. Yet, they show no signs of damage or breaking after 3 months of daily use. I usually just throw my earphones in my sling bag, so I don't baby my monitors. The surface is well textured when new, with random creases in the silicone that provide excellent grip against the ear canal. This surface seems to smooth out over time, but they still stay in place as well as the other name brand foam tips I've used. I rarely feel the need to adjust my heavier phones like the JH Audio Roxanne II.

    The isolation and comfort are great. That 0.2mm silicone surround provides a comfort I hadn't experienced before.

    I almost always used large foam tips, depending upon the earphones used. With MandarinEs Foam tips I found myself using the mediums. Directly after receiving my tips I wore them going on a trip from the States to Asia. The three flights totaled 18 hours in the sky. During that time I never once felt uncomfortable while wearing them. I have taken this trip many times and after the first time I started packing a pair of silicones for when my foam tips became uncomfortable. As the change in cabin pressure so many times can cause foam tips to feel very uncomfortable. But that lack of isolation left me with that droning sound of a long distance flight. Not to mention the other passengers. So I'm very impressed that MandarinEs Foam tips caused zero discomfort.

    Under the silicone they inject a rubbery material, not like the standard image2.jpg foam used on other tips. Then in the center that attaches to the earphone nozzle, they used the same foam just thicker. Both remind me of the cushion used in very high-quality running shoes, plush, durable, yet soft.

    Yes the tips can alter or enhance the sound quality. MandarinEs Foam tips fit flush with the nozzle of my earphones. This keeps them from altering the sound coming out of the nozzle. Other brands like Comply, and especially SpinFits extend passed the nozzle, changing the entire sound of the IEM. MandarinEs Foam doesn't and I feel I'm getting more detail retrieval and more natural bass decay.

    Mostly in part because the tip doesn't interfere with the sound and the earphone's nozzle sits further inside my ear canal. I don't like using software EQs or any altering of the audio. Which is one of the main reasons I purchased JH audio's earphones with the inline EQ, and now I can turn that base level down even further, and still get impactful base because of MandarinEs Foam's excellent seal. In short, with MandarinEs Foam tips I found greater base and clarity than I've ever heard with other tips. I hate muddy bass and what I got was detailed, clear, and strong. Most importantly, I didn't hear any strange variations in the whole frequency band

    Conclusion: comfortable, isolation, durable, long-lasting

    image3.jpg image6.jpg
    image9.jpg image5.jpg
    image10.jpg image13.jpg
    image14.jpg image15.jpg
    Last edited: Dec 21, 2018
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  2. oknidius
    Thanks for the opinion on these! Been looking for a silicone/foam hybrid. Will try these. Thanks!
  3. ExpatinJapan
    I just got a set to try.

    Impressions soon.
  4. davidmolliere
    Same here, ordered !
  5. fzman Contributor
    ordered 6 pair, all large.  Fingers crossed......
  6. Jalo
    Where do you guys order them from? I just bought some Sony tips, same deal, silicone over foam but I thought the opening is a bit small.
  7. ExpatinJapan
    I got contacted by the company to demo some.

    They sell through ebay.


  8. ExpatinJapan
    These seem injected foam.
    And its not the regular foam either. Although it is a memory foam.

    Plus the tops of the tips look different to the penon.

    I did some foam plus Sonys mod way back before sony came out with their (using sponge) hybrids.

    These are one piece items it looks, not two put together.
  9. garcsa
    Symbio using Special Memory Foam.
    Sony does not use memory foam in hybrid eartips.
    The mammoth company using simple sponge.
    So not the same deal . [​IMG] 
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  10. davidmolliere
    I received them today, early for sound impressions but clearly great material quality : silicone is just as good as the RHA dual density and indeed the foam is special much denser than comply.
    Also on the size side, pretty large. I usually take L size and they rarely are just enough (I have big ear canals) but this time I should have taken a least an M on top of L with the Vega I could have enough seal and deeper insertion. It's pretty good as it is but with the L I don't get full insertion although I do get a great seal.
  11. mashuto
    Are you using these are your main tips for the vegas? I just received these in today to use with my vegas and havent had much time with them. First impression is pretty nice though. Medium size gives a good fit and seal, isolation seems good, comfort seems good, but I will have to do a longer listening session to really tell. Hoping sound is similar or equal to the foam tips since thats what I understand are the preferred tips for the vegas.
  12. davidmolliere
    Right now I am yes, waiting on a pair of M as I have said L are uncharacteristically a tad big for me (I get a good seal but not enough insertion) which I'd attribute to the fact the foam is much higher density than comply.
    Isolation wise they just do the job like nothing else while retaining the sealing ability and comfort of high grade silicon.
  13. Sound Eq
    i recieved my tips and honestly the are really good
    tight seal with the large tips and they preserve the sound signature of my iems
    really like those tips alot
    was wondering if you can come up with a version that can suits small bore iems as well 
  14. mashuto

    I actually just did my first extended listening session with them and had to stop using them because they were hurting my ears. The mediums are just about right, but are slightly large, and due to the density of the foam, these are a lot harder than normal tips, and it was causing some pressure on my ear over a longer listening session. The smalls are unfortunately too small to seal.
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