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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. fzman Contributor
    Got mine today, size L.  They fit well - I usually wish for an XL sized tip....  Tried them for about 45 minutes on my Campfire Vegas (removed some large spin-fits.  I think I like the Mandarins better.  Good fit, pretty good seal and isolation.  I'll post more later, and try them on other iems as well.  I find that the Spin-Fits, Spiral Dot, and or complys usually are the ticket for me-different pairings with specific iems work better than others...
    These are a keeper.  They stay put, so I don;t have to fiddle with the positioning or seal, and that's a huge plus, getting a fit and stability like customs...
  2. blazinblazin
    Still waiting for mine to reach [​IMG]
  3. Sound Eq
    great tips ordered 3 pairs
    now i am ordering 6 more pairs
    they even fit the ie800
  4. gerbi
    How tight are they on the ie800 nozzle? I'm always concerned that when trying tips different from the stock ones they will get stuck in my ear.
  5. blazinblazin
    Received mine.
    I would say i have been hunting all kind of tips for my Andromeda as i like using the default wide bore tips but the seal is not that good.
    I finally found the one, these although is not as wide as default silicon or spiral dots tips when fitted onto Andromeda but the sound is similar but with better seal.
  6. gerbi
    Could you please let me know where have you purchased them from as they don't show up as available on ebay...plus the price stated was $150US!!
  7. blazinblazin

    Bought from ebay.
    The last time i checked i think its out of stock. Selling at $999USD
  8. gerbi
    Thank you.
  9. garcsa
    Sorry guys out of stock. Symbio is more popular than we thought. Thanks for support!
    Will be in stock within 10-14 days. 
    Aslshark and oknidius like this.
  10. oknidius

    Woohoo! I need some more.
    Do you know when the L-sized version of the wide bore will be available? I think you had mentioned February or March? Is it still on track?
    Thanks you!
  11. garcsa
    Symbio W within two month. Thank you.
  12. ExpatinJapan
    Looking forward to the wide bore
  13. blazinblazin
    I am also looking forward to wide bore.
  14. garcsa
    Symbio in stock! [​IMG]
  15. bvng3540

    Can you give the diameter of each size, thanks
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