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A Review of MandarinEs Foam Tips

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  1. garcsa
    "The Symbio W has bore diameter 4.5mm , neutral influence to the IEMs sound signature . Allows high frequency detail and energy . Perfect seal for best bass .No more seal problem caused by shallow insertion."
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  2. garcsa
    Hi Everybody!
    I'm a bit in sentimental mood - please note that you're the most responsible person to your own mental and physical health - all the same where you are.
    You'll help to your loved ones with your status.
    Also forgive me but I have to recommend you a beautiful movie - "Toni Erdmann" - by Maren Ade with great Sandra Hüller (!) and Peter Simonischek (!!!)
    Have a nice weekend with the Plainsong from OST.

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  3. ExpatinJapan
    Mandarines tips. New large bore.
    Silicone outer, firm foam inside.

    The inner foam is more like Comply, rather than the thin Sony hybrid style.

    Nice wider sound with the new large bores.

    (I accidently also posted in the older thread)




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  4. Morimoriya 62
    20170615_121736_Film1.jpg very good seal and sounds great :wink:
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  5. Richard Berg
    @garcsa Which bore size is recommended for Westone W3?
  6. blazinblazin
    Normal bore is more concentrated sounding than wide bore.

    Normal bore have more lows.
  7. garcsa
    The Westone W3 has Nozzle diameter 2.5mm. So in this case , the bore diameter is bigger than the Nozzle diameter , the Symbio N will be also neutral. Will fil your IEM just with adaptor (will provide to you).
  8. KowalskiFUT
    Ive got Tralucent Ref. 1. Does anyone know which should I order, normal or wide bore?
  9. ezekiel77
    Thanks to a tip-off, I bought some Symbios for a, uh, tip-off.

    Tips tested: Symbio N, Symbio W, Comply T200, Spinfits CP100.
    IEM: Ocharaku Flat4-Akazakura Plus
    A double-DD IEM with stellar bass punch and decay, sweet mids with accurate timbre, very wide staging, and a treble that tells you your recordings aren't up to scratch.
    Source: QP1R
    Album: ABBA's Gold in 44.1/16 FLAC. I was in the mood.


    Symbio N: They are very comfortable and isolate very well. Sound-wise, they lend a natural, slightly warm tilt. The bass has very good texture. Punches fast and hard, with what I call a "butterfly flutter" decay characteristic of the Akazakuras that makes it captivating. The bass is tightened a bit but still impactful. The mids are clear and airy, capturing the amazing timbre of the IEMs. The treble is detailed and very clear, but GIGO (garbage-in-garbage-out) applies here. A bad recording will pierce your ears. Soundstage is very natural with accurate spacial cues. Overall it's a natural and detailed signature.

    Symbio W: Like the N they are superb in comfort and isolate nicely. These give the airiest signature and the biggest soundstage of all the tips. It's more neutral compared to the N, the bass has less punch and more spaces between the notes. Mids and vocals take a hit though, they don't sound as effortless and natural as the N. Perhaps because the smoothness/detail scale got bumped to the latter just a bit. Treble is more promiment than the N, and this combo unlocks "super treble" mode my friend, where you get the most detail, most air, and most sibilance if you're not careful. I'm sure it won't be as bad with other IEMs, since the sharp treble is a characteristic of the Ocharakus themselves. The W's are not treble-centric, but generally reveals more detail.

    Comply T200: One of the stock tips that came with the IEMs, depending on preference you might love them or hate them. No doubt, comfort and isolation exceed that of the Symbios, but at the price of SQ. The bass impact and decay is similar to N, and each note is a touch woolier. Mids and treble, however, sound veiled compared to both the Symbios. In terms of smoothness/detail it's definitely skewed to the former. It can be a good thing, since it's by and large the most easy-going signature of all the tips tested here, but it lacks excitement too. So it's a great pairing if you're not sure of the recording quality of your tracks. One last peeve with Complys. Keep your ears clean or that's it. :laughing:

    Spinfit CP100:
    The other stock tips that came with the Akazakuras, Spinfits are for me, great interim tips. They fit well, until you try something with foam. They sound good, until you take the time to tip-roll and mess with bore diameter. They're my go-to until I find something better. Fit-wise, they're comfortable, in the sense that it's very light and flexible, as opposed to the snug fit of the others. Isolation is less than the others. As for sound, the Spinfits curiously has a softer but woolier bass compared to the rest. The impact is less, and the decay lingers on a while more. Some texture and detail, particularly in the mids and treble, are not as clear compared to the rest. While Spinfits are quite spacious, the pairing with the Akazakuras aren't ideal. The airiness (spaces between the instruments and notes) is fine, but within the notes, they sound a bit hollowed out compared to the rest, like they lack note richness.

    So, in order of preference while paired with the Akazakuras, I rank them Symbio N > W > T200 > CP100.

    As to picking either N or W, pairing is important too. For example I prefer W with my Rhapsodio Galaxy v2, as the tips lend some stage size and air to the sound.

    In short, Symbios are awesome! And they look snazzy too. I hope with this tip-off, you'll be inspired to tip-off other people about them, or do your own, uh, tip-off.
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  10. LoneRanger

    Thanks for the great comparison - how did you get the N and W to fit on the same IEM? Did you have to use an adaptor?

    I was thinking about getting some of the Symbio's (N & W's) but was not sure what size to get - I normally use the Medium size when using the T200's - so would it be safe to assume that the Medium Symbio's will fit OK?

  11. ezekiel77
    Hi Ranger, I didn't use an adapter. The difference between W and N in the nozzle diameter is about a milimeter. Maybe I was lucky, but for my IEMs, the W slides right in, while I can squeeze/adjust the N to fit just as well. That said, T200's nozzle diameter is closer to N.

    And yes, I should edit my impressions above, all tips were size M. So if you use T200 size M, Symbio N size M is the closest match in fit.
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  12. ezekiel77
  13. twister6 Contributor
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  14. LoneRanger
    Thanks guys for the additional info - appreciated. Think I will be ordering some of these today.....:thumbsup::beerchug:
  15. karloil
    Subbed. Just purchased a pair for each of my IEMs. They are comfortable indeed :grinning:
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